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Are you familiar with the purpose of onsite calibration services Oklahoma ? Perhaps not . Precision Calibrations is the leading calibration service provider in the tulsa metro area . calibrations are important because they prove the validity of your items that you are using to either manufacture , test , inspect , service or even calibrate an item that is providing a service somewhere . from another perspective , if you stepped on the scale and were just dumbfounded at how much weight you actually gained during your stay at home during the covid nineteen quarantine , you may think well my scale must be incorrect .

The only way to actually know for a fact that your scale is incorrect would be to calibrate it . Precision calibrations could onsite calibration services Oklahoma and bring a certified weight set with paperwork attached defining the exact measurement each weight weighs down to two or three decimals and place them on your scale . the number reflected on your scale should match the number on the paper otherwise it would be incorrect . now how much is it off , that would have to be determined form the test as well . this would atleast allow you to provide a mental offset every time that you got on the scale .

For instance , if the scale was reading three hundred twenty five but the weight is reading right at three hundred fifity according to the certification paperwork , then your scale is off a whopping twenty five pounds . whew release the button and feel okay about your self because twenty five pounds is a small child . now next time you step on the scale , you will know that it is twenty five pounds high and you can subtract that from the number on the screen or you can figure out a recalibration procedure for your scale so that you don’t have to remember to subtract that number every time onsite calibration services Oklahoma by Precision Calibrations is performed .

another option may be replacing the scale in general , that’s a large number so the scale was likely dropped or is glitching so just go ahead and spend another ten or fifteen dollars on a newer scale . they make some pretty cool ones these days so maybe you will find one that is either more accurate or prettier to look at . wont know till you do some shopping . scales are used for much more than just human weight by Precision Calibrations .

Scales can be used for animals , food , medicinal weed , medications by the pharmacy , liquids in a lab or manufacturing plant , and so much more . If you have a scale that you need calibrated , call our office today at 9 1 8 9 7 8 3 3 7 8 or visit our rad website at and fill out an RFQ for a price and availability response .

Precision Calibrations has been offering onsite calibration services to Tulsa and the surrounding counties , cities , states for upwards of 10 years . That’s a whole generation of quality calibration services right at your door step . like literally , open the door and smell the fresh air because precision calibrations is cashing checks and taking names all over the state of Oklahoma . aside from that , precision calibrations is offering one dollar calibrations on your cheaper item when you’re a first time customer , price matching our competitors if you can provide some form of pricing proof from them directly such as an old invoice or current quote , and so much more friend .

Do you currently have a calibration service provider providing excellent onsite calibration services Oklahoma ? Its probably Precision Calibrations , but if its not then kudos to them and no need to fix something that isn’t broken but if it is broken , or even cracked a little or a lot then visit our sweet webpage for all our offers and deals that are exclusively available on the web somewhere or on our website and give us a call to redeem your prize of killer calibration services at a killer price .

Precision calibrations is located in Claremore , Oklahoma but a large portion of our customers are located just west of us in Tulsa , oklahoma . whether your in tulsa or Kansas , we would be happy to load up for a little road trip and take care of your Onsite calibration services Oklahoma needs. sometimes this includes a small travel fee but nothing that is not expected , I mean after all , who travels state to state and doesn’t expect you to pay for at least the gasoline it took to get there . Much less the time they had to pay their employees to get to you . But don’t fret , our prices are based on industry standard and we are very competitive with other service industries as well . in fact , we are significantly , that’s right friends , significantly less than service companies everywhere .

If your not sold you on the quality of our service , consider visiting our google page . There you will find over sixty honest and brutal reviews from our paying customers . I say brutal because they are straight to the point and also reflect how awersome we are as a service provider in our industry . Dare I say , google our competition and do a quick comparison . the difference is just baffling . we are an excellent service provider , and don’t just take my word for it .

Try us out today , its very simply to get on the schedule and get going on your onsite calibration services Oklahoma with precision calibrations . just call our office at 9 1 8 9 7 8 3 3 7 8 or visit our website at and complete a request for quote and we will get you taken care of from there . yay to new service providers !