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Precision Calibrations is your Onsite calibration services Oklahoma provider. Today is the day to come by and see us to discuss your calibration needs and what ever else you would like to discuss regarding your calibration needs. We are waiting to hear from you to see if there is something, we can do for you. Monday is the best day to decide on your future with calibration services. Precision Calibrations has been around for over 10 years and have been working with companies like yours for over 25 years. Don’t you want to be the next lucky customer to do business with us?

Ok folks I know how hard you are working today. You deserve to have some help. I know what you should do for yourself today. Pick up the phone and give Precision Calibrations a phone call to discuss your calibration needs. We are an Onsite Calibration Services Oklahoma provider and we also have a laboratory to handle other items you may have. We do things like torque wrenches, pressure gages, thermometers, dial indicators just to name a few things. If you have any questions about the tools we calibrate, give us a call or give us a phone call.

As the leader of Onsite Calibration Services ner me, Precision Calibrations is in Claremore Oklahoma. We have an office with a laboratory setup waiting on your visit. What can we do for you today? If we can be of service to you and your company we would like an opportunity to sit down with one of your Quality Managers or inspectors to discuss the type of calibrations you require. We can discuss the types of tools you have and what your requirements are for the type of manufacturing you do. We look forward to discussing many options you may have to get the job done right and on time.

Who you gonna call today to get your calibrations done right the first time and on time? Precision Calibrations is the company to call if you need calibrations services on your surface plate or torque wrench. Naysa, our rock star office manager is ready to get your call to discuss your needs and happily provide you with a quote. Simply provide her a list of your tools and the frequency and any other special instructions that may be necessary for our technicians to provide you the best calibration services available. We work hard to get the job done right.

You have been given the information, now its time to give us a call at Precision Calibrations 918-978-3378 or you can go to our website at There is only one way for you to find out what we can do for you. Take just a moment to contact Naysa at her desk and let us get things rolling for you. What do you have to lose with our satisfaction guarantee? Don’t wait for another day to make your life easier and help you your business be the best that it can be. You will be glad you gave us a call.

Today is a great day to be alive. I look around and I realize that life is good and family and friends are great. Who wants to be alone in this crazy world? Its time to get out and smell the roses, just take a few minutes during the crazy day to enjoy what you can. We are always trying to enjoy ourselves here at Precision Calibrations. We like helping others in many ways. Some of the things we do for others is donate money, donate time and help organize events. Precision Calibrations an Onsite calibration services Oklahoma provider can help you.

Each day it is important to us that we consider the needs of our customers. Each customer is very important to us. We will not be in business if we do not have customers, so we try very hard each day and, on each job, to do the best work with the best attitude for the best results. How do you do your job each day without a Onsite calibration services Oklahoma provider like Precision Calibrations. If you want to get the job done right and enjoy the people doing the work at your location with your people, then give us a call.

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I hope my words are getting to the right person, Google needs to see many words related to my business so it will tell others about us. We want you to know that Precision Calibrations is located in Claremore and can be reached at 918-978-3378 or you can go to to get in touch with us. Do not let today be frightful, close your doors, stay inside, tint your window and get over to the less frightful location in a big hurry. Vote for Trump also to make things less frightful. Who knows maybe you will win the lottery.