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Well hello everybody this is going to be podcast number 11. Not to be confused with 9:59. Today we’re going to be talking about precision calibrations and of course Tulsa Calibrations . And it’s been a mighty fine week of calibrations as a matter of fact went to put out some fires today or this week. Let’s see what happened while we were called on site to go check out a new customer.

We got to experience some of our. More or less experienced collaborators in the field. So we talk about that and because I don’t mind talking about you know etching tanks that are 10 degrees off for a reason.

OK. All right. I think that’s a good time. I think that’s a good good thing to get on talking about we should talk about some of our experiences out in the field. So our customers that we deal with and I’m not sure I think we we maybe not talk about customer names specifically just to protect the innocent but. But we have visited some customers this week where we had done some calibrations on some surveys some autoclaves got two big autoclaves that would do temperature uniformity surveys on these are surveys that are being performed to meet Boeing’s standards to meet the two aims 27 50 Rev e specifications Tulsa Calibrations .

Tulsa Calibrations  The surveys are done. We use 20 points. We basically lay out 20 thermocouples throughout this autoclave and and take measurements temperature measurements of 20 points inside of an autoclave once the thermal couples are all set up and in place we have our own designated chart recorder that we use just for the survey that will record all of the 20 channels through a certain time period. Once we get all the thermal couples located and improperly placed in the oven the furnace we close the door pressurize the autoclave and program the autoclave controller to program the temperature to run the specific recipe in temperature. And we then like I said monitor the thermal couples and record them per Boeing standards and aim as 20 some 50. And I know that’s a little bit about one of the surveys we did this week filling in some some wording here.

It sounds like it sounds like you’ve been doing a lot of calibrations in Tulsa Oklahoma this week. That’s what it sounds like. So I heard you say something about recipes and autoclaves So these do these autoclaves can you like push in raw cookie dough.

I like like chocolate can you bake chocolate cakes and these outclassing that done.

Tulsa Calibrations  I’ve not seen that done. In fact the processes I’m not sure what they’re doing. You know I heard the autoclave used to be for processing shoes. I mean surely if you can cook a shoe in here you can cook a cake. I want to take the cake. I don’t have any cake. Well we should get some cake. All I will get back on track I guess. Talking about Tulsa calibrations. Let’s see what else do we do this week. Went and checked out oh my goodness yes yes yes.

So did a bunch of temper surveys this week as a matter of fact did five of them that come to mind.

And you know you never quite know what you’re going to get a hold of from the last time you did a survey to the time that you just showed up.

You know you you expect it to be the exact same way you left it right. I mean you expect. Yeah. I think the customer wishes it was like that. It sure doesn’t seem like it though does it seems like there’s like little gremlins that live inside those furnaces.

Yeah and then just as soon as you leave they’re busy all week all week having parties calibrated and Tulsa Oklahoma churches and everything up making it difficult for when you come back.

So let’s see what else we’re talking about getting into some more electronic calibrations. So we’re going to we’re looking at different fluke gear looking at some pretty high tech.

Kind of an all in one multitask fluke system so that we can start calibrating desktop Fluke meters handheld flute meters. There’s

such a wide array that that’s pretty exciting because that’s coming right around the corner and we’re going to do and this is going to expand our calibration services in Tulsa Oklahoma you know and the more we expand that means the more of you all reach out to the more you guys are reaching out to us. And that just means the better we’re making in the calibration world for all of humanity.

That’s true. And it’s just this one piece of gear that we can we can really make a lot of people happy. We can spend many hours with this piece of equipment doing many calibrations and also for many customers whether it’s aerospace customers paper plastic industries medical industries all these different calibration industries. You know having this one piece of test equipment will allow us to you know make many many people in many industries very happy each day. And so I mean you know it makes me really happy too that we can that we can take their equipment and properly calibrate it and bring it into a specification that meets their needs and at the same time we’re just having a great time doing it. So you know I say we just keep promoting this business keep promoting Tulsa calibrations precision calibrations and Claremore And so people will know what they can bring the materials to us and their equipment to us and we can calibrate it.

So you know it’s Friday April 14th 2017 and you know just what happens if Billy-Bob down be B and.

I’ve got something at the last second dot com calls you on a Friday and is just backs against the wall and I need you there first thing Monday morning is that ever possible.

Is that something that I mean what would you do that if you could.

Yeah you know I’ll tell you what I think we would be the only ones that would do it and which is great because we just kill our competitors because we’re willing to do that.

You know and if if it’s on a Friday afternoon you know yeah everyone wants to get off work on Friday and enjoy the weekend.

And you know go camping and the weather is getting really nice here lately and so I know a lot of people want to get out and do these things and so but you know somebody gives you a call to Friday. What do you do. You know you you listen to their needs you valuate and listen to what they need. And if you know at the end of the day you know we’ll do it we’ll do it for them. You know it may cost them a little bit more money but you know that’s that’s not that’s not what’s important at the time it’s like they have a need and we have the ability to feel the need and. And we just go take care of it. Worry about payment later. Right.

That’s right. That’s right because you know quality is important. Customer relations are important relationships are important. So.

We’ll take care of you guys you guys take care of us everybody’s products going to be good. You know I want to talk about something kind of fun though. Some of them are more than Tulsa calibrations. All right. Know about it. I couldn’t help but notice that you were. You got.

You got a big long hot dog park next to you to your house. Well I sure do. They go red and white one. Look it look it looks awfully awfully tasty man. It did and it looks like you might be using quite a few precision handles. That must be working pretty accurately to get from from a to z. I know. I know you’re kind of in the stages right now. There is already a mess come along pretty good so I mean one has to be just all kind of precision tools you use to accomplish. This is amazing. Straight out of your bag. What’s the word on it. You know pimp my bus.

Right right right stepping out a little bit you know getting away from the lab and getting out on that bus you know and doing all this work on it. And you know it’s you know when you’re making measurements and you’re trying to put things together it’s important to just like anybody else. Man you’ve got to have the right. Correct. Right Tulsa Calibrations .

It’s got to be the right tools the right time. I think it stopped altogether. Look at 8:23.

Did you hit the spacebar.

Switching to another file while recording will cause recording to stop or are you sure you want to continue. I would say no I don’t want to do that. I think it must be. I think it must still be recording in the background we want it to continue.

Yes. Switching to another file recording with posts where are you sure you want to know. No so we are recording so that’s good. I

think we just keep talking about so you know I’m pretty excited and pretty stoked about the bust. I mean we’re going to have good times of that get out and do some camping and you know get out and the good old good old doors. Oklahoma in Tulsa Oklahoma Tulsa calibrations and enjoy some good times. Maybe get out there by a nice river or something you know enjoy it hanging out drinking beer.

So what kind of precision tools are you using out there. Because I know you’re working on that boss in Tulsa Oklahoma.

I don’t think I’m using any precision tools out there. I’ll be honest with you any and I’m afraid it is. I’m afraid that it’s just not.

It must be I suppose the the tape measure was probably is not a calibrated tape measure. You know I assumed that somebody calibrated at some point in its life. Did the manufacture or something. They were there a little time ago. That was saying that was tell us how much we got because we can. I think we’re there. Maybe we stop it. Why hit the space bar it’ll bring it back or something.

I’ll call on the big all right guys Willow we’re going to finish this podcast off by trying to calibrate ourselves here and make sure that our fingers don’t touch the wrong things anymore Tulsa Calibrations .