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Precision Calibrations is the most affordable onsite calibration services Oklahoma that you will find. If our price is not in the ballpark that you were hoping, we will match any competitor’s price if you can provide solid proof of pricing with some form of document from the company or a representation. Aside from this awesome deal, we offer $1 first calibration on any item that is calibrated in our controller lab located at 221 E. Patti Page Blvd in Claremore, OK. We never want price to be the reason you choose to go with someone else, so give us a shot and let us exceed your expectations.

The perks of working with us are endless and you will quickly learn that after you book Precision Calibrations for your onsite calibration services Oklahoma. You will be contacted the week of our scheduled service to be reminded that we will be onsite so you don’t have to try and remember. You will also have full access to our certified technicians who are essentially brilliant and love what they do. I have witnessed several of Precision Calibrations technicians making weekend service calls and spending time after hours to satisfy the customer needs and keep them out of trouble so you can rest easy when you schedule Precision Calibrations to take care of your Onsite Calibration Services Oklahoma.

The people who generally send Precision Calibrations items or schedule Precision Calibrations for Onsite Calibration Services Oklahoma are businesses of all sizes, ages, colors, and shapes. Precision Calibrations services a very wide variety of tools including hardness testers, surface plates, dimensional tools, all things metrology, thickness gages, and SO much more. We have been in business for over 10 years and we are committed to learning new things and expanding our capabilities list every time that we have an opportunity to do so.

Precision Calibrations is way more awesome than your standard calibration service. If you decide to bring your tools to our facility located in Claremore, OK then you will be welcomed by our very own shop dog named Loki. I can’t imagine a better way to send off my beloved belongings than to a company with a dog that greets you at the front door. On the days that Loki stays home to accompany his brothers and take a break from the taxing task of door greeter, little Denver joins us from his infant glider to bring a smile to even the grumpiest of calibration customers. It’s always a great day here at Precision Calibrations!

If you are interested in sending your tools in for calibration to a company that GUARANTEES satisfaction, visit our website at or call our lovely office staff at 9 1 8 9 7 8 3 3 7 8. We so look forward to hearing from you and Loki SO looks forward to the back scratches in his future. Call ahead before you head our way, we may even invite you to lunch.