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Precision Calibrations is the home base for all your calibration needs . We offer onsite calibration services Oklahoma to all of our customers state wide . Often times we will bring your items back to our controlled lab in Claremore Oklahoma to calibrate it when it required being acclimated or repair or adjusted or serviced in any way . there are lots of items that we can service in house or repair or recalibrate but there are also situations where we can not fix something or repair or services something in house so it would be sent to manufacturer since they are generally able to take care of maintenance without any issues . another positive would be the ability to price you a new one where as another lab would have to call them any way to get pricing .

Precision Calibrations is located in Claremore Oklahoma in a facility along with an airline maintenance guy and an insurance agent along with a representative of the Oklahoma soy bean board . We used to be located at the local university in an incubation program where they helped small businesses take off while offering guidance and a facility to work in , at a price of course . we were over there for about 3 years and it was good for us . the unloading and loading was a real pain when we did not perform onsite calibration services Oklahoma since the parking lot was a pretty good distance from our office. .

We have been in our new facility for about 5 years now . It has been really good to us . We have built a pretty stable lab in the middle of our office space with walls and glass windows for perfect circulation . However onsite calibration services oklahoma we leave the door open so we do not consider it to be stable enough to perform critical calibrations on things like weights or gage blocks . Those labs generally have a perfectly insulated room with no exterior walls so the outside temperature does not interfere with the temperature inside the room . We will get there one day but for now we just facilitate those critical calibrations to one of the other local labs that are close by and can do said critical calibrations . Precision Calibrations does not claim to be able to do any calibration but we can certainly help you find someone who can, no matter the item!

I could see Precision Calibrations moving on in the next 5 or 10 years . I imagine our founder would likely want to build a facility from the ground up so we could make those critical decisions such as building a perfectly insulated lab in the middle of a big room with no exterior walls . our biggest battle at our current location is the age of the building . the insulation is pretty bad so the temperature tends to fluctuate a bit. The outside temperature definitely effects the internal temperature because we have not one but two exterior walls in our lab so we would like to avoid that in the future.

If you are interested in hearing more about precision calibrations please visit our website at or call our office at 9189783378.

Do you require onsite calibration services Oklahoma and not satisfied with your current calibration service providers? Well your in luck because Precision Calibrations is a 5 star calibration service provider serving 100+ companies like yours near you . Don’t believe me ? Visit our google page at Precision Calibrations and check out our 66 + google reviews telling about how excellent our service , price , personality , and communication is . We will guarantee your satisfaction or do anything we can to help it improve . We offer price matching , one dollar first time calibration , two to three day calibration turn around and twenty four hour certificate turn around on work that was performed onsite .

A large portion of our customers that have switched from a competitor to Precision Calibrations were unsatisfied with their experience with onsite calibration services Oklahoma or the certificate turn around . Its amazing to hear how much trouble have receiving their certificates in a timely manner , with correct date and in English . I had a customer reach out to me earlier this week who said instead of a certificate he received the Spanish portion of the equipment manual , oops that’s clearly a mistake . I can honestly say that something like that has never happened in the 6 years I have personally take care of calibration certificates for Precision Calibrations customers .

Another thing that sets Precision Calibrations apart from other onsite calibration services Oklahoma providers is our price . a few of our competitors are nation wide companies so their pricing reflects their experience and capabilities . One thing our continued customers appreciate is the reasonable calibration price of their equipment . We never want to lose a customer because of the price so always feel free to communicate that someone else is doing it cheaper and we would gladly reconsider before invoicing .

Precision Calibrations has been in business for 10 years and very few customers have not returned . In fact , I think a large portion has been fired from the founder because they cant pay their bills or they are scheduling work without doing there part so we show up onsite with out proper paperwork in place and end up having to leave . there are few things we ask in return for our amazing service but payment will always be at the top . No one wants to work for free.

Are these things satisfying your list of requirements for the next calibration service that you bring on site to your company ? Well consider giving us a call at 9189783378 if you are interested or have any questions or visit our website and fill our a quote request and the office manager will get back to you with pricing , questions , and availability if you would like Precision Calibration to be your next onsite calibration services Oklahoma provider . We look forward to working with you , I know you will be thrilled with your experience.