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Attention industrial companies , far and wide , Precision Calibration has an Onsite calibration services Oklahoma to offer you . And trust me you do not want to miss this deal . we are talking one dollar calibrations , that’s right friends , ONE dollar calibrations . Price matching with calibration services all over this beautiful country , record timing turn around times , like two to three business days to be exact . who even are these people , this is nuts .
Precision calibrations is a calibration service provider located in Claremore Oklahoma . they have been proudly offering onsite calibration services oklahoma to industries of all kinds for over ten years now . the business was started in our fearless leaders garage for over a year . paperwork was finalized and emailed from his home office , calibration were completed on his work bench in his garage next to his pick up , stickers were literally printed in the home office of the one and only Nate Saylor . we have come so far in a short time .
Vehicles and trailers driving down the road all pretty and logoed , street signs , window decals , tshirts , hats , pens , hundreds of customers , our stickers at airports , water plants , paper plants , plastic factories , even chocolate factories all over Tulsa oklahoma and the surrounding area . its absolutely incredibly to see how blessed Precision Calibrations has been in the onsite calibration services oklahoma industry . Want to be our next customer ? We guarantee an incredible experience , painless calibration service , best prices around , quick turn around times , new friendships and clean tools in return for your business . You will be sure to call us next year when your item is due for calibration again because we are just that good .
Precision Calibrations offers hand tool calibrations , pressure gage calibration to thirty thousand per square inch , torque wrench calibrations up to two hundred and fifty foot pounds , scale calibrations up to just under three hundred pounds unless you provide additional weight , hardness tester calibrations on multiple scales including Vickers , HRC , HRB , and E . Our onsite calibration services oklahoma includes uniformity surveys , control calibrations on temperature controllers , high limits , quench limits , chart recorders and transmitters . We can also verify flatness on surface plates , calibrate tensile testers , thickness gages of all kinds , check COF Peels , Haze Meters and so so much more .
If you are in need of any of these services , please visit our website at or call our office at 9 1 8 9 7 8 3 3 7 8 and we will answer any further questions or provide you with a quote to get a purchase order going . if you have any concerns , voice them immediately and we will alleviate any stressors right out the gate so your experience can be as grand as our calibration skills .

Do you have a favorite service provider you call every time you need your yard mowed , the house sprayed , your car serviced or whatever else you may need a service provider for in your life ? Well let us be your first call in the calibration service realm of your life . Let me tell you why we should be on your speed dial . have you ever run in to equipment issues that have put production on hold and your maintenance team really needs some support but there is really no one to call except the manufacturer ? What if I told you that our technicians will take your calls day or night and offer support in any way possible at that time . That is just one onsite calibration services oklahoma that Precision Calibrations offers all our customers .
Precision Calibrations prides themselves on training their technicians on maintenance and repairs for lots and lots of equipment which makes our technicians a great asset to our customers . Frequently one of our technicians are called for technical support or support with repairs on large ovens or controllers because the manufacturer support just simply is not there . when you become a subject matter expert , it becomes very easy to assist people having issues with that piece of equipment onsite calibration services oklahoma .
Precision calibrations is a five star calibration service provider for a reason . sixty seven google reviews will explain why we are number one on so many pages of google . Our onsite calibration services oklahoma is simply unmatched . You will not be disappointed with making the switch or jumping on the Precision calibrations train for all your calibration needs . rather it be onsite calibration services oklahoma or work that is done in our controller lab in Claremore oklahoma .
Precision Calibrations services a large load of different items , some of the time we run in to situations where we can calibrate something but it is need of repair first . we are a calibration service , not a repair service necessarily so if its something outside of our capabilities , we will gladly send it out to a third party for the repair for no additional charge . others lab want to raise the price on you to make money off your misfortune and we want to do just the opposite .
Precision Calibrations is an incredible service provider with an even more incredible team who wants to work hard and take care of your needs , no matter how big . if you are ready for a change up or need a calibration service provider that you can rely on in all aspects of the job , please give us a shot . you can visit our website and fill our a short form to be contacted at or give our office a call at 9 1 8 9 7 8 3 3 7 8 and we would be so happy to answer any questions .