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Precision calibrations is the name of the game and onsite calibration services Oklahoma is the name . today is a new day and we are ready for your business . come on over to Claremore, ok and give our site a visit . you will love it . we have babies , dog , coffee on the pot and so much more . not to mention we are beautifully decorated thank to the bosses wife , licensed interior designer . she will straight up rock your socks off . You ought to see pops holding Denver over there , sure is something special .

Are you on the hunt for an onsite calibration services Oklahoma , in oklahoma that is , well then look no further than precision calibrations . we can do it all and almost all of it onsite in our handy dandy trailer in the very parking lot outside of your office building . or down the road if that’s more convenient . generally we hang out in the parking lot somewhere out of the way and they send a runner to occasionally pick up the things that are finished and bring us some more items in need of calibration .

We also do a lot of calibration in our facility in Claremore . it provides a stable environment and multiple computers that allow for certificates to be completed at the time of calibration and printed as well as stickers for your completed items . Its also easier to calibrate things in the office because there are more work spaces and equipment so multiple people can be doing multiple of the same things at the same time without conflict . Baby is about to put himself asleep , praise the Lord. Its tough stuff bringing the baby to work everyday recently . precision calibrations is the onsite calibration services Oklahoma place.

Interested in our specials? We offer one dollar first calibrations , price matching with our competition , two to three business day turn around , cheap expedite , and well a lot more folks. Call Precision calibrations for all your needs, well specifically your calibration needs. We will flat get them taken care of real quick and pretty cheap compared to the other service companies out there. We also like to listen to some tunes while we work so whether we do your work onsite or in the lab, we will likely ne listening to some jams. Bring an aux cord and hook in man, we would love to hear your tunes .

Needing some calibrations done, call precision calibrations at 9 1 8 9 7 8 3 3 7 8 or visit our rad website or simply come visit us at 221 e patti page blvd in small town Claremore ok where the wind blows hard but not as hard as the train whistle. Without lying , we get over 20 trains a day through Claremore. The whistle is the song of my people.

Precision Calibrations is the award winning onsite calibration services Oklahoma. This is a service that precision calibrations has been offering for about 2 years . The trailer was custom made to order by a facility in Missouri. I believe it was called Great Dane something or other . In our trailer is a large wrap around work station that allows for multiple people , lets say 3 or 4 , can simultaneously do some calibrating of hand tools such as calipers , micrometers , length standards , dial indicators , torque wrenches , and even electronic meters . Although we do not always offer electronic calibrations on site due to the expensive equipment it takes to calibrate them .

Onsite calibration services Oklahoma is only one of many services that Precision Calibrations offers . We are dedicated to customer satisfaction the first time so we will calibrate items in our controlled laboratory as well . Some calibrations require that the item acclimate in a controlled setting in order to get accurate readings . For example , we currently can note calibrate gage blocks because our facility cannot maintain plus or minus two degrees . Gage blocks particularly are very accurate and could literally be out of tolerance if kept in an environment that is too cold , too hot or too breezy .

Precision Calibrations travels near and far to service our loyal customers. We have multiple customers our of state and even several states over . We recently started servicing Ferratex . A company that is based out of New Jersey , Virginia , Florida , Tennessee , Texas , and Nevada . We service all of these locations for them so that they do not have to use multiple calibration companies . Most of our competition is located in multiple states and even multiple countries but they are very expensive to travel . We were willing to work out a deal that our customer could not turn down so we are happy to have their continued business .

Precision Calibrations will take a large load off of you in terms of scheduling your Onsite Calibration Services . Our office assistant will reach out the you weeks before your items are due and get you on the schedule so that you never have to even think about it . We have a long term customer that we have been servicing since day one . They just have us show up whenever we need to in order to get things calibrated . the only thing that they require scheduling are the surveys so that production is not impacted . You can take advantage of this service also . Its kind of nice to not have to worry about your calibration on top of everything else .

If you are interested in more info regarding our services , please visit our website at or call our office assistant at 9189783378 and she will answer any questions or send you over a quote real quick like .