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Hi there, Precision Calibrations MVP here along with baby Denver. Just popping in to talk about our awesome Onsite Calibration Services Oklahoma and all the great things we can do for you over here at Precision Calibrations. We are a 5 star calibration company servicing companies all over the united states from our little office in Claremore Oklahoma. We are small but mighty. Sometimes the underdog ends up being the overdog, or something like that.

Lets talk about Precision Calibrations and the onsite calibration services Oklahoma that they offer. This literally means that you can have your tools calibrated onsite, in front of your very eyes in the comfort of your warm desk chair with coffee in hand and hopefully a bagel smeared in cream che ese close by. Maybe if your satisfied enough, you could share your bagel with our awesome team member taking care of your calibrations. Chances are that he has not had breakfast because we start so early over here.

Precision calibrations and onsite calibration services Oklahoma are important words to me. Precision calibrations is my place of employment for the last 5 years and onsite calibration services Oklahoma is a service we provide that makes us awesome. We have some tough competition out there but none of them have a sweet trailer that says precision calibrations on it. That would be weird. Perhaps they have a trailer that has their company name instead but I highly doubt they have a custom trailer lock, in fact I know they don’t because Nate is the only one with one from our specific vendor because it was made custom to order. Pretty neat really.

Precision Calibrations is better than all other calibration service companies because we employ people who are among the best to walk the planet. And because we have a dog that hangs out with the office manager and a baby who also hangs out with the office manager. Its her baby so its not really that weird. Although there is nothing better than walking in before the sunrise and seeing a giggling baby behind the desk to greet you. Bet you don’t have that experience when you go to your subpar place of employment that has cheap hotel coffee and stinky conference rooms from leftover food. Karens are good at leaving food in the fridge. Poor Karens.

I want you, the individual not reading this, to visit our website at for afree quote or call our office at 9 1 8 9 7 8 3 3 7 8 and talk with our office manager. Shes totally awesome. She enjoys long walks on the beach and frequent trips to the mountain bike trails with her dog loki. Do you enjoy these things? Probably so because you are a decent human being on this planet and it would be difficult to not enjoy being in the magnificent outdoors. Perhaps you want to experience the magic of walking inside to a smiley baby, feel free to pop in our office any time.

Want to be apart of a company that employs the very best people in town? Well you should bring your business over to Precision Calibrations. Home of the Onsite Calibration Services Oklahoma and much more. We are located in Claremore OK where the wind comes sweeping down the plains. And the honeysuckle can sure smell sweet as the wind comes right behind the rain. As you drive down the street in Claremore, you will see lots of historical homes and churches. There is pretty much a church at every corner, its sort of bizarre but better than a bar at every corner none the less.

Precision Calibrations calibrates equipment for companies all over the united states. In fact, Onsite Calibrations Services Oklahoma has customers with multiple locations across the 50 states and we service all of them. It’s a bit overwhelming jumping from plane to plane every day for a week but it must be done and Nate is happy to do it. We also service local companies to Tulsa, Jenks, Broken Arrow, Claremore, Catoosa, Coweta, etc. We have over 100 customers at this time and we are excited to add you to the list should you feel so led.

Precision Calibrations also services companies in the fabricating, welding, manufacturing, oil and gas, aerospace, and waste water business. All of these companies take advantage of Onsite Calibration Services Oklahoma as well as in laboratory calibrations that take place in our little white building located in Claremore. I would say that over half of our business is
aerospace. In fact we see some pretty neat things while on the job. Our customers fabricate and then heat treat and paint small engine parts for planes, while the next customer installs them into the plane, wires the cabin, installs the chairs and windows, etc. We even calibrate the scales you stick your bag on before getting on the plane. Its a pretty
neat gig we got going here.

Maybe your wondering, why Precision Calibrations? What makes them so special compared to all of the other options around the Tulsa area. Well that’s an easy answer. We are veteran owned and operated, we support multiple organizations such as Mercy Chefs, a disaster relief team that is non profit and one hundred times better than the red cross. We also support the local fire department, the surrounding area high school sports teams, St Jude, and several others as well. Giving back to the community is an important thing to our founder Nate.

If you interested in giving our service a try, please visit our website at or call the office at 9 1 8 9 7 8 3 3 7 8 and talk with our lovely office manager Naysa. She has a unique little voice that you wont forget. Southern accent and all. She will get you a quote built, inform you of the current lead time and get you scheduled or arrange a pick up to get your items taken care of with little to no headache.