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And we’re starting on the podcast this is going to be the number seven 10 the number 10 on technically 40. Nice and collaborations to one and it’s precision calibrations and Travis and I are talking about calibrations and all the crazy things that happen with calibrations doing Tosa calibrations. Billy-Bob. Billy-Bob is going to have a good time doing calibrations Tulsa calibrations calibrations in the deliberations community in the garage buddy.

No I don’t you know shoddy garage calibrations and. Unless unless you have a garage you need to calibrate it and I’ll give you a professional world class garage calibration.

Nice man. Now that’s not for me to decide what you’re working on. That’s true but I’m not going to calibrate your stuff in my garage.

So last couple nights have been pretty interesting last night was pretty crazy man. We were ramping down on that getting out of bed I thought about that later. The calibrations has been quite a quite a quite a quite quiet quite a full community. Yeah yeah calibrations Yeah yeah. I can tell you we’re calibrating that throttle on that truck last night ripping them tires. Oh yeah.

BRENTON Well you know it’s fun to go down to the Osage Raceway track and do those things right.

OK. So somewhere some blacktop.

I mean it’s important to keep your horses calibrated and keep them horses tamed. You can always they need if you don’t let them out or stretch their legs. They they get lame.

That’s true. So but it was fun time. But you know this week’s been this week has been kind of busy and crazy about after hours and the you know are.

Our place we visit. It’s been a it’s been a bout three nights this week I think for me.

Oh yeah yeah. Mainstream must be nice. I think it was at least twice.

I’m too busy doing also calibrations Yeah and now I’m going back again and I to go not there but somewhere else. The taco joint We’re going to go to taco joint and have some tacos.

Margarita’s Karen’s on her way. Where to my house. OK. Now go do something.

Nice. Let’s see where she’s at. You’ve got to find my phone on her phone. Sure do. No way she let you have it. Shared her friendship with you. Yeah. So you can just look and find where your friends are. Yes. She’s out.

All right.

Well now that’s cool because you know it’s nice to be able to see your faces on Highway 60. Wow. She is.

Oh there is a highway 60 she’s not very far at all. Well that’s great man. Oh Karen and a little boy. Come in to see Travis.

So are they going to stay that are somewhat less than that again really really going to stay Saturday night too. That’s right. Oh Angie. Man that sounds like a good time. It should be a fantastic time. I think we’re going to go to stop in tonight. So you’re going to be the do the gentlemen thing and sleep on the couch or so.

Oh she stays in the guest room this isn’t the first time she’s she’s OK. All right. Good. Good night. There’s no locks on the doors.

No late night hanky panky no. Hey man my door is open.


I’m a gentleman but I’ve only got one lady so she wants to come in. I’ll let her.

OK. All right. Well she can do that right after she gets through doing her calibrations that’s required before she comes in there. I think it’s important that we all get calibrated.

It’s nice that you’re looking after my personal calibration issue. I’d hate for you to deal anything that calibrated man especially in the Tulsa calibrations community. Yeah. Yeah. We can’t have anything on calibration. No need to keep doing calibrations because then the quality slips. You know Amazon quality slips right. Calibration world gets disrupted your girlfriend stops visiting you.

Oh yeah. So that’s again that’s why it’s important to keep calibrated. So if somebody is so true.

Sounds like you got a pretty busy weekend. I’m going to put the boat out this this weekend. I’m determined to do so. Well let me know how it goes determine. I’d like to see that thing go out there and go ripping up the lake.

I bet I’ve got 50 to 100 gallons of water on the tarpon. I

got to get out. That’s a lot a lot of water.

I’m not kidding you. It’s really rain but it’s holding it up. You need to get it off the air before it rips that or something isn’t the same thing. Well I have had no time. I have not been home before dark.


A little bit because we had a few minutes here because even even on the days where we get off it like for. A man I got to go grocery shopping or whatever the case may be. Oh yeah. Raising a adolescent shithead teenager is papa is interesting especially when they’re as unique as mine. And the Tulsa calibrations community. Yep yep yep.

Sounds like a little calibration needs to happen over there and sometimes people don’t know I’m first woman season to start. It’s so easy to just fall in the pool. It is easy to feel like.

I like to push people in but you need to get your pool vacuumed.

I told you Karen’s bringing me super duper pool cleaner and my sister got us.

I bet she didn’t forget she’s probably the kind of person she’s she could have been really really super busy though and not been able to. And that’s true. She is pretty responsible busy person. She’s kind of an important person there at that company.

What’s the name of that company boy.

Oh yeah. Boiler works L.A. boiler works. A shout out to L.A. boy works out of Blackwell Oklahoma.

OK. All right.

It’s a pretty impressive compound is it now. It is. OK. Right on. So that’s good man that the.

The. BLACKWELL they make boilers. OK boilers big boilers like big boilers and casing to boil her.

You’ve got a boiler. And that’s that’s good.

So if you’re in the Tulsa calibrations community and you need a boiler. You can get a boiler and you can do that at precision calibrations come in get a boiler. I’m not going to boil her persisting elevations would be too easy to get the evidence. Tulsa colourations or Oklahoma calibrations. We should do it in Muskogee calibrations not to be confused with toxic elevations or Vinita calibrations or Oklahoma City colourations people look at us funny if they if they know that we boiled her.

Yeah yeah. Nice. Nice.

Well you know sometimes it’s also calibrations and they wouldn’t be the same you know because they want they want they want Fresen to be exactly 32 degrees and they want Boyland to be exactly boiling if it’s if it’s off a little bit. They’re not happy. Yes the bowlers got a ball just there’s got to be pitcher to be properly calibrated.

Yeah yeah you’ve got to boil it you got you got three minutes left. That’s before your week starts or any any anything that you didn’t get done anything you want to get done.

Any and anything that you. I mean what’s going on in your Tulsa calibrations world.

Well I think it’s been a pretty productive week. And so you know we just continue to grow and I don’t know I should have a list. I do have a list of board now somebody like Travis put a board up. Now we have a list and we’re in good shape. We’re going to start and the list when things get done taking this stuff seriously man got to do it make it happen. I’m looking forward to.

Just think this is only podcast number 40 is it really that many though I think podcast number one thousand I should get a really good gift.

Take. I think we could probably arrange that maybe a $5 gift card.

Oh boy oh boy you would have a problem if you have a podcasting problem imagine is that what our goal is is the thousand something what is it 100.

My goal is 10 a week for six months. Oh my gosh. So. Man that’s that’s a lot. That’s that’s 10 a week for like four weeks that’s 40 a month. About 40 times six hours 50 Route 240 that still That’s more than enough to put us number one in a couple of categories. Oh nice. Well I think we should say is valueless even though you don’t see the value in this priceless. Oh no it is good.

So you see you’re a real believer. We get to the top of Google and it’s going to make a huge difference.

Fill up the lavatory fill it up. When we hit the top of the list it’s going to happen. It’s going to happen it’s going to happen.

So guys we are we’ve enjoyed chatting with you guys here sharing a little bit about our younger selves when everything used to work you know share a little bit about the Tulsa calibrations community with you you know I think we’re going to start our weekend you know but I just can’t say enough about the Tulsa calibrations community.

I’ll let Nate get the last minute in here.

I got a whole minutes ago. Not quite a man quite a man. I look like I was cutting you off. Oh no I want to be.

I think I was just trying to say. Put in content because the precision operations. Because it’s getting so close to the end now that it’s like I don’t have anything else you can start thinking at this point. We’ll get the Star-Spangled Banner.

Oh say it also collaborations can you see Tasik celebrations by the dawn’s Zerilli also calibration. That’s good man. You can. All right everybody. Enjoy your weekend. I hope everybody stays safe. I hope there’s just as many listeners come Monday as there was Friday and nobody gotten any DUI related fatalities. In fact the fan mail come in.

But if you need us to calibrate you a breathalyzer that’s installed in your car. We can do that just hit us up.

I’m Travis mate Tulsa calibrations. OK