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Precision Calibrations , home of the Onsite calibration services Oklahoma , employer of all people who are good , neighbor to AA&E Maintenance , sharer of parking lot with Oklahoma Soybean Board , resident of Claremore , oh how thee are loved . As a long time Claremore resident I am quite appreciative of the presence of Precision Calibrations in the community . Financially supporting the local high schools to get jerseys and new sports equipment , sponsoring the fire department , sponsoring the mountain bike race that is held at the Claremore mountain bike trails once a year , and much more .

Precision Calibrations is owned and operated by the one and only , Nate Saylor . A family man , veteran , mountain bike champion , drone crashing guru , travel enthusiast , handy man , straight A worker , and all things good . Having 4 girls , he is the most patient and merciful calibration technician in the world . One might even say , in the universe . That’s a big load to carry , I am sure glad it is not mine . We have some pretty close seconds here at Precision Calibrations . Our techs are incredibly talented and knowledgeable in Onsite calibration services Oklahoma .

Precision calibrations will service the old , new , young , clean , dirty , repaired , refurbished , and any other adjective you can put on a piece of equipment that requires calibration . Onsite calibration services Oklahoma means we will come straight to you and take care of that *enter adjective here* tool that requires calibration . We bring a pretty sweet trailer that we had built and set up right in your parking lot . We have a heater , air conditioning unit , and jam box so we can be efficient , environmentally controlled and have fun all at the same time .

Precision calibrations is a great company to work for . Insurance provided , company car to travel to job sites and back , pay checks on time every time , uniforms provided – might I add that they are excellent uniforms , hat available as well if you are a fan of hats . You will need steel toed boots and a decent pair of jeans on a daily basis but otherwise everything is provided to employees of Precision calibrations . Safety glasses are another daily thing here at precision so if you wear glasses, you should probably get some of those handy dandy clips that go right on your glasses so you can still see while working on the job site . That’s pretty important when working for Precision Calibrations .

If you would like to know more or find more material that is well worth the read , please visit or call the office at 9 1 8 9 7 8 3 3 7 8 thank you and good day brothers and sisters . Keep going, your almost there.

Onsite calibration services Oklahoma is a top priority of Precision Calibrations . To precision calibrations , this service is pulling a trailer straight to your back door , sending a tech inside to grab your tools off the desk and walking them back in to the trailer and then calibrating them , cleaning them , making repairs or adjustments as needed and then placing a sticker that lets you know it was calibrated and then walking it back inside to your desk and placing it there with a smile because we love calibrating so much like its all of our love languages . We will literally sacrifice sleep to calibrate your items .

Can we discuss how important a good work environment is ? I think my ideal work environment is where I have my personal space for my dog and child . I can hang a few family photos , bring a diffuser for all my essential oils that promote productivity , have a couple of computer monitors on a desk that provides me the option of sitting or standing because every day is different and I don’t particularly like sitting all the time . I would wear headphones to listen to all my own music , I would not have a lot of distractions around and a very definitive to do list every day so I know exactly what I need to do that day . Precision calibrations will offer all of that if you hire us to do your onsite calibration services Oklahoma

If we never met you would be missing out . Precision calibration is the coolest team around . we have friends everywhere . in fact a lot of our customers have added me on Facebook because they want to see my baby and dog , and I am ok with that most of the time . onsite calibration services Oklahoma is a great way for you to meet us . so go ahead and pick up the phone and give us a call and talk with our awesome office manger and she will get you on the schedule and we will see you that day at whatever time you all discuss .

Precision Calibrations services companies everywhere that you might actually recognize . including the Tulsa airport authority , nordam aerospace people , oil and gas businesses everywhere , heat treat plants all over tulsa and surrounding area , rolling hills fire department , omni air and valve , bizjet where they build engines and much more , and some other very cool places .

If you want to be awesome also , all you have to do is give us a call at 9 1 8 9 7 8 3 3 7 8 and you will become significantly more cool just by speaking to our awesome office manager , Naysa . she might even let you talk to Denver or Loki – they are the office entertainment on the slow days and enjoy chatting and getting pets .