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Wondering what Precision Calibrations can do for you ? Let me explain what sets us aside form other calibration laboratories . Onsite calibration services Oklahoma is the golden star of our service . Aside from the first customer discount , price matching or beating of our competitors , $1 first calibration and wicked fast turn around time . We are pretty dang awesome compared to the other local calibration companies . Please give us a shot , I know that you will not regret it one bit .

Precision calibrations is located in a white house looking building in Claremore , Oklahoma . In fact I had someone who was not taking advantage of our onsite services Oklahoma call me last week and verify that we were located in the white house that shows up on google . darn that’s very unsatisfying that people might doubt our legitimacy based on the building we are located in . All the more reason that we would like to build out a pretty sweet building somewhere that isn’t in the middle of a neighborhood .

Don’t believe precision calibrations will satisfy your onsite calibration services Oklahoma needs ? Go on over to our google page and read every 63 reviews , you will be stoked to see that we are a 5 star calibration service company and our employees are 5 star review worthy. Some of those reviews mention a Naysa, let me just reiterate that she is the bomb . com plus she is accompanied by a small lab pit bull mix named Loki sometimes and that just makes your whole experience with her much more pleasant , well if you are dog person . If Loki isn’t with her , then maybe you will get lucky and get to see her 9 week old baby Denver . He is also the bomb . com

Precision calibrations uses only the very best equipment when it comes to onsite calibration services in the industry . sometimes that means making an eBay purchase so we don’t have to sell the vehicles in order to afford it but none the less we use nice stuff. Our laboratory is totally stuffed with calibration equipment that is used to take care of our lovely customers just like you . wow, imagine if you hadn’t chose us to take care of your calibrations , you may have ended up with a company that uses faulty equipment and end up having to pay for 2 calibrations because your customer would question your equipment after a false test and you would have to have it recalibrated to clear your name .

Precision calibration has a great website at and can be reached at 9 1 8 9 7 8 3 3 7 8 that explains some of the awesome things that we service and offer . if you are wondering if we can service your car, the answer is no but if you have a torque wrench that you could use to fix your car , we can service that for you .

Take me out to the onsite calibration services Oklahoma , take me out to the job site . Buy me some calipers and micrometers , I don’t care if they are calibrated or not , for its root root root for Precision Calibrations . If they don’t win your business , that’s shame for its 1 , 2 , 3, out of calibrations and your toast and the old precision calibrations . wow that was horrible , lets not do that again . Precision Calibrations will rock your socks off so give us a call today to claim your one dollar calibration or ten percent discount or even your price matched calibration If you are a long term customer .

Ah , Precision calibrations , home of the free bird and onsite calibration services oklahoma . Have you met loki , im sure if you have than you remember his soft coat and vibrant black color . He is no fluffy white poodle , that’s for sure . Interested in getting a discount on your first calibration? How does $1 sound ? Perhaps you’ve already cashed in your $1 calibration and now your looking for the best deal in town , well look no farther friend because we will not only orice match but we will often times beat out the competition on pricing because we are so sure that you will love our service.

Have you ever heard another company so sure that you would love using them if they are good at onsite calibration services near me? Probably not, but still not sure if you want to use us , well consider jumping over to Google and reading all of our 4+ star reviews . We have so many that we are now a five star calibration business according to google. Woot Woot. Precision Calibrations is known for their onsite calibration service Oklahoma because it allows people to meet our awesome technicians and have their calibration taken care of from the comfort of the office .

Precision calibrations will take care of your calibrations also , just simply give the office a call or submit a quote request online to have someone email or call you . whichever you prefer, they are both perfectly effective for scheduling your calibration services onsite or in our controller lab in Claremore, Oklahoma . We stay pretty booked up so its best to give us a call when you have a little room in your due dates so we don’t have to charge an expedite fee. But rest assured, our expedite fee is very small and not even comparable to the other guys – mostly because we are already a two to three business day turn around so you don’t have to push It forward very much .

Thinking about using precision calibrations for your calibration ? Give our office a call at 9 1 8 9 7 8 3 3 7 8 or visit our website at and fill out the quote request, locate our address and pop in the office or give us a call. Yay!