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Precision Calibrations is now offering onsite calibration services Oklahoma in an area near you . are you a candidate you may wonder ? well do you have an item that requires calibration ? are you a company or self employed contractor with a tool that has an old calirbation , newer calibration , or needs a calibration sticker on it ? then you’re a candidate my friend . come visit our facility in Claremore Oklahoma or call our office between normal business hours of seven am to five pm and we will get you scheduled , set up a pick up or delivery time , get you a quote , set up an onsite visit or whatever else you may need from us .

Precision calibrations has been offering onsite calibration services Oklahoma for ten years actually . this business was grounded on Nate Saylor and the onsite calibration services that he provided many of the Tulsa area manufacturing plants during his time at Honeywell as a technician . primarily focusing on large heat treat or drying ovens and a variety of hand tools . during the big economic crisis of two thousand nineteen , he was laid off along with several hundred of his colleagues . It was a devastating situation for many of his coworkers but Nate was able to light a fire underneath his feet and he started what is now Precision Calibrations .

He brought in another calibration technician that was nearing retirement and learned loads of calibration knowledge from him over the course of a couple years which opened the door for growth , new capabilities , new customers , new knowledge , education and experiences . Precision Calibrations is where we are today because of our founders fearless leadership and endurance during a pretty difficult time for so many others . Perseverance will win the race my friends . or in this case , will pay the bills and fund a very fruitful lifestyle . Onsite calibration services Oklahoma is just a small piece of the pie .

Our capabilities lists grows daily , we have a very skilled and meticulous technician working tirelessly in the laboratory located in Claremore Oklahoma that is literally waiting for a new obstacle to overcome . he loves a challenge . if its an item that he has never seen , he will watch youtube application videos , read manuals , read manufacturer material and whatever else is necessary in order to calibrate your item correctly and legitimately in a timely fashion .

Customer service is the life blood of Precision calibrations , well along with coffee , relationships and the occasional dose of daylight donuts . but regardless we are eager to please over here so give us a call at 9 1 8 9 7 8 3 3 7 8 or visit our website at to learn more about our business, locations , schedule and pricing . we look forward to doing business with you !

Does your facility heat treat airplane parts of dry freshly painted aircraft pieces ? Then you are on the write site . Precision Calibrations performs onsite calibration services oklahoma similar to these almost every week day . Our customers in this business include quality Plating , Bodycote thermal processing , helicomb international , sooner manufacturing , pride plating , and so many more . all drying or heat treating to some level , both big and small .

The onsite calibration services Oklahoma that Precision Calibrations would offer you if this is your line of business is either a system accuracy test or SAT or a Temperature uniformity survey , also called a TUS . These tests are much different . A system accuracy test might include one wire dipped into a tank , hung on the wall of the oven , strapped to a cart inside the ovens work zone or a wire shoved in the door or an access point somewhere on the oven to where it ends up in the center of the work zone . this is a one point check generally and this is simply comparing the temperature inside the oven to the thermocouple that is installed and attached to the temperature controller with which you use to bring your oven temperature up or down . obviously it would be very important to verify that the thermocouple on your temperature controller is the same as the wire hanging from our meter during the system accuracy test .

If you are more interested in the very extensive temperature uniformity survey , which most aerospace industries require , then you would see a Precision Calibrations technician onsite calibration services Oklahoma wheel in a chart recorder , with multiple inputs on the side , up to forty five to be exact . he would also have a bundle of wire with him , this is the thermocouple wire that will hang in your oven . the idea is that the wire is strung throughout the work zone per an AMS specification and record on the recorder . this will ensure that every point in your work zone is in fact within tolerance and matching your thermocouple attached to the temperature controller .

This is an important test because often times you have areas near the door or areas near the burner that are either too hot or too cold and can affect the drying or treating of a part or parts that are in that area during its cycle . its basically like leaving a pizza in the oven for the allotted time and when you pull it out , the front didn’t cook well and the back is burning . this test is to prevent that from happening and also giving the user the knowledge that it is in fact happening so that proper maintenance can be performed to get the oven operating again properly .

Precision calibrations has been offering this service for over ten years and our technician claims to be a subject matter expert when it comes to uniformity surveys . would you like to learn more ? please visit our website at or give us a call at 9 1 8 9 7 8 3 3 7 8 for more info .