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Precision calibrations is your one stop shop for Onsite calibration services Oklahoma We have been doing calibrations for many different manufacturing companies for over 10 years. We have an ISO 17025 accreditation through ANAB accreditation body. Many calibration companies have started up and maybe stayed in business for a little while, but not all can make it for a long-term period. Obtaining the ISO 17025 accreditation is a very time-consuming task. It is well worth the effort once you have the accreditation. People need to know that you are meeting the guidelines established and that you can perform calibrations efficiently and correctly.

We are super thankful for the customers we have and the relationships we have formed. Our customers are the most important thing for us to stay in this business. We try very hard to make sure our customers are happy and informed. We periodically send out satisfaction surveys to our customers to allow a way for them to give feedback on the services provided. Because we are a Onsite calibration services Oklahoma we cover a large area which allows us to get out on the road to enjoy some great travel across good old Oklahoma. Precision Calibrations works hard for you.

Our onsite calibration services Oklahoma is in Claremore, Ok. We have an open door during working hours that enables people with calibration needs to step in and see us. We are available during the week from six thirty to about three oclock. Come inside and visit with Naysa the office manager, she will talk with you about your calibration needs. Naysa represents Precision Calibrations very well, she is the front line between the customers and our services. Each day we open the doors for business we are looking for ways to please our customers. Its time to try us out.

One more time for Precision Calibrations, who says you cant have great service with great testing? Once upon a time a business was started in a garage with little idea of being anything big. That little business continued to do what it could in that garage for many months. Because the business wanted to increase in revenue it prepared itself for one day moving into a larger facility. The day finally came when there was enough work to do and not quite enough space to do it. It was time to pack up and move into a larger space.

More space and better climate control were just what Precision Calibrations needed for its next step. The move took us to Rogers State University incubator program located at the RSU college in Claremore OK. We now had a better location to perform calibrations. The new space also allowed us to increase the amount of work we could do. Our most latest address is 221 E Patti Page Blvd, our phone number is 918-978-3378 and last but not least our website address is We look forward to working with our new customers and building a great relationship for years to come.

Precision Calibrations is a great source for onsite calibration services Oklahoma . We have been serving Tulsa and the surrounding community (Claremore , Bixby , Jenks , Catoosa , Sand Springs , Sapulpa , Inola , and several more) for about 10 years now . Before that our founder Nathan Saylor made a name for himself working under Honeywell . With the market crash in 2009 came job cuts all over the nation . His job was no longer secured and they nearly shut their doors . Nathan has such a great relationship with the companies that he serviced , several of them asked him to continue to come and they would pay him . Thus the journey of Precision Calibrations had started .

Nathan began doing basic calibrations in his garage while his kids cleaned tools and stickered them when they were completed . It was the epitome of team work . Nathans wife would often join him on onsite calibration services Oklahoma to assist with paperwork and stickers so he could be more efficient and get more work done in a given 8 hour day . Once people started talking about our business , the business grew substantially in a matter of years . We now service hundreds of manufacturing , fabricating , heat treating , aerospace , oil field companies all over the US .

Nathan has become very well rounded with a large vocabulary if you will , with tools and equipment of all industries while working under Honeywell and now Precision Calibrations onsite calibration services oklahoma . He is very intelligent and adaptable so give him a make and model and he will figure out what he can do for you . We now have 3 additional employees that help keep up the work load and often times we are left with a day or two with nothing to do so there is still some room for growth before bringing on another team member . Maybe that additional work would be covered by you and your company .

If you aren’t sure about switching companies or giving us a try , please consider reading a few of our google reviews . These are customers from all different businesses , people who know our employees personally and would refer them and people of all industries . They are good honest reviews that will give you the necessary insight you may need in order to jump in the water with both feet and give Precision Calibrations a call .

If you are genuinely interested or have some questions regarding your calibrations , give Precision Calibrations a call at 9189783378 . Or you can visit our website and and fill out a quote request form with any additional questions you may have . There is also an email address affiliated with our website and that will go directly to our office manager so feel free to go that route as well . We look forward to doing business together , I know you will not be disappointed .