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Tulsa Calibration : Reputable Procedure

Speaker 1: Well that’s unfortunate, but that’s life.

Nate: Oh I don’t see-

Speaker 1: Yeah, it’s recording now. Okay, so we are starting a new podcast about pressure calibrations out of Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Nate, is pressure calibrations on your scope? Precision calibrations Tulsa Calibration?

Nate: As a matter of fact, we have an ANAB accredited calibration that we can perform with pressure, and it is part of our ISO 17025 accreditation.

Speaker 1: What are the ranges that you’re set up to do with your pressure testing there are your lab at Precision Calibrations?

Nate: So we can do pressures, high pressures, up to 30,000 PSI, and we can do gauge calibrations down to the milli torr.

Speaker 1: You know, whenever we’re doing pressure calibrations in Tulsa, Oklahoma, there’s all sorts of different pressure calibrations, you know? Why don’t we talk about one of them? What’s the muss that customers have for the transducers that we calibrate when we’re doing pressure calibrations, in Tulsa, Oklahoma?

Nate: Well, I see a lot of pressure related items in oil and gas. So these guys are checking vessels for high pressure, or heat exchanger companies, we do calibrations for them that are making heat exchangers and the hydro test, this equipment, these manufactured parts.

Speaker 1: So we can calibrate, what all can we calibrate pressure wise? Let’s think about this so pressure calibrations in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We can do transducers

Nate: We can do transducers, and we can do a whole assortment of pressure gauges. So a lot of different companies making pressure gauges, they all essentially are pretty close to the same. All your pressure gauges usually have board on tubes that are used. These also come able to be adjusted, so we will also make adjustments to gauge calibrations – during the gauge calibration, I should say Tulsa Calibration.

Speaker 1: So I’m sitting here thinking about pressure calibrations in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and is it really necessary? Do we really need to know that a pressure gauge sitting on a boiler at 3,000 PSI is really 3,000 PSI and not 10,000 PSI?

Nate: Yeah

Speaker 1: I mean

Nate: Some people must think so.

Speaker 1: So when you take a pressure calibration, regardless of what its job is, with being an accredited pressure calibration, from A to Z use a very rigorous, very reproducing reputable procedure, that gives you very good, reliable results Tulsa Calibration on when you’re checking and doing pressure gauge calibrations. Don’t you?

Nate: Yes.

Speaker 1: So, let’s see. They’re just, I just love pressure gauge calibrations so much.

Nate: So pressure measurements, accuracies, calibrations, really important.

Speaker 1: So let me ask you a question. If I’m a company, and I’ve got a pressure gauge calibration out of Tulsa Oklahoma need, and I need to, I’ve got a vessel that I’m operating mainly at 100 PSI, if you were gonna come and do a pressure gauge calibration for me, and I was going to buy a new gauge, what would you recommend the range be on that gauge? So I operate at 100 PSI, it can never go over 150 or it blows up, if it’s below 100 it just won’t work. So 100’s what we run at, and I’ve seen some pretty cool gauges out there, and I know you do a lot of pressure gauge calibrations in Tulsa. You know, so I thought, well, wouldn’t it be cool to have 1,000 pound PSI gauge? I could bring people over while you’re doing my pressure calibration in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and I could show them, man, look at that 1,000 pound PSI gauge I’ve got! What would your recommendation be?

Nate: Tulsa Calibration I would say get one bigger. Find a 1,500 PSI gauge, cause that one would trump your 100 PSI gauge. So then who’s got the real party? So now the real attention is brought to precision calibrations because they’ve got the 15-

Speaker 1: Well, whether it’s a 1,500 or a 1,000 or a 200, that’s from 0-30,000. So I think you could do a pressure gauge calibration on that.

Nate: Yeah, you could. And you know what? They’re all created equal in a sense. They’re all part of the gauge family. They all should be part of the gauge calibrations, the pressure gauge calibrations. Each one has its place, doesn’t it?

Speaker 1: So hey man, pressure gauge calibrations out of Tulsa. Do I gotta take my gauges off and send them to you?

Nate: It’s much easier to do the calibration, yeah, if you sent it to me. Send it to Precision Calibrations.

Speaker 1: So it saves me money to save my gauges off for you to do my pressure calibrations there at your lab?

Nate: You know, yes, I think so. I think it’s cheaper for the manufacturer, if they have a maintenance team or support, to take the gauges off and give them to us.

Speaker 1: But here’s my problem, Nate!

Nate: But the onsite calibrations-

Speaker 1: Tulsa Calibration Here’s my problem though, man, here’s the deal. I only got 2 boilers! If one goes down, the other’s gotta be ready to rock and roll right then and there, and it’s life or death. So I’m looking to get a pressure gauge calibration company that can come on site, no matter how long it takes, with proper scheduling, get all my pressure gauge calibrations done. I’ll take them out of the system, I’ll hand them to you, get them taken care of, I mean, is that a service that you can offer? Cause safety’s more important than the cost, so I realize there’d be a larger cost. But is that an area for pressure calibrations out of Tulsa that you can help out with?

Nate: I think you hit it right on the head. It’s on site pressure calibrations. I think that’s exactly right. If we come out on the field, and we do on site calibrations for you, it’s your facility, around your production, around your needs, and we put the customer’s needs first, and get the job done second. But we’re there to get the job done efficiently, accurately, reliably, and safely. Safety is a big concern any time we’re manufacturing, and we train to be safe at your facility. So there’s no damage, no faults and bumps. But the on site calibrations is something we do.

Speaker 1: So hey, you know what? It’s funny, we’re sitting here talking about pressure gauge calibrations out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. And I just can’t help but notice some of those gauges, when you shake them, they wiggle. What’s in those gauges?

Nate: Some of those gauges, it’s the pressure calibrations that we do, you know, not just in Tulsa, but in Oklahoma. So Oklahoma calibrations, too, right? We do-

Speaker 1: Well we all employ the federal post office, if you put in a box and send it to us, we will get it back to you.

Nate: That is true.

Speaker 1: Pressure Calibrations out of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Nate: That is correct. So the calibrations can be done right there in our lab. Temperature controlled, climate controlled. But these pressure gauges, sometimes they need repairs. We do pressure gauge repairs as well.

Speaker 1: Pressure gauge calibration and pressure gauge repairs, because if you get a pressure gauge calibrated and it’s out of tolerance, then you need a pressure gauge calibration out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. And then, if you get a pressure gauge repair out of Tulsa Oklahoma, then as soon as it’s repaired, what do you think you’re gonna need, Nate Tulsa Calibration ?

Nate: You’ll probably need a pressure gauge calibration.

Speaker 1: I think you’re gonna need a pressure gauge calibration.

Nate: Or an on site-

Speaker 1: And I think you would probably want an accredited pressure calibration. And who again is your accreditation through?

Nate: So ANAB. ANAB is the accreditation body.

Speaker 1: So 17025 ANAB accredited pressure gauge calibrations, on site, off site, depending on what your needs are, we can almost guarantee that we can take care of you. If we don’t currently have the capacity, and it’s something that needs to get done, it’s something we can sit down and make happen. So I just get so tickled to death when I think about pressure gauge calibrations in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Tulsa Calibration ¬†And I just hate it whenever there has to be a pressure gauge repair, but I sure am glad that if there is a pressure gauge repair in Tulsa, Oklahoma, that we can take care of it there for you in the lab.

Nate: Yeah, pressure gauge calibrations and pressure gauge repairs, or pressure transducer calibrations, or pressure transducer repairs. They’re one in the same, they go hand in hand.

Speaker 1: We’ve got one minute left on this podcast, unfortunately. It’s gonna make me sad.

Nate: Yeah, I know. I was just sitting here thinking about how all good things must come to an end.

Speaker 1: But if you send us your pressure gauge, for pressure gauge calibration or pressure gauge repairs, we’ll just pick right back up where we started off and we’ll just calibrate ourself to happiness, one pressure gauge at a time, out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. And we’ll definitely give you a 17025 ANAB accredited pressure gauge calibration or pressure gauge repair.

Nate: With-

Speaker 1: With a good, you know, when you get it back it’ll be right, and you’ll have the right piece of paper to go with it. With our golden seal of approval that you know you can stand behind. You can take a look at our website, at, we’ve got a lot of testimonials on there, we’ve got a lot of great customers that we’ve done pressure gauge calibrations for, and pressure gauge repairs for. Tulsa Calibration So don’t take it from us, stop by the website, check out the reviews, and you can reach us at precision calibrations at (918)

Nate: 978-3378.

Speaker 1: So if you’ve got pressure gauge calibration repairs – pressure gauge calibration or pressure gauge calibration repairs, we hope to see you soon. We’ll see you on the next podcast.

Nate: Okay.

Speaker 1: This is technician 1,

Nate: And technician 2,

Speaker 1: Signing out.

Nate: How much time do we have before we shut it off? We’ll get some more words in here. What time- so we’re over 10 minutes now-

Speaker 1: Yeah, we started at 34:14:52, with the pressure gauge calibration-

Nate: Pressure gauge calibrations-

Speaker 1: Podcast. And got, they just make me so happy. There’s nothing better than ISO 17025 pressure gauge calibrations.

Nate: I know it’s a Friday but we might have to just go get us a cold beer and calibrate a pressure gauge.

Speaker 1: Hey, we might even take the super mic with us and check out how big that can gets, whenever it’s full and when it’s empty. I bet it changes.

Nate: All right. Sounds good.

Speaker 1: All right, until next time! We’ll see you later Tulsa Calibration.