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Precision Calibrations , experts of all things onsite calibration services Oklahoma . On the back of 4 very skilled and professional calibration technicians you will observe some very impressive calibration work . The type of work that the guys generally perform onsite would consist of electronics calibrations , hand tools of all kinds , larger items such as hardness testers and surface plates . Pressure Gages are calibrated onsite as well a lot of the time . we prefer not to drag our more expensive equipment out to job sites but we certainly will if it makes sense . we generally have an onsite mimum fee of three hundred twenty five dollars so a lot of people would like to atleast meet that minimum with work .

It doesn’t take too much work to meet the onsite minimum , we generally meet it anyway since no one has just one or two little items to calibrate onsite . controllers generally run about fifty dollars so you do a couple of those and you have already paid your minimum . one of the benefits of onsite calibration services Oklahoma is that you get a knowledgeable technician from Precision Calibrations that can offer support , maintenance and repair assistance should an item fail calibration or give you any trouble in the recent past .

Precision Calibrations does not charge our customers for minor repairs or assistance if we are already onsite calibration services . Its very common to run into a failed calibration item and it is simply recalibrated and repaired by our expert technician while onsite right there . We offer all those things in the office as well , however it’s a big deal to be able to rely on your calibration service company to make adjustments and repairs as needed at the time of services .

Precision Calibrations offers all sorts of deals on wheels to get you in the door . Lets talk first time calibration service discounts , shall we . ONE dollar first time calibration is a good place to start . If you are debating tacking advantage of our amazing calibration service , send us a smaller item to be calibrated and let us snag only one dollar out of you to do it and see if your satisfied . If that’s not enough , send us multiple items along with a previous invoice from your other calibrations service provider and allow us to price match so that you are getting the best of the best in the service industry as well as the pricing .

And if that still hasn’t sold you then check out our google reviews . 66 satisfied customers who took the time to write us a review and express their appreciation for a solid calibration service coming onsite . Precision Calibrations will do anything they can to leave everyone one hundred percent satisfied with our service . if your interested in more information , simply call our office at 9189783378 or visit our website at