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For the best dimensional Metrology Tulsa company out there, only go with Precision calibrations. Being accredited by ANAB, we know that we are the best in the calibration business. You will also see this for yourself when you check out our past customer testimonials making us Oklahoma’s highest-rated and most-reviewed calibration company. At Precision Calibrations, we are going to match any competitor’s pricing as well as provide you with a first-service calibration for only $1. There are no other companies out there that are going to be able to provide this for you so only go with the best in the business today.

Being veteran owned, our dimensional Metrology Tulsa company knows everything about honest integrity and looks to provide that for you in any service that you use our company for. We offer customer satisfaction surveys at the end of every service to ensure that we are still providing top of your service to our customers. We are going to be providing you with the Precision difference as well as electrical calibrations. be sure to see how we are going to stock up against the competition and we know that you are going to choose no other company than precision calibrations.

In comparison to other Dimensional Metrology Tulsa companies, our Precision calibrations are going to be able to provide you with more advantages than companies such as tectonics, J.A. King measurement redefined, or Superior gauge services. starting with our turnaround times, you were going to see a vast difference between our two to three business days compared to the aforementioned competitors where you were going to be waiting in five to 14 days. We know that you were trying to get this done as quickly as possible and that is what we are going to be able to provide for you.

There are many other different reasons why Precision Calibrations is going to be the competition every time and it has to do with the quality work that we provide for our customers. know that all calibrations are done in an accredited lab as well as we believe in 24-hour response time. Your business means everything to us and we are going to go above and beyond and ensure that you make the right choice by going with precision calibration. Again, we are going to be price matching as well as maintaining our highest-rated and most reviewed title. When you want to do some calibrating, you can get the things that you we will have.

Do not make the mistake of going to any other company as we have been open since 2009 and provide experience and honest Precision calibrations to the Oklahoma area. If you are trying to schedule an appointment with us then we would love for you to reach out to our friendly customer service team at the number 918-978-3378. They will be happy to get you on the schedule as well as tell you any other information you would like to know about our company. be sure to ask about our 100% satisfaction guarantee and check out our easy-to-use website at

Dimensional Metrology Tulsa | Precision is the Only Way to Go

There is only one dimensional Metrology Tulsa company that you are going to want to do business with and that is going to be none other than Precision Calibrations. Being accredited by the ANAB, we know that you were going to see why we are Oklahoma’s highest-rated and most-reviewed calibration company out there. Not only are we going to be able to provide you with a first calibration of only a $1 charge, but we are going to match any competitor’s pricing that you provide to us. Know that we are veteran owned meaning that we are going to provide you with honesty and Integrity no matter what service you are needing from us.

Our dimensional Metrology Tulsa company is going to provide the Precision difference and also has the availability for electrical calibration. With our company also offering a customer satisfaction survey at the end of your services, we hope that you are able to see that we are wanting to go above and beyond for you when it comes to everything customer service. not only are you going to be able to receive quality work, but they also receive quality work from technicians of care.

There are many different reasons why you should choose our dimensional Metrology Tulsa instead of choosing tectonics, a King measurement redefine, or Superior gauge service and we like to first start off with our turnaround times. Our company offers turnaround times of two to three business days, however, these companies are going to get with you within five to 14 days. We know that you have a very busy schedule and we are also going to offer response times within 24 hours. If you do not receive this service comment, be sure to call a Representative so we can correct our mistakes.

Other qualities of our Precision calibrations company include quality work that is done in an accredited lab. We also have our price matching and this is one of the main reasons why we stay Oklahoma’s highest-rated and most reviewed Calibrations company. Having been opened since 2009, we have many years of providing experience and honesty in calibration services in Oklahoma. we not only service the Oklahoma area, but we also service the forest surrounding states as well. be sure to ask about our 100% satisfaction guarantee and we know that you are going to be amazed at what Precision calibrations can do for you.

Do not waste any time giving us a call at precision calibrations as we are here to put you on the schedule and provide you with any calibrations you are looking for. give us a call today at the number 918-978-3378 and speak with a friendly customer service representative to answer any questions you may have. We would love for you to also check out our website at and see all of the wonderful customer service reviews that we have received from our past customers.