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Precision Calibrations will rock your Onsite Calibration Services Oklahoma socks off. Our team is diverse, knowledgeable, quick on their feet, skilled at their craft and honest country folk. I say country because we all live in Claremore and people seem to think we are behind the curve of society for some reason. Perhaps it’s the small town charm and friendly people that make us so weird but that seems like a pretty good reason to be “weird” in my book.

No about our services. Precision Calibrations offers Onsite Calibration Services Oklahoma to many other states than just good old windy Oklahoma. We service Texas, Kansas, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Florida, Arkansas, Tennessee, Virginia, and probably several more. We are right in the middle of all 50 states so we will go just about anywhere if the money is right. We have been approached about business in Mexico but we prefer to keep our employees in the country for many reasons other than the obvious. They ended up sending their tools to us here in Oklahoma so I guess technically we service companies outside the country. Wow we are more awesome than I thought.

Interested in our business, Precision Calibrations? Well if you have an item requiring calibration, we are a good fit for you. What is it? A caliper? Micrometer? Torque wrench? Scale? Hardness tester? Tape measure? Level? Gage blocks? Dial indicator? Height gage? Pressure gage? Oklahoma Calibration Services Oklahoma can do it all. And if we cannot do it for some odd reason, we can definitely send it to another lab for you for essentially no extra cost. I say essentially because sometimes we charge a little extra to send it out but its very little and sometimes we simply forget. Whew my arms are sore from holding this baby. No wonder people stay home with their little ones. They require being held so much and the mom muscles are real yall.

How do you define greatness? If you ask me, I will simply say the Onsite Calibration Services of Precision Calibrations. Just look at our reviews. 61 Google reviews all talking about how freaking awesome we are over here. We are a legitimate 5 star calibration service with only 4 employees and an office pup. I have yet to find another calibration company that has 61 reviews or 5 stars. That’s why we are the best. Individuals all over the united states took the time to leave us a google review because they were so pleased with our services. We didn’t even have to bribe them until this month. That means we had 60 reviews that were hard earned reviews, no reward for their time. Now to keep the momentum, we are giving out a little prize at the end of the month. Maybe your interested in our prize? Just simply send us your business.

If your interested in Precision Calibrations, please visit our website at and give us a call at 9 1 8 9 7 8 3 3 7 8 any time. Word

Over here at Precision Calibrations, home of the Onsite Calibration Services Oklahoma we are among the cheeriest on the planet. Perhaps is because we begin our day with a cup of coffee and a Jimmy Deans breakfast sandwich. Not to mention the smiling baby and furry door greeter that are a daily source of joy here at Precision Calibrations. Precision was actually started out of the bosses garage. In fact, his first employee essentially taught him everything he knows. He was an older gentlemen who had been in the calibration field for quite some time so we owe the success of this business in the first few years all to this man. He was a key factor in the growth of our business.

Precision Calibrations is the king company of onsite calibration services Oklahoma and so back to the start up story of Precision Calibrations. Other than this older gentlemen, Nate employed his teenagers to apply stickers, complete calibration certificates and clean tools before they shipped out. It was a pretty great set up really. They would work in the evenings so his turn around was quite fantastic. Precision Calibrations then moved to an incubation program over at the local university. Precision Calibrations then employed an additional technician and business was booming.

Precision Calibrations offer onsite calibration services and also outgrew the university quite quickly. However Precision Calibrations did not relocate until the incubation program was shut down and they were forced to look elsewhere. Since all the employees live in Claremore, the president thought it made sense to remain in Claremore. In fact, Precision Calibrations now occupies a building quite close to the presidents home. We have a great arrangement with the building owner and Precision Calibrations plans to remain in this building for several more years.

Precision Calibrations will look into building in the future or finding a local building that will be suitable for our needs as well as the office space we require. The unique thing about the calibration field is that we need a room that is very easily controlled due to the risk of rust or invalid measurements that are a result of high humidity or temperature that is too cold or too hot. 68 degrees is the sweet spot in the calibration field. That may be a bit chilly for someone working in the environment so Precision Calibrations recommends jackets or long sleeves if you are in the calibration field.

Precision Calibrations has a great website at and their phone number is 9 1 8 9 7 8 3 3 7 8 you should definitely give them a call if you are looking for someone to take care of your calibration or repairs. Minor maintenance can be handled by them as well. This would include cleaning and replacing lenses, screws, batteries, fuses, or something else like this. We cannot make major adjustments on most tools that do not have a maintenance manual available somewhere online. We do not like the overhead on the possibility that the tool would be compromised.