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Precision Calibrations makes your onsite calibration services Oklahoma a total breeze for multiple reasons . one being , our technicians punctuality , you should never have to worry about our technicians showing up late or simply not showing up at all . another reason might be our quality of service . the job is done good every time with no questions regarding the validity of the process . Our technicians are very professional and knowledgeable about the service they are providing . they are very aware of the impact a misstep could cause and they work tirelessly to prevent any serious situations while onsite and performing your calibrations .

There is a lot of pressure on our technicians to be very observant of the things going on around them and even more aware of the critical things they are doing in your work environment when performing onsite calibration services Oklahoma but they can handle it . Precision Calibrations only hires the best of the best in the technician world . Rest assured that your critical calibration needs are nothing that our skilled technicians can not handle . We will wear the required protective personal equipment if needed , take the safety courses required , following the rules and guidelines set before us , and be extremely cautious should it come to that .

Do you need onsite calibration services oklahoma ? or perhaps your unsure if your calibration warrant and onsite visit versus a pick up and delivery where the calibrations are actually performed in the fully equipped and better environmentally controlled laboratory location in Claremore Oklahoma . allow Precision calibrations to clarify for you , its simply actually its completely up to you , our lovely customer . we have an onsite calibration fee of three hundred twenty five so there are definitely situations where you would save a large amount of money just sending your calibrations to the lab in Claremore but there are also many situations where the onsite service makes sense . I think if you have more than ten items it would probably just about make sense to do them onsite .

However , if your items are pretty much all hand tools than we would definitely prefer to do them in our controlled environment for our gage block but we can do them onsite if that’s what you deicide . there are quite a few items that can not be calibrate in our facility so they must be done onsite . those items obviously would warrant a site visit . those might include but are not limited to hardness testers , surface plates , scales , temperature controllers , high limits , chart recorders that mount to furnaces not necessarily those that do both temperature and pressure . Precision Calibrations can do them both .

If any of this raises a question and your ready for some answers , give Precision Calibrations a call at 9189783378 or visit and someone will reach out to you instead . Happy calibrating !

When looking for a calibration service provider in your area , what are you looking for ? Dependency , credibility , customer service reviews , the ability of onsite calibration services oklahoma , a quick turn around , or something else ? Well if your looking for even just one of those things listed about , you are on the right webpage . Precision Calibrations is the best calibration service company you will google today . Our capabilities may be slimmer than the next guy , but our quality of people and work are totally unmatched .

Precision calibrations has been servicing Tulsa and the surrounding areas for a whole ten years now . That’s ten years of returned customers , feedback on our google page , video testimonials on our website , certificates going out the next day , stickers properly placed on every item , accurate estimated time of arrivals , and onsite calibration services Oklahoma . we don’t mess around with our services . Precision calibrations guarantees your satisfaction or you never have to use us again . We make that first service so painless by providing excellent customer service , open communication , one dollar first time calibration , price matching with our competitors , delivery and pick up and accurate calibration data and stickers so that all your bases are covered .

Its not uncommon for service providers to step on your toes at some point in the job . In fact , even having someone come in and service the ice maker on your new fridge you could have a long list of things that annoy you . Perhaps they walked in with their dirty boots and left a mess for you to clean up , maybe he’s a talked , or he let your dog out when he ran to the truck and now you have to chase him down the road while worrying about this stranger you left in your kitchen alone . Precision calibrations will only employ and deploy the best of the best to our onsite calibration services Oklahoma customers.

When working with Precision Calibrations you will see sharp looking employees who look professional and represent us well . Our technicians are knowledgeable and are there to assist you with whatever you may need . They will follow the proper safety rules , wear the PPE that is required at your facility all times , will not be texting , returning emails , or answering phone calls at a time that is inappropriate . They will be onsite on time every time . Doing their very best to calibrate or service your equipment in an orderly fashion while looking very fashionable in their clean jeans and perfectly embroidered uniform shirts .

Give Precision Calibrations a call today at 9189783378 or visit our website at today for more information , scheduling , pricing , turn around times and pick up and delivery availability . We look forward to hearing from you and your business representatives .