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All right everybody welcome back. We’re going to start our fifth podcast for today.

We are been talking about just general needs for the Tulsa calibration community.

Tulsa Calibrations And of course this is Travis with precision calibrations you guys can reach me at 9 1 8 6 1 9 3 5 2 5. You can e-mail me at Travis at precision calibrations dot com. You can send a carrier pigeon with a note tied to my address there on file. You can get that address at WDW dot persistent celebration’s dot com and you can click on the Contact Us page and while you’re there you could just go ahead and fill out the form and smoothed it in. But you know you could still get the address there it’s on Patti Page Boulevard or second Street.

They’ll both come to us Don’t worry about if your old school puts the page of your new school put second. You know what newschool old school carrier pigeon email form smokescreen whatever. Just make sure that we know to be looking out for the smokescreen you know we don’t want to miss and try to refrain from doing it at night. Heino guys we’ve had that happen before.

All right so. If you’re on this podcast or you’re on this Web site then you obviously have a calibration concern need want. Or. You just like me love calibrations calibrate myself to happiness day in and day out. Yes sir. Yes ma’am. And.

Well it’s all about precision isn’t it guys isn’t all about making sure that if you’re doing something that needs. An exact amount of film. Down to you know thousands of an inch that it’s within thousands of an inch. No more no less. Right.

If your engineer decided. That. You.

Could be. Plus or minus 5000 it’s.

Then that’s one thing. But if they said you need to be plus or minus 1000 and you’re out 5000 then you don’t get to just make the decision. All right let’s just move on. I mean that’s why we that’s why we’re here right guys with keeping our specs Specht keeping our keeping our and our planes safe keeping are keeping our women safe keeping our children safe keeping our elderly safe so they can enjoy their retirement that they’ve earned. You know we sometimes forget that we were taken care of and that we were raised and that we didn’t just just wake up and know how to do what we do.

You know and I think that’s unfortunate. You know right now we’re talking about precision calibrations I’m Travis we’re we’re serving the Tulsa calibrations community. I just having a couple of Torker today did me a couple of flow meters. I had a customer that’s got a inspection on Monday and yeah it’s Friday. I understand that but there’s a good customer. They’re very respectful.

And if I can make it happen I’ve made make it happen and you know so it’s a little late here it’s you know I’d like to be heading to to see mine to see my sweetheart. But you know I’ve got to take care of our customers. We’re going to do what they need.

You know it’s not just us and you know we got it done.

All I got older they got their certificates they’re ready for the inspector. Man inspector. Man you know so if you are in the Tulsa calibrations community looking for a no other option or a better option you know check us out up precision calibrations dot com. Check out our testimonials check out our feedback. You know check out our video. You know take a good look at our founder Nate Saylor great guy. Christian man. Great Father great boss great mentor quality integrity were quality integrity results quality integrity quality manager extremely resourceful and very creative.

You know it’s really somebody you want to have in your corner whenever you’ve got a problem and you’ve got to get stuff done.

And. It’s

a blessing to to all of us that’s a blessing to our customers. And if you’re in the Tulsa.

Calibrations community you know you really want to at least take a look at precision calibrations and you know throw those some hand tools out on those and pressure gauges that you know of the thermal work you got HMS 27 50 Ribby we’re experts at it. If you need to have something that 17 to accredited we are serious enough to 5:18 AB accredited. We have several things on our scope you could check that out at our Web site. Again as we read up precision calibrations dot com you can see our full scopes on there for credit ations on there we got to form there good wishes could Merry Christmas Happy Hanukkah. You know anything if you’re in Tulsa calibrations community you know and you just want to stop by and say and say hey was Travis name that’s fine too you know get to us. His job was on a line out there. So you know it’s precision calibrations dotcom and you can reach me on my cell directly at 9 1 8 6 1 9 3 5 2 5. And you know I was talking a little bit about these pressure tests. I was doing this new customer that we just took on a giant of a customer. And that’s all high pressure in there and there’s all kind of fittings and valves and ports and stuff and and it was just it was just such a blessing to see all the options you know now.

Now it’s now it’s as creative as we can get will be as as efficient as we can do these calibrations on this equipment every year when it needs done.

You know the first time was kind of slow and painful and methodical and stuff. But you know the more we do it and the more we put our mind to the connections and how we can use their source. And you know to pump up the pressure and put our calibrated sensitive equipment in line and and read our calibrated displays you know the sooner we can do that the more efficient we can be for the customer the more if the less time the gear is down. You know if if you’re in the Tulsa calibration community you know gear downtime is important you know if if if you’re like most people right now businesses started to pick up.

You know we got we were getting physical conservative government in order again. We’re not there by any stretch of imagination where we are talking about it talking about is the first step. Markets are rallying. Tulsa calibrations community is growing precision calibrations is here to support that growth.

We are ready to take on a larger workload and more client. So we are not going to be working 10 12 hours a week. We are prepared to continue the model that made us successful and has made us known in the Tulsa calibrations community and it has made us proud to be representing the of our good logo and name and and you know you know what they say man.

To in the hands better than three in the bush.

And also you know were referrals much much better than the saying hey were great. Come check us out. You know so I just say hey were great. Come check our website out and let our testimonials and the people that we work for that pay our paychecks. Let them tell you how great we are and you decide. But more importantly I mean give it you know. We can be plan B sometimes plan don’t work out. And by golly you need to see the plan B. And you get in the pants you need us to show you a little extra love a little little extra bend over backward to make a relationship happen. You know it’s not unheard of. We’re 20 year veterans of the United States Navy. We’ve lived out to sea for months on end without seeing our families. You know we we only have the we only have the men to our left and the women to our right and we only have the equipment we brought with us and what our helicopter can meet us with when it can meet us. And so so we understand that it is our job to get done that there’s a safe way to do it and that there’s resources that are at hand that can get that job done. And that’s the approach that we take to the count to the Tulsa calibrations community and that is why precision calibrations is just growing and growing and growing.

And and you know if you’re trying to get micrometers calibrated torque wrench is calibrated.

Pressure gauges low pressure inches of mercury inches of water PSII. If you’ve if you’ve got a thermal couple needs if you’ve got long thermometers with stems that you need calibrated if you’ve got flukes that are digital multimeters or thermal reading devices you need those calibrated. You know if you’ve got if you’ve got low resistance or. And I’m sorry if you have high resistance means we can do high resistance needs we can’t do low resistance needs right now at this time but we’re looking at that and that actually may be changing pretty quickly. But we can facilitate anything you know if you want a one stop shop. We only we we charge no profit whatsoever on third party pasters we charge just enough to cover the time that it requires to contact them and transport back and forth and that’s it. You know so we’d really just offer that as a service to our customers.