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Precision Calibrations gets lots of business because they do Onsite Calibration Services Oklahoma. Sometimes I wonder what our customers enjoy doing on the weekend. Perhaps they enjoy riding their bike through the park , taking a long uninterrupted nap , taking the boat out when the weather permits , driving the back roads with the window down listening to country music (most popular movie scene ever) , watching a hockey game at the BOK perhaps or even visiting the zoo with the fam bam . I enjoy the local zoo , they have quite the collection of animals.

Precision calibrations employees enjoy things other than Onsite Calibration Services Oklahoma . Mountain biking is a popular hobby in our area since we have some amazing trails here in Claremore . In fact , 3 of the employees here at Precision Calibrations helped build the trails. It took months but they are super fun and among the best in the region . In fac t, they have hosted a race there the last 2 years and Precision Calibrations is a proud sponsor of Shoreline Shred bike race . Racers from all over the country in small town Claremore , visiting the local boy scouts camp ground to begin a race with several hundred attendees. Its pretty cool really.

As the best Onsite Calibration Services company, Precision Calibrations is veteran owned and employs veterans as well . We have had a navy vet and a marine vet as well in our short 10 years of business . The president of Precision Calibrations is a navy vet , spending 10 years on submarines all over the country . His family has a long heritage of military before him and its done him really well . Lots of life lessons and structure were learned and are now reiterated in his business so we can all benefit from it . It’s a neat thing what legacy can do for all those involved in a family .

Precision Calibrations offers services to every single person who calls and has a tool that can be serviced in house or 3rd partied. It doesn’t matter if you are an individual with only 1 tool , if it requires calibration please give us a call . We have been called to calibrate a TV before and that was something that simply doesn’t need to be done by a third party , I believe you can open the menu and select calibrate and it will walk you through the steps quite easily so we do not necessarily want to send one our technicians to your home to do something like that . In fact , you could purchase a pretty decent tv for our minimum of three hundred and twenty-five dollars.

Precision Calibrations can be reached at 9 1 8 9 7 8 3 3 7 8 or at our website, you should definitely check it out because we pay good money for that thing and its super cool in comparison to our old one.

Precision Calibrations is known for their service of Onsite Calibration Services Oklahoma . Have you every painted with all the colors of the wind? I don’t even know what that means . Can one see the wind or just the effects of the wind on the tree , leaves , grass , or something else similar . I do wonder what color the wind is . I sort of picture a blue color but maybe that’s just because of the sky being blue . Oh well , whats it matter . You cant see the wind anyway .

Precision Calibrations is a cool business . Employing the coolest of people . Working with the best of the best companies in the local Tulsa area as well as country wide . Owning the coolest trailer for Onsite Calibration Services Oklahoma , owning 2 cool little company cars that I would literally never drive if they were personal cars , having a cool room built in the middle of the office to allow for controlled environment , and so much more. We have a cool office pup who visits when the baby isn’t here . The baby is 9 weeks old and already standing pretty stable and doing lots of talking, its too cute .

Precision Calibrations loves to play music for all the employees to enjoy while they work on their Onsite Calibration Services jobs. When its only the awesome office manager in the office , which is pretty normal , headphones are used but when the gang is all there , we jam out while we work . That creates a much more fun work environment . Our building is old and creaky so im sure the lady living in the upstairs apartment thoroughly enjoys her time at home when we are all here .

Precision Calibrations has some pretty neat equipment in house . Precision Calibrations just recently purchased an optical comparator to allow for the calibration of radius gage sets and so much more . We also just purchased an electronic calibrator that allowed for a huge area of growth in the business . We can now calibrate a large amount of electronic meters , bench top meters , clamp meters along with a lot of hand help meters that are used in a wide variety of ways in different industries all over Tulsa and the surrounding area . Your welcome for all that info . Whats the lesson and what is the take away you may ask , the answer Is Precision Calibrations is just straight up awesome and the masters of all things cool and rad .

How would one define something cool or rad ? Perhaps they should visit our website at or call our office at 9 1 8 9 7 8 3 3 7 8 because Precision Calibrations is the clear answer to how to define cool or rad. Those are just a few works that one might use to describe Precision Calibrations . You can google us if you would like , 62 other people would agree .