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Precision Calibrations is celebrating our 10th year of calibration services in the Tulsa and surrounding area . What’s in the future you may be wondering , well im not sure at this moment but I know it will be great . I could see Precision Calibrations opening its doors to another calibration service and merging businesses or buying out one little guy at a time to build a larger scale business such as a few of our competitors . one thing is for sure , our onsite calibration services Oklahoma will remain the best in the area regardless of where we end up . customers are our number one priority .

We have new business trickling in consistently . almost all of them with the same story . issues getting their certificates from their current service providers , issues with the paperwork once they finally receive it , sticker problems because they don’t match up with the paperwork , failed items that were not discussed and they had no idea the item even failed until much later when they received the paperwork and last but not least .. people not even showing up to the job when it was scheduled . like literally no shows , who wants to hire a calibration service to come onsite and deal with the headache of paperwork and clearance for them just not to show up . Precision Calibrations is the leading service provider in onsite calibration services Oklahoma for a reason !

Precision calibrations has earned a golden star in communication . if our technicians are going to be even a bit late for the onsite calibration services Oklahoma that has been scheduled with security and everyone else , you bet your biscuits you will be receiving a phone call or email letting you know exactly what is going on . No one wants to anxiously await the arrival of somebody who never shows up . There have been instances where a technician ran in to car troubles , security gate clearance issues , forgot a piece of equipment back at the office , etc but that’s when having your person of contacts information is fantastic because you can simply shoot them a text or give them a call to let them know your new estimated time of arrival .

We once hired our competitor to come our and calibrate our surface plate because we could not do it at that time and he never showed up . I called the office multiple times and no one would answer . talk about frustration . When I called the next day , someone answered . apparently the office desk attendant took a sick day so the phone was literally unmanned all day . I think Id be contracting out a days worth of wages for someone to man my phone if my livelihood relied on the person calling that day . We rescheduled and it was a massive headache .

Let Precision Calibrations take care of you this time , no headaches or no shows . or 9189783378 to schedule your calibration service today . You will not be disappointed!

Precision Calibrations is the leading calibration service company in all of onsite calibration services Oklahoma . Precision calibrations has been cashing checks and taking names for 10 years this year . The calibration business is booming even despite the coronavirus outbreak that is closing doors and ending businesses everywhere all over the planet . The service that Precision Calibrations provides is deemed essential because all of our customers are essential in the aerospace, oil field and manufacturing . Imagine not being able to use toilet paper or paper towels in a time like this . Georgia pacific is one of Precision Calibrations largest customers and they simply cannot run if their equipment is out of calibration.

That’s where we come in . We are doing our part to keep major companies like Georgia Pacific , supplying toiler paper and paper towels to everyone everywhere who is enjoying all the hoarding . Berry plastics is another one of Precision Calibrations customers . They take advantage of our onsite calibration services Oklahoma . Berry plastics is vital in making trash bags and food wrap for our community here in Oklahoma and I would deem that pretty essential when everyone is stuck in their houses .

Airplanes are still in the sky regardless of the pandemic . This means that the scales at the airport need to be checked , the parts on the plane need to be inspected , the process in which the planes are built needs to remain thorough and detailed so Precision Calibrations has to do their small part in ensuring future safety of the aircrafts and future safety of the people making up our community . Onsite calibration services Oklahoma cannot just shut their doors to society right now . The world must keep spinning . Take advantage of our service now .

Precision Calibrations will keeps its doors open to anyone needing calibration services at this time until told otherwise . Considering the state of the economy and the hours that other service providers are currently running to catch up and maintain sanity in society , I don’t see us ever being requested to shut our doors . This is a good gig to be in right now . hundreds of thousands of people have been fired , laid off or furloughed with no where to employ them for the time being due to this pandemic . in fact , kids are missing major milestones in their lives and stuck at home to learn behind a laptop screen so its all very devastating .

Maybe with the increasing need for our service , Precision Calibrations will be able to extend a hand to another employee for financial support for his family . If you ever thought about getting in to our field of service or know someone who is , feel free to visit our website to learn more about us or give our office manager a call at 9189783378 and she can answer any of your questions .