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Looking for a company to take care of your onsite calibration services Oklahoma ? You should give Precision Calibrations a try this year . we are guaranteed to exceed your expectations in all areas of our service . Our technicians are very straight forward , easy to talk to , friendly , honest and hard working . You can feel comfortable hiring our service and allowing our technicians to walk your facility without any incident and without acting shady. We encourage feedback from our customers to allow our new customers to have an idea of what they can expect . We would love for you to visit our google page and take a look at a few of our 66 reviews , or all if your feeling up to it!

Feedback is important in order to maintain our growth pattern so Precision Calibrations has started a monthly feedback drawing . You are able to enter our drawing a total of 3 times . a facebook review , google review or video testimonial will enter you into the drawing . last month our happy winner was Rod Blackburn from Tulsa Metal Finishing . He said he has never won a competition before so he was thrilled to receive $50 warren theatre gift card for him and someone special for a date night . or maybe two date nights for himself , however you spend it is up to you! If we have ever done onsite calibration services Oklahoma for you (or haven’t , that’s ok too) , please visit our google page and leave us your feedback in order to be entered into our drawing . don’t forget , there are a total of 3 entries possible !

Precision calibrations has been servicing Tulsa and the surrounding areas for 10 years now . we have some old and new reviews that you can read . Its pretty obvious that we have not waivered from our desire to keep our customers happy . If you would not refer us to a friend , then we were having an off day . If you are unsure about us after reading our great reviews , we offer your first onsite calibratin services oklahoma calibration to be $1 (within reason of course) , so you will not go spending loads of money on your first service that you are doubtful of to begin with .

Precision Calibrations is located in Claremore, ok but we do not let that stop us from picking up the big boys in the aerospace industry . Our google present has allowed us to work for people like Boeing , Bodycote , nordam , National Oilwell Varco , Tulsa International Airport , Nonni Foods (did someone say chocolate) , Georgia Pacific (I et there business is booming thanks to the Coronavirus) , and so much more .

If you want to know more , visit our website at or call our business line at 9189783378 we look forward to hearing from you!

Onsite calibration services Oklahoma is what Precision Calibration does best . I would say that about ninety percent of our business is onsite calibration services . Sometimes that means taking care of some scales for Georgia Pacific which only takes a couple hours or taking care of all the electronics components on the ovens over at Bodycote Thermal Processing which can take several days . Do no worry about the work load when it comes to Precision Calibrations Services . We will get you taken care of as quickly as one could do a quality job on a given project .

Precision Calibration will send one or two technicians onsite during an onsite calibration services Oklahoma depending on the work load . we have had instances where 3 and 4 techs have attending a given job site calibration run . We like to make sure we have a good point of contact before showing up onsite so we can get the run down for the days project before beginning . Although we would have hopefully received a full list of everything that you would like done on a given day so that our office assistant could generate stickers to put on everything to keep the technicians from having to hand write the data on the sticker and potentially not be legible .

Precision calibrations generally takes care of hand tools (dimensional items) , electronic components on ovens , clocks , timers , scales , gages of all kinds , surface plates , temperature uniformity surveys or SAT’s while onsite a customers facility . There are some things that are just better done onsite calibration services Oklahoma then in our laboratory . For instance , a hardness tester would be both too heavy to transport to our facility but also invalidated if moved so it is critical that the item be calibrated on site in its very location of use . That is also true for bench scales , it is better for the item to be checked in its place of use .

Have you used Precision Calibrations before ? Would you consider leaving us a review on our facebook page , google page or simply email in a video testimonial that could go both on our website and on our facebook page for all to see . We strongly encourage feedback over here at Precision Calibrations because there is simply no other way to know If someone is unsatisfied with our work . Other than never seeing them again which would be a pretty obvious dissatisfaction . Thankfully that has never happened so there is no reason to not give us a try if you have not ever before .

Precision Calibrations has a great website, you can visit it at or call the office at 9189783378 if you have any questions regarding pricing , location , capabilities , turn around time , or anything else . There are times when the office assistant doesn’t know the answer so you will be forward to a technician who will . Its that easy friends!