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I told Naysa, our rock star office manager, If you ever want to see what happens to a dollar after a new slot machine is put into service, go down to the Indian office and ask for the dollar taker. To my surprise the Indians wanted to talk to her all day without any break. After 12 hours of talking to her it was finally revealed. Precision Calibrations and Onsite calibration services Oklahoma is the bomb. To the amazement of everyone around the dollar had transformed into a paper with writing on it. The writing was hard to make out in some places but what you could read made a lot of sense.

It told the next person to insert into slot machine. I knew it all along that once the dollar went into the machine it just keeps going in over and over. I wonder how the term slot machine came into existence. I think it must mean we got your dollar and you won’t get it back. What a sucker to put your dollar in the dollar taker. Precision Calibrations has a solution for your game. Onsite calibration services Oklahoma will resolve most of your problems. Get with the program mister.

How many times do you need to put the dollar in the machine until you realize it don’t come back? He dude give me back my dollar. I want to put it back in again. If you are having trouble calibrating your happiness and Onsite Calibration Services and you think putting another dollar in the machine is the answer, then let me help you out. Precision calibrations would calibrate that instrument for you so you can stop the cycle. Let’s figure out a better plan of attack. I suggest you start by buying your spouse a glass of hot water.

Who can image that your life would be so good when you do right for other people? I believe you can improve on your life and your happiness just by doing good to other people. It may take a while to start to see the results of your good deeds because you may have to make up a lot of ground. Precision Calibrations says Don’t give up, keep trying to do the right thing. Who know maybe one day you will get a free sucker? I can’t imagine how much work that would take to build that kind of credit. I believe in you though, fight the good fight my friend and get the prize.

If you pay attention to your spouse, you will quickly learn that the calibration business is not for the weak at heart. Let’s figure out a plan to get off of hot water and into something more enjoyable. If you need help with calibrations tasks, give us a call at Precision Calibrations 918-978-3378 or check out the website at to get the proper services for the task at hand. Enjoy some quality time today, take a hike and turn over a few leaves on the path.

Good morning, welcome to the most boring article regarding onsite calibration services Oklahoma by Precision Calibrations. What a beautiful it is at the office today. In fact its supposed to be nearly 70 degrees today. Awesome possum. Possum are an amazing creature. Eating bugs and keeping the world going around. I don’t know why so many people are so quick to kill them. Other than carrying lice or something and some crazy animal diseases, they are kinda cute and quite good at playing dead. I love when the little babies are close by. I often stop my car to watch since we live out in the country, we see lots of possums and racoons.

Oh man, racoons are wild man. Little vicious creatures with thumbs and the intelligence of a scientist. I been watching a new show on animal planet and a girl and her dog were legit attacked by a possum that purposely attacked them while out walking the park at night to let the dog use the facilities. I also saw a women who was out at night with her pup using the facilities and a racoon legit attacked her as well. I mean she had to have all the shots in case of rabies and I think that was probably the worst part. Shots in your stomach ha no thanks man. On site calibration services Oklahoma performs by precision calibrations .

If your still reading this, bless you really. You should tune in to the new show on animal planet called I was prey, its good stuff. However it will change your perception of wild animals and you may decide to never enter the darkness out side again or better yet, you ma avoid camping like the onsite calibration services Oklahoma . its no joke man, wild animals will straight up hurt you real bad . Precision calibrations would never allow that to happen, that’s why we all work indoors. No need for darkness or wild animals in these parts.

Precision Calibrations works out of an old wedding store. New walls were built just 6 yeas ago that crated office spaces out of dressing rooms and storage closets. There are still sewing needles hanging from the ceiling with string attached because I think they must have used them to hang light weight signs and displays. Why else would there be like 50 sewing needles strategically hanging from the ceiling in an old wedding store. Onsite calibration services Oklahoma was not a service that the wedding store provided, can you imagine. Weirdness

If your interested in actually learning anything about Precision Calibrations , visit our website at or call the office assistant at 9 1 8 9 7 8 3 3 7 8 and ask any question you may have. She would love to talk about the animal planet show that is so interesting so please ask some questions regarding that. Wow this is painfully long . almost done, getting closer, literally so close. Three more words..