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Nate: Okay, so that one’s stopped. Okay, there we go now. All right, we’re going. Go ahead.

Travis: All righty.

Nate: Okay. Well, so all that stuff I said was wasted breath and now I have to recreate what I just said just to add some wording in here.

Travis: I’m gonna go ahead and jump in here.

Nate: Okay. All right.

Travis: So, again, this is Travis and Nate with Precision Calibrations out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. The bottom line is, guys, if you are looking to get stuff calibrated and you care as much about quality as we care, we can honestly tell you you want to stop by and check us out. We take quality very serious, we got 20 years of military experience, keeping things in the air, things under the water, and things afloat. You know, you just can’t skimp on quality, so it’s very important when you’re talking about quality and you’re talking about calibrations, or Tulsa Calibration, or Precision Calibrations that tools there to do a specific job and you don’t want to be keeping corners.

If you have a need for calibrations, whether it be micrometers, calipers, torque gauges, dial indicators, thickness gauges, depth gauges, depth gauges, torque, pressure up to 30,000 psi, ring gauges, and thread plug gauges and-

Nate: Micrometers and calipers.

Travis: Yeah, yeah.

Nate: And measuring cups … My mind just went blank.

Travis: Viscosity cups.

Nate: What’s the name-

Travis: Timers and stopwatches and yeah.

Nate: Bottom line is if you’re making a product that product needs to be made right, and how do you know that it’s made right?

Travis: By using a calibration company. A good reliable calibration company, like Precision Calibrations because that is the company that is going to test your equipment, it’s going to check it out, make sure it’s working right. Make sure that your operators are using the right equipment. Testing the right products the right way. Quality, that is the name of the game. So we know that that’s very important to everybody. So that comes at a cost, that’s the other thing about Precision Calibrations. We launched in this marketing campaign, we don’t want to just be the best company out there for people, but we want to be reasonably priced, we want to be very competitive. I think that our competitors will one day look at us and go, man how did they get all this work?

It’s gonna take time, it’s gonna take work on our part to get all that business but I think one of the key things is cost, we’ve gotta keep the cost reasonable. And if there’s a way that we can beat our competitors in price, we want to do that, because we want the business. It doesn’t mean that the quality’s gonna be worse, it doesn’t mean that the timeliness and the turn around is going to be worse. I mean, we’re gonna offer the whole package. Quick turn around, quality work, great customer service.

Which I’ll talk about customer service. Who’s out in the front for our customer service right now? I’ve got to tell you, it’s [Nicea 00:03:09]. Nicea’s doing a really fantastic job. This girl, she’s just so cute. And today when she sent that email out to one of our customers to introduce herself, I think it was a real win for her. I think it was a real win for Precision Calibrations. She really impressed this new customer. I think he was really, he said it himself, he like, “Man, I know right now she’s the kind of girl I want to work with.” It was cool. It made me feel really good. I was really proud of her. But it was my idea, but.

We strive hard to get those remarkable stories from all of our customers. At the end of the day, when people ask us why are we doing this, it’s not for money. Don’t get me wrong, everybody wants to make a good living. But at the end of the day we want to be the standard. We were the standard in the military, the United States military is the standard for all militaries around the world, and there’s a reason for that. The system and the integrity, second to none. The follow though, the commitment. So if it’s important to you, it’s important to us. You’re out there, you’re making something, you’re checking something, you’re fixing something, and you’ve got tools that are to a precision to a point that it really matters. Are they working right, or are they not working right. You want to make sure that you’re picking somewhere for Tulsa Calibration that have steadfast, unequal paralleled integrity, first and foremost.

Nate: That’s right, weather you’re out building and engine, putting a car together, or if you’re out there putting together an airplane. Either way, man. You’ve gotta have the right tools, you’ve gotta have the right equipment to do the job. So, you know, it’s all important. Maybe [twerking 00:04:51] down some bolts on a car, maybe it’s not as critical, it’s not like it’s gonna fall out of the sky and kill a hundred people, but to that mechanic. The guy that’s weekend warrior man, out there fixing cars and stuff, man it’s important to him. He wants to make sure the freaking bolt is twerked down right.

Travis: Qualities important to the bottom dollar, wether somebody is dying or not.

Nate: That’s right.

Travis: If you don’t got good quality, you’re wasting money. You can either spend the money and

Nate: And spend it. [crosstalk 00:05:28]

Travis: So you can either spend your money in corrective maintenance and waste it and see it go out the door or you can be diligent in your preventative maintenance. What’s part of preventative maintenance in Tulsa, well if you’re gonna do some calibrations in Tulsa or some Tulsa calibration you need a good preventative program. Part of that is having a fantastic calibration program.

Nate: And then a great calibration company, taking care of your calibrations for you.

Travis: Well you can’t have a great calibration program if you don’t have a great calibration company.

Nate: Well that’s true, that’s a good point, I stand corrected.

Travis: At least not in Tulsa Calibration world.

Nate: That’s exactly right. They might get away with it, those boys down in Texas.

Travis: And so, what about Texas. You’re a Dallas Cowboy fan, I think, right?

Nate: I sure am.

Travis: You kinda have some strings attached to Texas.

Nate: I couldn’t have been happier when I seen old Tomy Romo headed to CBS. Good on yeah, audios, see ya later, next on the chopping block, the owner.

Travis: Oh, yeah.

Nate: God help us, his son has not been any better. Well he’s a little better.

Travis: So what happened to Romo, is he-

Nate: Romo is gone!

Travis: Oh, he’s gone. So he got booted out, or?

Nate: Well the thing is Romo was running his mouth and needed to get some calibrations done and he was not in Tulsa to get Tulsa calibration done. And well, he got his back miscalibrated. So it’s done.

Travis: Well, I’m not sure about backs.

Nate: He moved to the wrong calibration company and got his calibration uncalibrated improperly and now he’s gonna be sitting with a headset on watching other people play football and talking about it for CBS.

Travis: I got you.

Nate: Had he had a proper preventative calibration program, he probably could’ve prevented his tool from getting misaligned and miscalibrated.

Travis: I wonder like chiropractors and you know, some of the medical teams. I wonder how much of this stuff do they get calibrated? I don’t know. That might be a field we need to look into one day, is getting more into some medical stuff. Although we’ve got some medical customers. We do some work for some reputable medical research companies and labs.

Nate: Is that Tulsa Calibration?

Travis: That is Tulsa Calibration. And they’re all over the place. The medical field’s a good one. Hey, what was the other place over at the OSU facility. It was law enforcement or something, there’s a facility there that’s got a whole bunch of calibrations that need to be done. Scale calibrations.

Nate: You’re talking about at the graduate, doctorate program. That whole facility is full of a lot of [crosstalk 00:07:58] forensic science type stuff but there’s scale calibrations.

Travis: Because they use scales [crosstalk 00:08:05]

Nate: – millions of grams to make sure their scientific experiments, which are … Some of the stuff they’re doing in there people, is world profound. It’s gotta be so good, and those measurements are so important that they do have a quality calibration program here in Tulsa Oklahoma. They use precision calibrations to do their calibrations in Tulsa Oklahoma and they don’t skimp on it. They make sure that what they need is there, and that it’s right. And if it’s not right, they resolve it. Which is the sign that we like to see in all of Tulsa. So if you have a calibration need and you’re in Tulsa. And you’re not talking to the precision calibrations team, man, you’re losing.

Travis: Good luck.

Nate: Good luck. You might make it, your product might make it from A-Z but it’s not gonna make it with high integrity at the lowest cost possible.

Travis: And not to mention, and to mention that these calibrations are accredited calibrations.

Nate: That is true.  [crosstalk 00:09:07] What does that mean, accredited?

Travis: It is an ISO1705 accredited calibration. Which means basically that we have an accredited body that is certified and accredited themselves to another standard.

Nate: I’ve got a body, can I accredited it?

Travis: Well, maybe on your own time. Maybe in your own closet or something. But you know, an accreditation body has to come out and make sure that you’re doing your accreditations correctly. And that we have is the [ANAB 00:09:38], and some people may be familiar with A2LA accreditations, we have a ANAB accreditation. So that just means that we are certified and approved to give correct accreditations in Tulsa. And that you can rest assured that if the calibrations are done for you from Precision Calibrations that it’s gonna be done right and, so … I’ll tell you what, we’re getting close to probably hitting our mark on this particular podcast, and we may just wrap this one up and see if we’ve got another one in us.

Nate: Yeah, I’m not for sure where we started at.

Travis: It was about 10, roughly.

Nate: I was gonna go to 21. It was less than 11 for sure.

Travis: Okay.

Nate: At the end of the day, if you are in Tulsa Oklahoma or if you are alive on planet earth and can utilize the mail system we can take care of you.

Travis: Yeah.

Nate: And I think you should send your stuff to us.

Travis: We’ve got fast turnaround. If you’ve got some calibrations, here in the Tulsa Calibration world we can definitely take care of you, even if you are in the Netherlands. You know what, speaking of the Netherlands, I just went and did, you know what. It’s gonna be a secret for the next time. But we’ll catch you guys here in a little bit. Thanks for listening.