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Tulsa Calibrations : Awesomeness

That recording you were recording. Oh oh yeah.

It is recording just seemed to be working so well this is podcast number 13. Do you have any specific job that you want me to throw out or something like I don’t know Tulsa calibrations . This is only podcast 13. We should be 14 13. OK so what’s last we’re going to like. Twenty. All right. Well that’s good for today. That’s correct. Because we had a lot to talk about we have a lot to talk about.

There’s a lot of it also calibrations to talk about. There’s a lot of precision calibrations to talk about. You know I think we should talk about my pool again. OK let’s talk about my pool. OK. So I can’t seem to get the bottom of this pool clean and it’s starting to drive me crazy so I’m starting to think maybe I got to calibrate the problem but then I say well wait a second. The water is crystal clear my water so clear now I could drink it if it wasn’t salt water and would make you sick. If the only requirement was that it was crystal clear and looked like it was tasty. My water is calibrated but I’m having a hard time keeping crab at the bottom of my pool because you know why I figured it out. I made an uncalibrated Tulsa calibration decision. I put my garden too close to my pool. Oh no. So I live in Oklahoma. And it gets windy and the dirt keeps calibrate my pool on itself at the bottom of the pool. So it’s finding its way into your pool. It’s finding its way into the pool. This might be the last season for all to close the Rose Garden. Number one yeah. Yep. Claremore Tulsa Oklahoma City colourations. Hey man that was a hole. That was a whole two minutes of awesomeness. Was it really. Yeah. So how did you get the dirt on the bottom of the pool.

Tulsa Calibrations OK. So you know I don’t know what a shot means different ways. I know you like to scuba dive. So I think you get your scuba gear out of the water is only 69. 69 Yeah it’s cold but he’s probably for about 15 minutes. You know I would try a dry sweat you know. Yeah I’ve got a wetsuit with my one ply. So it’s good at 75. I could stay in for a long time. OK. OK. So not quite. That might not be the best option for now I’ll do it anyway just because you told me to.

So if if I hypothermia because I’m not calibrated. Well let me put on my tombstone that divers go deeper. OK.

All right well maybe you need to have somebody else spot you.

You know if you’re going to get all that’s all. That is awfully nice of you. Not only are you a a master Tulsa calibrator you’re volunteering to spot a diver. Oh OK. How can you guys believe this guy will come and calibrate your tools and he’ll come and watch you dive your pool. Well you know it also calibration or Claremore calibration area. What can I say. Yeah. What can I say now that we’re going to talk about tools and calibrate. All right. All right. Let’s talk about calibration. I want to talk about my pool. Well we should talk about some calibrations and make it a little bit with the pool. We never did finish the hydrochloric acid comments. I never get to it. Was that something about you know that’s why the pool so clear now. Because I got it calibrated.

Oh so you did talk a little bit about the sense of seizure Tulsa Calibrations.

Yeah I dipped in a cup of hydrochloric acid and I switched it around real good like I was you know mouthwash in your mouth. OK. You know in Tulsa Oklahoma it was calibrated in Tulsa OK. Right. Right. But anyway I just did that for. I don’t know 30 seconds for five time. And they put it back on. The ballot. Ionising a lot better. Nice. Very good. And I got Clearwater and it’s been raining like crazy. Oh yeah. That does affect the water quite a bit doesn’t it. Yeah. But you know whenever you’re ionizer can keep up with it. Right on.

Got a little got a little schooling from Leslie’s pools and they let me know just how little I knew about pools.

But luckily now I know a little bit more and it’s a little clearer today know that’s a pretty sweet manage you get you dirt out of the full so you can get in Tulsa Calibrations there and go swimming and not have to deal I don’t sit on the bottom of the pool though. Well you know it might top the tops clear it’s clean then maybe you should just stick with it. It was calibrated in Tulsa Oklahoma. It is just kind of looks bad it’s cosmetic.

But doesn’t that I guess if it’s a good swim still and you still swim to go swimming in the pool. Man

I feel sorry for the person that ties this stuff because it’s just it’s got to be pretty noxious listening to two clowns talking about stuff and trying to make sense of some of the lingo and talking about what we’re doing here.

Tulsa Calibrations Clomped is number one says I want to go to calibrating school camp is number two says I’ve already gone to calibrating school and you’re not allowed clownfish number one says well that’s not fair that you get to go to all of the calibrating schools.

Well there’s never too says Tough shit that’s a good one. That’s what’s interesting. That’s pretty good. Well you got to stand up stand up comedian right there. Yeah.

Chavez is trying to say we’ve got to document it now so so let’s say that you were manufacturing pens just Goodo pins your ink pen might say precision calibrations on it might say also calibrations doesn’t matter what it says what some of the quality control things you are going to take into consideration when you’re manufacturing your pins. What comes vice in general I don’t want I don’t want specifics I don’t want the schematics to your future. Yeah. So any honey hole. I’m just what comes your line. Well you look at an amazing pin and you think how does my life interact with this pin because I think about like I know companies that make syringes and everything you know and a lot of the quality that we do make sure that those syringes are made to the right specifications but we won’t talk about syringes I won’t talk about pins.

Tulsa Calibrations All right. All right. Do you think would be a quality control. Well I would look after an episode because I don’t want people to buy your PIN not their pin right. Ergonomics I think comes to mind. So you know when I think of holding the could you give me the definition of ergonomics just general not specific. So I don’t know.

They may be ergonomics would be basically a system of properly. A proper toxic elevations. Yes. OK.

Well thank you for that definition. OK so that was a really bad definition let me think though. So ergonomics is it’s a bile it’s a.

Tulsa Calibrations It’s related to your body and the proper the most comfortable positions of your body and your hands and making sure that you know if you’re holding something as like a pin to be ergonomically correct would be one that would fit in your fingers just correctly enough that it would cause no discomfort to your body in long term use. I. So that’s kind of a better description actually.

I don’t think that they took ergonomics into consideration when they made this happen.

You know what I don’t know. I’ve used this pen before many times and I’ve not noticed any problems in my fingers or muscle groups.

So it seems to me that the the there was some ergonomics involved it seems like that if you were doing Tulsa calibrations you could you could have made some indents in this pen like the letter individual finger. Now it could be better so. So then the way you hold it you know just it just now not only does is it not causing you any problems but it’s actually it’s giving you some enjoyment. You know Sajan your finger you’re saying what he’s saying. I feel so good keep this pen in my hand.

That is probably the idea that somebody is missing the mark. You’re right man I don’t think. I don’t think they have a pill like that out there.

But if they did and they needed let’s say they needed some depth Mike’s calibrated to make sure that their material that they’re that they’re using their 3-D printer to make their pens out of is just thick.

Tulsa Calibrations Yeah it would be important to get some good calibrations maybe micrometer calibrations. Well wait. You know I think about it calibration for caliper my carbonaceous caliper calibration micrometer calibration would be necessary probably to take some of the measurements.

You know I think he could also maybe use of force gauge.

I’m pretty sure there’s a spring in here the up force that spring be too soft you think it could be too soft it could be too hard if you know and if this spring was too hard not only would you have a problem you take it apart the pieces would fly out. You know a lot farther than with the small soft spring that sounds like a lawsuit.

That doesn’t sound like Tulsa calibrations. Sound like precision calibration. Any part of that.

You’ve got to remember to wear proper safety equipment. You know if disassembling it you know because there’s you can cause problems with that.

It will. It just so happens I can’t read. OK. You made you made this pen so it can be taken apart. OK. And it can injure me. Well

you know I think you need to get a better Tulsa calibrator and make sure that that springs is not that strong that tells calibrations and precision calibrations could probably take care of this. They probably could. Yeah. They would just have to tell us. The specifications they want. That’s right specifications.

All right so what else could this see. What else what else kind of quality would you take into consideration. It’s a matter of ink in the pen.

So I think that was that was that that’s a good point. I think what brings me to my next topic here talking about the past is that you know the ink that’s inside the is is one. It’s got to be the right texture and color and needs to come out and flow evenly across the paper so evenly across the paper means inks being distributed evenly.

You know what I hate when I’m writing on the paper lamps and you know like.

Exactly. And even this you know with the inks when the ink flows where it’s not supposed to that’s right.

Tulsa Calibrations You know that sounds like a Tulsa calibration issue again presented calibrations in Oklahoma calibrations take care of that. If they were having us check that piece of equipment we would find a way to make sure that the ink flowed properly. There is a way sometimes you just got to put your eyes on it. That is all you have to do. So how much time do we have to go on this one. Twenty anything. You mean 30 anything. No I mean 30 20 anything 30 20 minute 30 was 30 was.

So it was understood. Oh this is also calibration. Travis this is an April podcast.