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Interested in a calibration facility that offers Onsite Calibration Services Oklahoma? Well, look no further than Precision Calibration in small-town Claremore, Oklahoma. Precision Calibrations is a 5-star calibration company that services companies all over the US. We are staffed with quality employees who pride themselves on hard work, intelligence, willingness to learn, and communication. We guarantee that we can get you taken care of promptly with the utmost integrity with both our onsite and in-lab services.

Precision calibrations offer onsite calibration services Oklahoma as well as services that take place in our controlled environment back at home base. Our service list is always growing so we are more than likely going to be a one-stop-shop for you and your company. And if we are not, then give us another 12 months and we will probably be.

You’re probably wondering if you qualify as a customer for Precision Calibrations and the answer is yes. You do not have to take advantage of our onsite calibration services Oklahoma to be a customer. You just need an item that requires calibration, maintenance or repair, and a credit card. Precision Calibrations has services house scales to microscopes so we can likely take care of you as well. Some everyday items that we service are pressure gauges, hand tools, anything with a scale on it (even a tape measure) and so much more! If you’re unsure about something, simply give our office a call or stop by and meet the office pup, Loki!

Precision Calibrations is a 5-star calibration company for many reasons. If you jump over to our google reviews you will see that our quality of service is top of the line, our turn around times are lightning fast, our prices are very competitive and our employees are good quality people. Several of our customers are worldwide so if we were good enough for them, I know we will be for you as well. Precision calibrations will provide its customers with the highest level of calibration service meeting our customer requirements. Precision Calibrations ensures all personnel are completely familiar with the management system documentation and strives to continuously improve the effectiveness of the management system.

If you are interested in Precision Calibrations services, all you have to do is buzz over to www.precisioncalibrations or call our office at 9 1 8 9 7 8 3 3 7 8 and fill out the quote request form and someone will contact you shortly after with pricing and turn around times so you can know exactly what to expect from our staff and company as a whole. We believe in quality customer service and that means letting the customer know the fine print upfront so there is no question about the services that we provide. Precision Calibrations would love a fresh face in our customer folder so don’t hesitate to give us a call, we know you will not regret it for a second.