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Precision Calibrations is a calibration company that offers Onsite calibration services Oklahoma along with other things. We have a team of 4 people that work in the office weekly. 2 calibration technicians that handle all the onsite calibrations, 1 calibration technician that hangs out at the office and takes care of the calibrations that need to be handled in the controller lab and an office manager who runs the administrative side of the business. You would never know our team is so small, we are all mighty workers who keep things moving much faster than our competition.

The team over at Precision Calibrations that offers Onsite calibration services Oklahoma does lots of things aside from just the good old calibrating during business hours. Sometimes business takes us out of state so we enjoy a nice dinner together and breakfast in the lobby of a local hotel. Sometimes work takes us to the local Mexican food joint that will rock your socks off. Work has even taken me to the mall to shop for new uniform pants. Have you ever shopped while on the clock at your place of business? Probably not, but if you have – congratulations.

Precision Calibrations caters to many people who do not need our Onsite calibration services Oklahoma in fact, most of our customers do not take advantage of this service, although the ones who do are very large and considered our profit drivers. Some companies simply don’t have enough items needing calibration at one time to warrant an onsite visit but that’s okay because we offer to pick up and deliver and that is worth it to them. Maybe that’s you so rest easy friend, there is a service provider out there who will not cost you an arm and your leg and that is us.

You may be wondering what makes the team at Precision Calibrations better than the other calibration companies right down the road, nationwide and with names under their belt like Fluke and Mitutoyo – well the answer is right there. We are better because we are NOT nationwide. Every customer, big and small, weighs the same to us so we will work day and night to fulfill your needs and make sure you are taken care of adequately. So many times the underdogs are overlooked when they are the best route for obvious reasons.

I wouldn’t say Precision Calibrations is an underdog, after all, we have 60 google reviews and I can’t say that about any other calibration service but we are overlooked just based on our google presence compared to these very large companies that are nationwide with thousands of pages of content on their website but we aren’t stressing it – our money is where our mouth is and we will catch them.
Please check our website at if you need our service or give our office manager a call at 9 1 8 9 7 8 2 2 7 8 and we will get you taken care of.