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Are you looking for pressure testing and measurement Tulsa services then look no further than with precision calibrations. Providing excellent precision we can install instruments servicing in the Tulsa location but also in Broken Arrow, Collinsville, Owosso, and even into Arkansas. We’ve been in business since 2010 and plan to do so for many years to come, so you can expect us to work hard to keep and retain your business with us. We are confident that once you try us and our services in calibrating your tools, we will be the only name you turn to when you think of fine-tuning and calibration needs for your instruments.

We understand how important pressure testing and measurement Tulsa services need to provide in order to hold high industry standards. This is why our company has multiple certifications and standards that we upkeep to ensure our customers get the best tuning possible with their tools. We are confident that you will love not only our services but getting to know our team members as well. We hire the best professionals according to industry-level standards possible at our company. We not only mastered the craft but perform with integrity, respect, and a high degree of professionalism. You can learn more about our services by visiting our YouTube channel or also by visiting our website located at, feel free to check out our gallery as well to see the scope of work that we perform.

When choosing our pressure testing and measurement Tulsa services you can expect your tools to be precisely calibrated as if they were brand-new. If you don’t believe in the high-quality service we provide, feel free to check out our amazing Google reviews as we work hard to maintain all five golden stars. We promise to calibrate every single one of your tools and even if it’s not within the scope of our expertise we will find someone who can service your needs. This alone is what separates us from our competitors, we place the needs of our customers first and ensure that your tools and instruments get calibrated whether it’s with us or not.

If you need more convincing try out our services and take advantage of our first-time calibration price. This first-time price is only offered at one dollar for the first time for tuning and calibration. We can’t promise this offer will stay for long so take advantage of this as soon as possible to see if we are a good fit for your tools and company. Our technicians will arrive on-site and will be respectful as you show them around your company and offer expertise and advice on the best way to handle your tools to bring them back up to industry-level standards.

We pride ourselves not only on the level of service we have but also on our team members and experts who work with our company. We’ve worked hard to maintain a culture of respect, integrity, and hard work ethic that’s instilled in our values and our core beliefs. We are a company that is motivated by our faith as we also give back to our local communities and businesses now that you are customers providing with us this opportunity. If you’re interested in working with us in our team please look into our website at, or speak with one of our reps by calling us at 918-978-3378, we look forward to meeting you in servicing your tools.

Pressure Testing & Measurement Tulsa | Pressure Calibration Provided.

When looking for pressure testing and measurement Tulsa services look no further than precision calibrations. We are the prime calibration company focusing on a variety of instruments such as electrical gauges, multiple handheld devices, and so much more. Our services stretch beyond Tulsa and also include broken Arrow, Owasso, Collinsville, and even some parts of Arkansas. If you’re having troubles with your tools and are need in to calibrate in order to perform your work look no further than with our company.

With pressure testing and measurement Tulsa services our team prides themselves in providing excellent customer service to all those bringing their tools in for calibration. We continue to provider services as we know competition is tough in Oklahoma we will compete with pricing and turnaround times. We offer same-day services to our customers who are in need of their tools calibrated in a hurry. We encourage you to check out our golden reviews as we work hard to maintain all five golden stars. Also for more information in the scope of what it is we do check out our website located at or speak with a representative at 918-978-3378.

Along with pressure testing and measurement Tulsa company understands calibrations are not to be taken lightly. Our technicians work as a team and perform to complete tasks as if they were single unit. Our company was built and we hired team of excellent standard and hard work ethic. We deliver expectations set by our customers who are looking for high service and quality calibrations. Our technicians pride themselves with integrity and professionalism . They show up at your facility and we ensure you that you will feel respected and comfortable as you walk around your company showing them the work that they need to complete regarding your tools or instruments.

If you still need more Proof as to why you you should work with us to check out our website and read the multiple testimonials and reviews left by other customers such as yourself and their experience with us in our team. We have been in business since 2010 and plan to do so for many years to come. We hold multiple accreditation certification so rest assured that your tools are in the right hands when they are brought to us for calibration and tuning.

Precision services mostly those in aerospace, oil refinery, energy industries but we also stretch beyond our base to service customers wide variety of backgrounds. What separates us from other companies is that if we can’t service your tool we will find someone who can! At our company we pride ourselves in our integrity and skill level to service and place our customer needs first. Check us out at our website found at and would love to speak with you. Call us at 918-978-3378, we look forward to earning your business and working with you to repair your tools.