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We at Precision Calibrations work hard to provide our customers with the option of onsite calibration services Oklahoma as well as in lab services. We are located at 221 E. Patti Page Blvd Claremore, OK 74019 which is not very convenient for a large portion of our customers. Onsite calibration services Oklahoma provides our customers with a stress-free calibration experience from start to finish. We have been providing this service for 10 years and will continue to do so. We love the convenience and I’m sure you do too!

Precision calibrations is a service company that provides both in the lab and onsite calibration services Oklahoma to a large portion of Tulsa, OK and the surrounding area. We service hand tools, scales, gauges, torque wrenches, and so much more both onsite and in our controlled lab. This means your tools never have to leave the office! That’s a service you cant beat, right? RIGHT! Because we are awesome. We will pick up and deliver your tools right from/to your office door so we are the door dash of calibration services. But do not feel obligated to tip, the smile on your face after you receive a box full of FRESH calibrated tools is enough for us here at Precision Calibrations.

Precision Calibrations continues to be a tough competitor in Oklahoma for more reasons than just our onsite calibration services Oklahoma. Our price is very competitive with our competition as well as our turn around. Same day service is always available and that alone is a reason we have begun taking clients from our competition. Aside from that, we have the best employees in the industry. We pride ourselves on communication, integrity and customer service so all your calibration needs are in good hands here at Precision Calibrations. Just check out our google reviews if you don’t believe me. We are a 5 STAR calibration company for a reason.

Precision Calibrations services mostly customers in the aerospace, oil, and heat treat industries but our customer base stretches far beyond those areas. Our ideal and likely buyers would be anyone with a calibration need. If we cant service your item in our controlled lab located in Claremore, we will find someone who can so you don’t have to deal with the headache. That’s great customer service to us. Just one of the many reasons people choose Precision Calibrations year after year for their calibration needs.

If you have a calibration need that you would like Precision Calibrations to take care of for you, please visit our website at or call our office for a free quote sent straight to your email at 9 1 8 9 7 8 3 3 7 8. I won’t forget to mention that your first calibration is only $1 and the remaining calibrations can be price matched if you provide quotes or invoices from a competitor in paper form or scanned in an email. That’s easy savings right there, and who doesn’t love easy savings? NO ONE.