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With ISO 17025 Calibration Services Tulsa we are the prime precision calibration company in the local area. we offer many calibration services including a brought wide variety of hand tools, electrical equipment, tensile testers, service plates, and so much more. We offer our services not only in Tulsa but in broken Arrow, Sand Springs, Owosso, Collinsville, Oklahoma City, and even into Kansas and Arkansas. As a calibration company, we pride ourselves about maintaining our certifications including a variety of hand tools such as calipers, micrometers, link standards and more. We also specialize in a variety of pressure gauges and pressure transducers from 0 to 30 PSI. Whatever the tool or service you might need please visit for more in-depth information about our services in scope.

With ISO 17025 Calibration Services Tulsa our team prides themselves on the quality of service along with turnaround times and pricing that we offer the customers that come to us for our services. We have achieved all five stars thanks to our customers who are satisfied which you can check out our Google reviews we strongly encourage you to check them out before sending your tools in for calibration. We are confident once you choose precision calibration’s for the first time you’ll be back time and time again to calibrate your tools for your needs both at work and at home. Give us a chance to earn your business and call us directly at 918-978-3378 or reach us through our website.

When choosing a calibration company looks no further than ISO 17025 Calibration Services Tulsa. we pride ourselves in the culture that we provide for our employees that work for the company and you will also begin to realize that we are committed to our customer service. We are passionate about our customers but also barter services as we provide the best possible calibration for you and your tools to achieve the best results. Our company prides itself and our ability to test all the tools brought to us to make sure that each one is calibrated to industry-level standards. We recognize the quality of your work is also dependent on how well and functioning your tools are, that is why we did give our best so that you can perform your best with your tools.

Still not convinced that we’re the right company for you? Please feel free to check out all reviews by visiting and seeing our work by checking out our gallery section as well. We hold multiple accreditations and certifications so rest assured that your tools when brought to us will be calibrated and tested by industry-level standards. We’ve been in business providing services since 2010 and plan to do so for many years to come. Our pricing and competition for turnaround times are competitive and we even offer same-day service to customers in need of an expedite.

Precision calibration services are mostly those in the aerospace, oil, refinery, energy, manufacturing, fabricating, and heat industries but our customer base stretches far beyond those as those just an example. Our ideal customers would be anyone with any background of calibration needs, and if we can’t service your item with our company we guarantee a promise that we will find someone to help you. We make sure to take care of your tools so you can avoid the headache and find comfort in knowing that your tools and equipment are being cared for at the highest level of service. For more inquiries and questions contact us at 918-978-3378 or by visiting our website seeing more about the services we provide at We look forward to earning your business and working with you in refining your tools.

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Fine instrument tuning with ISO 17025 Calibration Services Tulsa provides the most excellent competent instrumental calibration system in town. We are the prime precision can company focuses in a variety of instruments instrumental tools such as electric gauges, service plates, tensile testers and so much more. are services stretch beyond Tulsa and also into broken Arrow, Owosso, Collinsville, and even into Arkansas. If you’re having trouble with your tools or need to calibrate them in order to perform your work and do well no further than precision calibers.

The ISO 17025 Calibration Services Tulsa team prides themselves on providing excellent customer service to all those who bring their tools in for a checkup with us. We continue to provide services as are competition is tough in Oklahoma with competitive pricing and turnaround times. We also offer same-day services to our customers who are in a hurry. Feel free and we encourage you to check out our Google reviews as we maintain and have earned all five stars. For more information also check out our YouTube channel to get a better view of what it is that we offer in our services.

With the ISO 17025 Calibration Services Tulsa you can rest assured that your tools are in good hands. Our experts have state of the industry quality machines can calibrate and fine-tune most instruments including instruments including those in the aerospace, oil, refinery, and so much more. Even if our customers don’t fit in those industries are base of service extends far beyond that reach. And if we can’t calibrate provide service to an item in your house we promise to find someone who will. We go out of our way to ensure an excellent experience from start to finish. Our teams formulated by individuals who shine with integrity and professionalism, our technician shows up at your facility we ensure that you feel comfortable walking with him or her around your place that they are friendly professional and subject matter experts.

Our company understands a calibration’s are not to be taken lightly. We know that good calibration is required to complete critical projects so we hire competent technician who are confident and to provide the very best service. Our technicians work as a team and perform to complete tasks as if they were a single unit. We have built and hired a team of very hard-working service technicians to fulfill and deliver expectations that are of high caliber and quality to your tools and company.

If you have any calibration needs in Tulsa or you’d like precision calibrations to take care of you feel free to call our office at 918-978-3378 for a free quote, or visit us at and see firsthand how your first calibration only cost you a dollar. We look forward to meeting and working with you fine-tuning your instruments for better business relationship so you can produce results for your customers as well.