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Precision Calibrations is a great resource for onsite calibration services Oklahoma . one thing we have ventured into Is surface plate calibrations . This calibration includes checked the repeatability of your plate . We have not ventured into the very time efficient laser equipment used to take a very accurate test of the surface level , locates and nicks in the granite , and so much more . our test is strictly repeatability or overall flatness of the plate from north to south , east to west , north side , west side , south side , east side , NE – SW and NW – SE .
There are still lots of areas of onsite calibration services Oklahoma that Precision Calibrations can expand on , grow into and start doing . We definitely do not claim to be the all knowing although we can definitely claim to find you someone who can do it If we cannot . we have connections nation wide and we also are pretty well versed in who to call should you ever need to get ahold of a third party vendor for an item . another onsite calibration services Oklahoma that we could grow into would be hardness tester repairs , tensile tester invasive repairs and things of that nature in the repair realm of services .
Onsite calibration services oklahoma is an important part of Precision Calibrations mission of service . This is a large avenue of what Precision Calibrations does in the Tulsa and surrounding areas . Don’t get me wrong , a large portion of our work is done I the laboratory located just east of te Tulsa area but we provide lots of services onsite to our bigger customers . well our smaller customers as well because oven surveys are something that is done onsite regularly .
Precision Calibrations is your business of choice because we offer price matching when it makes sense of course , we offer one dollar first time calibration so that means if you are a new customer and you have a small item that is in need of calibration , we will check it in our facility in Claremore for only one dollar . that’s cheaper than the lunch your going to buy later that day fam . we also offer twenty four hour certificate and data turn around time . this is often the cherry on top because our competitor is known for getting paperwork to you at least a week after the work was performed .
Another reason to consider Precision calibrations is for our quick turn around . we often can offer same day or next day service without an expedite since we are so quick on moving the tools through the shelves . we try to always keep it under 5 business days max if the item is being calibrated in house . there are situations where a tool has to go to a 3rd party in which we cannot control the turn around . interested In more info ? visit our website or call our office at 9189783378 .

Precision Calibrations has been offering one dollar first time Calibrations since the beginning of time . have you ever spent one dollar on a precise Calibration ? well my guess is that the answer is no you have not spent less than twenty dollars on any Calibration in your life . if this onsite calibration services Oklahoma interest you and even the slightest bit I would highly recommend giving our office a call, visiting us in Claremore, visiting our website , sending us an email , sending us a pigeon , or simply mailing us your items for Calibration . I truly believe that quality of service Is more important then price .
However with Precision Calibrations you will get quality service at the very best price in the industry.

Have you ever paid for a service and then highly disappointed in your experience as a whole ? Perhaps the quality of service was not up to par , the technician they sent to your home was uncomfortable , unintelligent , or simply not personable enough for your liking ? Have you ever been disappointed in the end result of a service that you purchased ? That could have been a plumbing service, A yard service, a grocery service , a to go food service , an electrical service , a home inspection service or so many more services that just simply left you feeling unsatisfied. You will not experience that with our on-site Calibration services Oklahoma .

We pride ourselves on employing quality team members. Members of society that simply know what they’re doing. These are people who are professional, Personable, highly intelligent, capable of the ceiling the need that you have hired us for, soul searchers , People who are eager to please, people who will go out of their way to ensure your satisfaction. Precision Calibrations reputable name is on the shoulder of 40 amazing technicians. If you want to visit our website, we are google reviews, see our street signs, our logoed vehicles in town or even our bomb rocking trailer in the parking lot , you would never guess that we are a semi – small business simply calibrating the world to make sure it keeps spinning around.

Precision calibrations is committed to making your entire experience beginning to end with our onsite calibration services Oklahoma both painless and actually enjoyable . we enjoy your company, your business , your need for our service and we want you to keep coming back . some things that Precision Calibrations offers to its clients to keep them coming back is open communication , quick turn around times , cheap calibrations , mega quick certificate turn around times and so much more .
If you need calibrations and you are still on the fence , give our office a call at 9 1 8 9 7 8 3 3 7 8 or visit our website at and fill out the quote request form . someone will contact you as soon as possible after it is submitted and get you scheduled or answer any questions . Thank you !