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Tulsa Calibration : Certified

Speaker 1: We’re gonna do this again, because we are just having a great time and I hear people out here cheering, I think they’re cheering at us, Travis-

Speaker 2: Well yeah-

Speaker 1: But it’s probably because we’re doing Tulsa calibrations in here on this podcast.

Speaker 2: You know when you’re doing Tulsa calibrations and you come from precision calibrations, we’ve got some cheerleaders that follow us around I mean we got some really, really highly speaking customers that … Just today they were asking for the clothes off of our back.

Speaker 1: I remember that-

Speaker 2: True statement-

Speaker 1: I thought you were getting ready to get naked on me.

Speaker 2: You know, that feels good, whenever you have cheerleaders following you around, because you do such a good job at Tulsa calibrations and they want your clothes because of the logo that’s on them, I’m telling you what, I just get super excited. I know that’s why you get so excited and [inaudible 00:00:47] walks around with you everywhere. Sometimes you just gotta have it. Right then and there, you need your Tulsa calibration fix.

Speaker 1: It’s really important to be prepared for anything, right and so with a good set of gauge blocks and a guy will be prepared for just about anything.

Speaker 2: As a matter of fact the gauge calibrations … Certified gauge calibrations, pressure gauge calibrations, gauge block calibrations, I don’t know Tulsa calibrations, you gotta have your certified standards ready at any time to take care of any kind of calibration. I look forward every day for kind of calibrations are gonna come up that day. Any day can reveal any opportunity of calibrations, so you gotta be ready.

Speaker 1: Well, my mama is not here so … I don’t know that I’ve ever been accused of having the best standards. Are you saying you have good standards?

Speaker 2: Hey listen, my standards are certified standards they don’t come any better than that.

Speaker 1: So you have pretty high standards.

Speaker 2: Grade A, class one buddy certified calibration standards. You’ve gotta have certified standards man. If you don’t have certified standards then I don’t know man.

Speaker 1: I’ve got pretty good standards. They’re pretty good.

Speaker 2: Yeah, your standards though probably don’t comes with certified paperwork though and your standards probably won’t hold up to ISO 17025 Tulsa calibration standards-

Speaker 1: If I was doing a Tulsa calibration I would make sure that I had those certified standards with me. But most of the time the calibrations in Tulsa, they go pretty good, they go pretty well. I decided not to say what I was gonna say.

Speaker 2: Okay well-

Speaker 1: Since this is going on our website-

Speaker 2: Yeah, some things may just not have to be said-

Speaker 1: I don’t know if it would sound funny like it did on my mind when it came out, so I decided to change it up. Sometimes when you’re doing a Tulsa calibration you might come there with certain tools and a certain though process, you gotta be willing to be super gumby. You gotta get there and realize that, “Man, this customer made a mistake. These pressure gauges are not full of oil, they’re full of air.”

Speaker 2: Oh. Okay.

Speaker 1: So now it’s not gonna do you a lot of good to hook up that air gauge to your oil dead weight tester. They’re not gonna like that.

Speaker 2: Speaking of dead weight tester. Yeah we use a certified dead weight tester to do pressure calibrations and I think it works really well, so we do pressure calibrations with pressure gauges and Tulsa calibration, right?

Speaker 1: Absolutely. Absolutely.

Speaker 2: You know pretty soon we’re gonna be doing Claremore calibrations, but right now we’re doing Tulsa calibration.

Speaker 1: That is correct, that is correct because we are located in Claremore and it’s a Claremore calibration that we do in Claremore.

Speaker 2: But don’t worry, if you can hear my voice and if you cannot hear my voice but you can see the words typed on your scree and you have a need for calibration experts, I assure you that … See, I have been working diligently. You know I’m gonna toot my own horn I was gonna say it right now. I have the most amazing power team, you have no idea, the US Postal Service will get me everything from your place to my place and I hit that team up and I just keep on on and make sure that the pretty lady that drops it off everyday has got a coffee in one hand and …

Speaker 1: Is that rope supposed to be around that, because I was thinking that that was on there when we stopped-

Speaker 2: If we start hitting, If we start hitting-

Speaker 1: Oh-

Speaker 2: We’re fine as long as it’s moving and recording.

Speaker 1: Okay, all right, okay. I didn’t mean to interrupt you-

Speaker 2: Oh you’re all right-

Speaker 1: Because you’re telling a pretty important story there about the UPS, hey I hear about the postal service-

Speaker 2: Oh yeah, hold on one second. If you can get this and you can hear this, just because you might not be Tulsa calibrations, you might be Ohio calibration, you might be Nevada calibration, I’m telling you my power team at the US Postal Service can safely get your equipment that you have to …

Speaker 1: Precision calibrations.

Speaker 2: Which it will then become …

Speaker 1: Oklahoma calibrations?

Speaker 2: Which is also more specifically known as …

Speaker 1: Tulsa calibration.

Speaker 2: That is correct. And you will get the same high quality integrity with the 20 year Military service that we provide everybody locally with our …

Speaker 1: Tulsa calibration.

Speaker 2: That you will get in Ohio … Your Ohio calibrations will be just as good as our …

Speaker 1: Tulsa calibration.

Speaker 2: How can you beat that?

Speaker 1: Or Oklahoma calibrations. Yeah that’s right. And if you’re using services in Arkansas calibrations or Missouri calibrations or Texas calibrations or Kansas calibrations, these are all calibrations that we’ll do in Tulsa for Tulsa calibration. Yeah.

Speaker 2: And if you can put it in the mail and send it to me and you can show me a paid legitimate invoice for an item, I’ll guarantee you I’ll do that same item and beat it by 10% minimum.

Speaker 1: That is a great idea. How could you not want to send your items to precisions calibrations, knowing that you can save 10%. Just right off the top. No brainer.

Speaker 2: And if I were you I would go to, I would check on our website and I would go and I would take some time and I would browse over those testimonials, I’d browse over those reviews. You know, because reviews in today’s world are much like the fingerprints on mine and your hands. You just can’t get away from them. Either you got your hands in good things and you’re happy that your finger prints are being left behind or you got your hands in some really bad things and it’s just a matter of time before you are no longer in control of your finger prints.

Speaker 1: Oh, yeah you’ve got somebody else smashing them finger prints down on an ink pad and logging them on a piece of paper right before they put you in a striped suit-

Speaker 2: That’s absolutely-

Speaker 1: And send you on your way-

Speaker 2: That’s absolutely right-

Speaker 1: Down the aisle-

Speaker 2: That’s why picking a integrity based calibration company out of Tulsa calibrations is definitely in your best interest. You will never fall into the situation where ink will be on your finger prints.

Speaker 1: That’s a good thing too. Because you want to be safe out there and do the right things, leave your finger prints in the right places. That makes me think of a lot of places that I leave my finger prints.

Speaker 2: Well I hope you’re happy to leave them there.

Speaker 1: I hope so too. Yeah, I’d be surprised probably.

Speaker 2: Let’s see what else do we got going here in the Tulsa calibration world.

Speaker 1: And its still Friday and I’m really looking forward to a good weekend this weekend.

Speaker 2: Oh it’s gonna be a fantastic weekend.

Speaker 1: Especially after talking with Tony over at-

Speaker 2: I don’t know if we can say that.

Speaker 1: Only Tony. Tony the Tiger. After talking to him today, yeah I’m stoked. We need to really get geared up and take care-

Speaker 2: Surely we can drop names of clients.

Speaker 1: Yeah maybe and I’m sure-

Speaker 2: I think we should seek guidance from our counselor-

Speaker 1: Right, right. Names, first names probably all is going to be safe-

Speaker 2: However, if you go to our website at www.PrecisionCalibrations.Com and check out our Tulsa calibrations, there’s a pretty good chance you’re gonna see a lot of the big companies that we work for, because a lot of them have been proud to say, “We recommend these guys for Tulsa calibrations.”

Speaker 1: Yeah and you know we’re getting a number of reviews now on Google that anyone can go to and take a look at, because there is a lot of really good stuff being said out there for us. I’m really excited about that. So many people have such nice things to say and it’s not that we even had to coach them or tell them what to say, but they just got a lot of really good things to say about us and it just speaks to this kind of service that we have and doing calibrations for companies and keeping good relationships, building relationships is just such a good thing.

Speaker 2: Bottom line, if you have a need for Tulsa calibrations and you are not using a precision calibrations you are out of your mind.

Speaker 1: You’re probably spending too much money.

Speaker 2: You are spending too much money, you are probably waiting way too long for certificates.

Speaker 1: You’re probably not very happy.

Speaker 2: And if you are happy, it’s only because you don’t realize how much more happy you could be doing a Tulsa calibration with precision calibration.

Speaker 1: Don’t wait until you’re unhappy. Don’t take it home, don’t take it out on the kids and the dog but you need to recognize and try precision calibrations.

Speaker 2: Maybe you have an amazing calibrating company that you’re using right now and you know what I hope you do, to be honest with you, because we’re gonna grow, no matter what, we are gonna grow and we are gonna prosper because we do things the right way and if you’ve got somebody that you just absolutely love, we’re not trying to get in there and take the livelihood from somebody else that’s doing what they are supposed to do but I would love to be your second choice, I’d love to be your plan B, if you’ve got an emergency for a Tulsa calibration and you’re A star cannot help you out or maybe you need changes, I would like to have a relationship so you know who else you can call so you’re not in a jam.

Speaker 1: I think that’s a great idea, I think when people call us and let us have a chance to do some work for them, they cannot help but just to fall in love in us, because we just bend over backwards for them and they know they can rely on us.

Speaker 2: Man, this has been a fast 10 minutes, I cannot believe it’s already-

Speaker 1: Is it time, is the time right?-

Speaker 2: It’s already flown by.

Speaker 1: So you already wrote down the time that we started-

Speaker 2: Yeah-

Speaker 1: And it just happened to go that long, huh.

Speaker 2: Yeah man.

Speaker 1: Tulsa calibrations, it’s like having a good time man, you know, time just flies when you’re having fun right-

Speaker 2: Absolutely.

Speaker 1: We’re already ready to wrap this one up I think then.

Speaker 2: Guys, we appreciate your candor and your listening to us here from Tulsa calibrations-

Speaker 1: Yeah keep-

Speaker 2: This is precision calibrations-

Speaker 1: Yeah, signing out.