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Does your company require onsite calibration services Oklahoma ? Are you satisfied with your current vendor ? if the answer is no to the previous questions , its time you give Precision Calibrations a call . Who are these people at Precision Calibrations you may ask . They are top of the line , skilled and educated calibration technicians who are here to get the job done right . Our expertise can not be matched . our capabilities grow daily and our education expands at every job . I doubt you could throw something our way that the guys aren’t ready to atleast tackle.

Don’t get me wrong , we are no super humans so there are a select few items that we simply can not calibrate since we don’t have every piece of calibration equipment known to man but like I said before , it’s a select few pieces of equipment . If we can not take care of all your onsite calibration services Oklahoma , Precision calibrations is dedicated to taking your items and getting them calibrated by a third party for you so you one don’t have to set up a potential new vendor and mess with the paperwork and two deal with the headache of trying to remember who has what of your inventory .

Working with Precision Calibrations is a no brainer as the leader of onsite calibration services Oklahoma. Lets discuss why . Have you ever bought an overpriced electronic ? perhaps it was a tv or laptop . That device cost you nearly double the money but has all the features and special things that the next guys laptop or television has but he has some extra cash in his pocket to count while he’s watching that movie tomorrow evening . don’t let buyers remorse hit you where it counts , your pocket book . explore the options for calibration services and click on one of our floating adds to redeem your next onsite calibration service oklahoma for a bargain .

Precision calibrations has ads out there everywhere . you might see price matching offers from all of our competitors , one dollar first calibration for our new customers , if this makes sense obviously . a calibration that would generally cost about one hundred dollars is not going to magically become one dollar , like I said earlier , we are not super humans . we still have to pay bills also . you might see free pick up and delivery at your location , with in reason of course . lets add maybe fifty miles from our office , or even twenty four house calibration certificate turn around . cant beat that my friends , cant beat that .

Precision calibrations has a lot to offer you , our faithful reader and potential business friend . please check out our website , watch all the fun videos and view all the photos in our gallery and then call us at 9 1 8 9 7 8 3 3 7 8 to hear about our deals on wheels and how we might be able to assist you in the future .

Have you ever heard the term onsite calibration services oklahoma ? have you ever been asked if your item was calibrated ? did you understand the question or wonder what this term calibration really meant for you and your items . well allow me to explain . Hi there , I am coming to you from Claremore , Oklahoma , in the office of Precision Calibrations . Home of the one dollar first time calibration and resident of 4 top of the line calibration technicians .

Calibration is really just a fancy word for verifying application , testing , comparing or checking an item to a known value to see if it is within manufacturer tolerances . every piece of test equipment has some level of built in tolerance . whether it be a plus or minus value , a percent of reading , a percent of range or simply a pass / fail number . Our job is to take a piece of equipment with a known value that can be tested by your piece of equipment and verify that the unit under test is reading correctly . This is generally an onsite calibration services oklahoma performed when by Precision Calibrations .

For instance , if you are in a facility that uses hand tools such as micrometers , calipers , dial indicators , height gages , pressure gages and so much more . you might call Precision calibrations to schedule an onsite calibration services Oklahoma where they would bring a set of gage blocks , very accurate pieces of steel that are inscribed as a value out to the third or fourth decimal place or a pressure test stand that is extremely accurate out to two or three decimal places and throw the blocks or module on the table with your tools and get to work .

When checking a caliper , Precision calibrations technicians will grab five gage blocks . beginning with one inch , they will close the caliper tips onto the block and read your gage . we are hoping to see exactly one inch but as stated above , every tool has a tolerance that the manufacturer states is okay or not so in this instance , you may be allowed two decimal places and a one . so we are hoping to see something between zero and two decimals places and a one . then they would move on to check two inches , three inches , four inches , five inches and then six inches if this is a six inch caliper .

After all that is said and done , calipers then require an outside diameter measurement , depth measurement , and step measurement where the technician will check only one point but still hope to see data between perfectly right on the block or two decimal places and a one of the reading . If you have a caliper that you would like precision calibrations to calibrate for you . please call 9 1 8 9 7 8 3 3 7 8 or visit our webpage at for more information .