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Precision Calibrations has been cashing checks and taking names for over 10 years now . growing steadily , taking on new employees , taking on new customers , expanding our capabilities , and so much more . now one of the top contenders in onsite calibration services Oklahoma , precision calibrations has even more to offer you . one dollar first time calibrations , price matching with our competitors , if they are local labs , we all know and understand the concept of inflation . a calibration may be cheaper on the other side of the united states but we are here in the middle , ya feel ?
We also offer pick and delivery to your location , if you are near Claremore or Tulsa mostly , for only thirty five dollars for both ways . meaning our onsite calibration services Oklahoma pick up and delivery together are only thirty five doll hairs . that’s amazing my people . Precision calibrations does charge a fifty dollar tech travel fee for our techs to come perform calibrations at your facility but so does almost every other service company in the state so that’s nothing new .
Precision calibrations also offers two to three day turn around times for all calibrations being done in our controlled lab at home base in Claremore , Oklahoma . if onsite calibration services Oklahoma are preformed , you are guaranteed your calibration certificates within twenty four hours of our service . so next day that you come in to the office and check your email , you are going to see your calibration certificates . if your job was completed in the morning and the tech that performed your calibrations makes it back to the office at a reasonable time , our awesome office manager will often times get your certificates emailed over to you before she leaves for the day so that means you are literally getting your calibration certificates the same day that your onsite calibration services Oklahoma were performed . in credible man .
Precision calibrations has lots to offer to our customers , both big and small . we have lots of companies who do not take advantage of our onsite calibration services Oklahoma because they only have one or two items in need of calibration . that is just fine , we love you all the same . our bigger customers who have hundreds of items needing calibrated throughout the year often times will take advantage of both our onsite service for the larger stuff that is calibrated in house and then will send in the smaller items for in lab calibrations .
If you are interested in more information , perhaps you could visit our website at or give our office a call at 9 1 8 9 7 8 3 3 7 8 and speak with our office manager , she would be so happy to answer any questions that you may have . Thanks for tuning in on todays article .

Precision calibrations was established on the back of Mr Nate Saylor , a 10 year navy veteran , with a load of kids at home and a garage where he started calibrating hand tools . our onsite calibration services Oklahoma was the key to getting this business of the ground . once the hand tool calibrations came flooding in , a building suddenly became a necessity and thus , precision calibrations had a street address that was not mr. saylor’s home .
Incredible things happened in the beginning years of Precision calibrations . onsite calibration services oklahoma customers called up Mr. Saylor after he was released from Honeywell working as a field service technician for many large companies around Tulsa and the surrounding area . Its very likely that Precision calibrations would not have picked up and gotten to the place that we are in now if Nate had not kept a great reputation with these large companies working as their field service tech because they quickly changed venders to Precision Calibrations following the lay offs in two thousand and nine .
Precision calibrations now has 4 incredible employees , working tirelessly to take care of over one hundred customers on a yearly basis . some of them are visited monthly , bi-monthly , every six months or yearly . Our onsite calibration services Oklahoma customers are amazing . working on incredible government projects such as plane build outs , engine fabrications , three d printing projects , toilet paper (quite a necessity during the government lock down this last month ) and so much more .
The trash bags under your Kitchen sink were likely made by a company that we currently service monthly our in Pryor . the toilet paper in your cupboard was likely manufactured by our long time customer in Muskogee . The airplane you flew in on your last family vacation or work travel was probably serviced or observed in some degree by one of our loyal customers in Tulsa . in fact , if you flew out of Tulsa , the scale you placed your bag on before checking it probably had our sticker on it . you should check that our next time your in the airport . All of that to say , Precision calibrations proudly services companies all over the Tulsa and surround regions who make this world go round for so many people while being totally unnoticed . It wasn’t till the government lock down that people realized how important it was to always have a roll of toilet paper as back up in the cupboard in case of an emergency .
Do you work for an essential business that is in need of calibrations ? or do you work for a non essential business that is in need of calibrations ? Regardless , Precision calibrations would be so happy to take care of those for you . Visit our website at or call our offices at 9 1 8 9 7 8 3 3 7 8 and we would be so happy to answer any questions you may have .