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Tulsa Calibration : Excellence

Travis: Alrighty everybody, welcome back. We’re here with Precision Calibrations. I’m Travis.

Nate: Hey, and I’m Nate.

Travis: So what I was just talking about was it’s an exciting world. You never know where you’re going to go. We had a customer call one of our peers and said that they had a need and they couldn’t do it, and they thought highly enough of us that they contacted us and said, “Hey you guys, I think we got some need for you there to do some Tulsa calibration.”

Nate: So this call was from somebody from the Netherlands, you’re saying?

Travis: No, no. The bottom line, the customer’s in the Netherlands though.

Nate: Oh, okay.

Travis: So the Netherlands was using-

Nate: Hey, I want to go to the Netherlands.

Travis: I know.

Nate: If we get that work, we could go over there, right?

Travis: The part’s on its way right now.

Nate: Oh, sweet.

Travis: The hard work that we already did, it’s in transit right now to the Netherlands.

Nate: So the very important Tulsa calibration job that we did enabled them to finish this product, and send it over to the Netherlands. Okay.

Travis: Knowing that they had a high degree of excellence in their product.

Nate: Well that is pretty cool to know that the work we do here in the States can actually be affected in other countries and can be sent off to other countries. That’s pretty cool.

Travis: The mail system, it’s amazing. This was a huge, huge object. To think of the amount of hands that has to touch, ain’t that crazy?

Nate: Yeah, it is. Some of the production manufacturing that happens, it’s amazing how many steps it can go through, how many processes it has, how many people it takes to do the job.

Travis: Tulsa calibration, they just put out some of the best quality work in the world because you’ve got to ask yourself, self, Netherlands, could you not do that yourself? “No, of course not, the United States is amazing. We need good Tulsa calibration calibrations.”

Nate: I’m telling you, calibrations. Tulsa calibration, yeah.

Travis: So this particular job I’m talking about though because it made me feel extremely good because we had a customer, like a lot of our customers, at one point or another … Now, you don’t ever want to be in this position, but if you’re in this position, rest assured coming from Tulsa calibration, you’ve got a calibrating company like Precision Calibrations that’s going to help you out. So this company was just in a pinch, big time. They were going to lose almost a million dollars in productivity because they were not going to meet a deadline. There was a specification that needed to be met that was overlooked one way or another, and they needed a qualified, accredited, highly reputable calibration company out of Tulsa to take care of this work for their client in the Netherlands. That just goes to show that if we can help you out whether you … And we had never done any work for these guys, so it’s not like we were doing millions of dollars for the work for them, or tens of thousands a month. If you’re talking to us, then you are our number one priority and we’ll bend over backwards, do whatever we can in Tulsa calibration.

Nate: You know, that’s just it. You mentioned making each person feel like they’re important, and it’s so true that it doesn’t matter who you are, how big your company is, how small it is, whether there’s one of you or whether there’s a thousand of you. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter. Each person and each job for us is equally as important. We want people to know that they’re all very important. We always bend over backwards and try to show up on time, show up in even some of the most inconvenient times just to make sure that we get the job done for the customer. I know that customer was really happy, Travis, that you went and worked on that product for them and they were very surprised.

I think that that was a real win for Precision Calibrations because it was obvious that they were very pleased and surprised. That’s what’s amazing to me, too. There’s other competitors out there that we have here in this local area doing Tulsa calibration and it’s amazing to me the information that we get back from some of these new clients how unhappy they are with the services that they’re getting in this area. To me, it’s a no brainer that you take care of your customers, and you’re going to get more work and you’re going to get referrals. You’re going to get more business.

Travis: That’s true, but I think there’s more to it than that, though. I think, unfortunately, our competitors are hiring for the bottom line. I think what you’re going to get from Precision Calibrations is more than just a bottom line. You’ve got technicians that are dedicated, that got some skin in the game.

Nate: That care.

Travis: That care about you and your product. If we’re talking to you, you are by far our number one customer period. I had an incident today that kind of breaks my heart that makes me remember why I want to give the best customer service and the best overall product I can because I had a customer that I had to call. I was the customer, and I don’t want to get too specific, but basically, they let me know that although I had paid $18,000 in services for them, that they had over a million customers and that they just couldn’t make phone calls, even if it was their responsibility to continue on the next step of the process. So let me ask you, Nate, when you’re doing calibrations in Tulsa, Oklahoma out of Precision Calibrations. If you come to a stopping point or you’ve got a problem and you’re on site, what do you do? Do you just leave a note taped to the keyboard? Do you take off, do you get ahold of the people? Do you make sure that it’s not the customer’s responsibility to make sure that you do the next part?

Nate: God, you know, I’m listening to this story, Travis, and I’m just thinking man, how is it that people can just tell you that, “Oh well I’ve got so much business, I’ve got so many customers that I just can’t get to everyone. I can’t get to you, or I can’t treat you like you’re important to us.” No, that is not how we handle business. We run into obstacles all the time. We run into situations all the time, and it’s very important that we communicate to our customers. That’s what we do, we communicate very well with our customers. Let them know everything that’s going on, talk to them about the situation, give them ideas about what to expect, how to resolve issues, but never walk away. Never turn your back on these customers. You don’t discredit how they feel, you don’t discredit what they think, so no. It’s real important, man, that we always just be there for them. We’re there to hold their hand if that’s what they need, because that’s what people want. They want to feel secure, so we’re there to try to make them feel secure.

Travis: Well I know Tulsa calibration … Let me just say I do not feel secure with this company.

Nate: Oh, the company that you were working with. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah, they did not give you a warm, fuzzy, that everything was going to be okay, that they’re going to take care of you. Instead, it sounded like they just had a bunch of excuses, which I think is what people do mostly.

Travis: I’m not interested in excuses.

Nate: No, action.

Travis: Tulsa calibration, we’re interested in results and a win-win.

Nate: Yes, we want everybody at the end of the day to be happy, over the top happy. But you know what, more importantly and furthermore, I should say, is that we want to surprise people. When we go in and we get the job done, when it’s done, I want them to be surprised. I want them to be like, “Wow, what just happened? I’ve not seen service like that, I’ve not seen quality like that. I’ve not seen people that really seem like they care.” And the other day I was working with some customers and this guy was giving me some great feedback, man. I felt like I couldn’t do anything wrong, and this was a new customer so granted he doesn’t know me and doesn’t know our company very well, but he was just over the top, ecstatic about the fact that he found the right guy. We ran into a couple problems and had an opportunity to help him with something that was out of the norm, and I think they were just surprised. I guess they just didn’t know that there were people out there that could do this kind of stuff, so when it was all said and done, we took care of the problem for him and he was ecstatic.

But my point is is that this is a guy that was just wowed by our work and our diligence to fix the problems. The other thing, though, was the honesty. He went on and on about the fact that he felt like I was being transparent with him, which I think is really important to people. They want to feel like you’re not trying to pull something over on them, that you’re being honest with them because you can see right through that. I’ve known a lot of sales guys that you talk to you and within a few minutes, you’re thinking, “Okay, wait. This guy has got a ulterior motive. I need to watch my back, make sure that he doesn’t pull something over on me.” But that wasn’t the case with this situation at all. This guy was very pleased and made it very clear. As a matter of fact, these guys find out … Well, I’ll save this story for the next podcast. Anyway, the bottom line is we want people to be wowed with us, so we’re not just going to be satisfied with just getting the job done. We want to make sure that you are just over the top, ecstatic, so you’ll tell your friends, you’ll tell your family, co-workers. Referrals are good.

Travis: Well it sounds to me like while you were doing the Tulsa calibration out there, you provided much more than what the customer paid for. It sounded to me like you went out there to calibrate something and you not only calibrated something, but you went extremely above and beyond and used some of your other skills and stuff that had nothing to do with calibrations.

Nate: That’s exactly right. We’ve got years and years of experience outside of calibrations as well, so that’s something we really want to maximize. All right, well listen. Hey, enjoyed it. You guys have a great day.

Travis: Again, if you got Tulsa calibration needs, don’t hesitate to get ahold of Precision Calibrations.