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So we’re back again talking about precision calibrations Tulsa calibrations Oklahoma City colorations Oklahoma calibrations. We’re talking about all kinds of calibrations today.

Tulsa calibrations community loves our podcasts.

I’m Travis and Nate and we got compact we’ve got what do we got.

Well we’re rockin that’s also calibrations community we are. We were talking about our first deployment getting back to that. So finally my ship was already had already gone through the whole cycle so I got thrown right into the deployment cycle. I barely got out of school on time to meet them so head now and stop in Hawaii. For the first time ever. Get to see the beautiful Hawaii beautiful naval base there in Honolulu Pearl Harbor. We’ve all seen it. It’s amazing to to stand on those on those piers and to breathe that air and to look across the pier at the memorial and you’re not talking about Tulse calibrations precision calibrations are you.

Well I mean I’m I’m part of the calibration but it was in Hawaii. Oh yeah I was at the memorial the memorials in Hawaii.

Yep that’s right. And that’s where you’re at. OK. Precision operations. We’re talking about our first deployment in the middle of it right. Right.

I remember that now we’re talking about talking to the Tulsa calibrations community about our first deployment. The military so they can get to know us OK. We got we got some fanmail and some of the mail that was that was wrote in was that they were laughing.

You don’t know where get fan mail or anything like that. We’ve already had our first call or you know our first caller. Oh why did we call our on podcast precision calibration also colourations community. When you miss a lot whenever you when you when you don’t stick to the agenda and the schedule. OK. But we do have what we have for managerial keep on top of what we have fanmail we have hand-mill and they are requesting to get to know us oh well they say they say you guys seem like really really integrity filled.

Gentlemen we want to hear about your past and specifically your first deployments. Well

that’s not the let’s not to colorations Let’s not delay in giving our our lovely listeners and supporters our fans what they want. So I think we need to continue to tell us a little bit more about that deployment. And so we don’t know why.

And there’s a group of us that decide we’re going to rent a car. And so we do that we rent a car and we’re there for three days. So we’re in three section duty. So we were on duty that day we pulled into that kind of sucked.

And then that was off the next two days. I hate when you got when you first pull and it’s toxic elevations but it happens it happens it happens so we get out the next day we get relieved it’s the day excuse me and Honolulu at the beach.

It sure is beautiful here.

Tulsa Calibrations But I would be so upset if I spent thousands of dollars on airplane ticket and brought my girl or my kids here to experience Honolulu. I remember thinking this when I was 18 years old. So you wouldn’t want to have to spend your own money to get there. No Heck no not Honolulu. No.

Honolulu was like an infested cockroach version of San Diego’s Gaslamp. That sounds pretty bad. But now Waikiki Beach is so beautiful way overcrowed in Honolulu itself has been turned into nothing but Las Vegas without the casinos. You pitch you’re going down the strip. Big big big things on either side left and right. Right. Three or four stories tall. That’s how that’s the main strip in Honolulu all day a shopping now. You just bind bunch of crap.

So I had a brother that had a really good idea that he was going to get on the sly scream. I was thinking that sounds like a pretty cool place to go himself June. Yeah.

Tulsa Calibrations You know they probably already have some people so Nash might want to check that market to see what the demand is like and he might want to do some sampling of the market before he puts a big investment to see if he is there and does have a front. Can he get a piece of that market. Yeah that would be my operations manager or opinion to him.

OK. Well and I think there has been some study that goes on there before you start investing a lot of money into certain things like ice cream business that are pretty good. Does those have some ice cream. We need to have some ice cream. So I got to go to a wedding a wedding rehearsal tonight.

And then we’re going to oh. What’s that place Caradoc across from sonic. It’s a Mexican joint on Claremore.

Yeah. I just know I didn’t get invited. So Craigmile It’s not like me I know. I thought I was part of the Tulsa calibrations he’s buying.

He’s buying it for everybody. He probably just. You know invited the select few. Oh I bet there’ll be 100 people there. I don’t know. Well. Oh gosh that would be a lot of money wouldn’t it.

By the way 100 people there and you know what the First could have been made but it’s not now. So you know Craig’s going to have to. He’s just got to live with that.

You know today’s Cinco de Mayo was right.

He’s going to have to live with that. He could have had an amazing evening and I could made it a lot of fun for him. Now now I’m going to go out with my girl you know my girls on our way here right now.

Oh is she now. She is beautiful beautiful loving caring.

Tulsa Calibrations She’s a young woman part of the country she’s on her way to my haçienda. Oh OK. Is she going to be there when you’re home or what if our schedules she’s showing up at your place with her kids or what Hayden will be with her. Her older son only. OK. Not a little girl what’s her name Chloe.

Oh she’s so cute. She is. She’s what she’s at her dad’s this weekend. OK. OK. You’ll be there don’t worry. Well but she’s dying to come down. I bet she’s wishing she wasn’t at her dad’s. Maybe not. Never know. I hope he got a good relationship with her. They will keep her keep her straight to keep her straight. That’s right. A bad daddy causes a girl to do bad thing. That’s right. Yeah. You know they say men deserve to have women have women.

I’m sorry men that deserve to have girls have girls.

There’s a lot of say. So people take that and some people take that as a good thing.

Some people say that is a bad thing but but that’s a saying I’ve heard a lot in. Throughout throughout history even.

Said a little differently and I’ve enjoyed having my grades but I’ve enjoyed having girls for girls. Plus wife. Plus three girl dogs and two fish that probably are girls. We have the homo fish now. Maybe they survived a long time.

Are they pretty big fish. Actually I’ve been there a long time and have survived there like the main troopers.

I feel bad because I don’t Jaquith them enough. I mean I just thought of colorations like you can do a whole lot with fish anyway and you can take them out and walk them.

Get your little glass bowl filled up with fresh water and with them and put them in the wagon. That’s a great idea. Pull me down. Yes. Everybody I want to talk to you. Everybody will want to talk to you. I’m sure you want to see your fish the calibrations. You had your fish with your little red wagon.

Don’t let them pet it though because they might have Pine-Sol on their hands because you know hurt them they might have just been washing the floors or something or dishes or something and then kill unguaranteed one drop a pint or kill them dead.

Yeah dude. So Donald we pay your goldfish. Look fishy but they’re not really you know they are man.

They’re not that special. They don’t even know their names or what they are so little.

So when you take left and right out for a walk I hope you don’t let nobody.

Nobody pet them here just let them look. Sure they can do that. They can do the pet lips through the through the bowl. Or the like that they’ll enjoy that Taso colorations there should be sufficient fish don’t need a whole lot of interaction.

So how much do you feed them. Do you feed them a calibrated diet. You know because here in the Tulsa colorations community we have a lot of balances not to be confused with scales. Some non calibration technicians might call them scale calibrations. Yeah. Yeah. Which we do calibrate scales we’re I’m talking about balances Okay balance count because I’m asking do you give your amazing to pet fish of this alone a balanced diet and I mean do you put the food on a balance so that it’s the proper amounts that they’re not overeating or are you starving them.

Are you starving them. I hope not man. That must not be because they’re living. Well no no. What do they do they swim around a lot. Or do they happen. Do they mostly stay in one spot to conserve energy because you’re starving them. Oh is that a good indicator. Calibrations colorations Yeah that’s a good indicator OK. All

right well I did come home after when I was after I’d come back from South Carolina.

They didn’t seem to want to move around too much oh because there was no way to feed them where we were going in South Carolina. They were being starved to death sitting still conserving energy. Yeah. That’s what happens. That’s what happened. I was really concerned I thought they were like Just give me a cold shoulder. So we need to get your balance when you get your balance so you can give them a balance they say to calibrate it also calibrate calibrated community meal.

They say to kill. They say to give them a calibrate amount of food to do calibrations in 10 seconds. So they have to do the calibrations all in 10 seconds and then the food is gone. That’s the right amount to feed them.

Is that a verified a DOB did practice in the Tulsa calibrations community. I’m afraid I don’t know because I haven’t looked in. Well why don’t we get US.

Why don’t we make us a guard code new cup addition where you have to shake it so many times in a second. And it gives the proper amount of gold of fish food.

OK. Is that it gee. That’s not bad. That’s generous.

And what we’ll do is we’ll get a little pixies to stay in the bottom of the cups to only allow those the specific amount out. So it will always be calibrated in Libya.

Libya permanently Pixi calibrated Garko fish. Dispenser you like that. I like that. And you know Taso calibrations on Travis. Nate we are talking about inventing new amazing Tulsa calibrations Garko fish Cup. I know you want one