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So talking about doing precision calibrations around the Tulsa calibration area I’m Nate and I am here with Travis undertaker and we’re having of pushing up daisies pushing up daisies talking about Tosa calibrations.

That’s right. That’s right. Precision calibrations.

That’s it man.

Oh I think we were talking about doing some some circumference measurements and circumference measurements so we could do diameter times pi radius time I guess or square you guys are squared times 3.1 5:00 a.m..

That’s right. Our score times Pi.

Yes that’s it. See you got it.

Tell us the calibrations where you’re in. Yeah don’t worry Google gives us all the formulas we know how to follow them we just don’t remember them all which to many.

That’s right. We got that with Google. So what are we doing. We’re on number five. Yes. So we’re talking about SPI.

Is not to be confused with Tulsa calibration. What are those things guys where in Europe. Speedo’s Vito’s. We’re talking about what kind of Speedos. Speedos that keep the cops from being behind you.

The speedo ometer the speedo ometer. Not to be confused with a Speedo.

Yeah you’re right though about speedometer thing.

Although although I did I did get somebody called and they said that they put new tires or something on there and they same thing same thing changed the tire change the size of the tire changes the changes the speedometer and some judges have been known to throw out a ticket.

Oh yeah yeah. I’ve know this is an old school thing. Yeah yeah. You get them bigger tires on they’re going to go a lot faster. Probably might look kind of funny on a crown vic but you can give it a go here.

Right right.

We had another call from a guy that was looking to see if we could make adjustments to the ECM which is the like electronic control logic. Yeah he said. He said it’s becoming a really big thing for people using like swamp the swamp boats to fish and stuff.

But but they can’t they can’t idle and low enough apparently. So you just need something that would communicate with it that you can get in there and change the hard data I mean maybe. Yeah yeah. Because there’s probably just some variables that you could change right. So have to have some kind of a communicator or something. So that’s all this guy was wanting to do. He said Man it’s a it’s becoming a really big market where they’re at. So there are some other opportunities that you know a guy might be able to get into that he’s got to know what to do get there. Make it happen. We need to bring that to the Tulsa calibrations community. What do you think they’ll say. I don’t know. I think they’re going to say people who are fishing boats with a fan on the back of it would be like I don’t know that’s just doesn’t happen in Oklahoma. Not when there’s chop chop.

Yeah I think it’s over in Florida where this guy was from Probably there’s airboats all over Louisiana. He went and he wasn’t here locally in the Tulsa calibrations community.

No not in the Tull’s communicate not in the Tulsa calibration.

Hey everybody we’ve got our second caller to the podcast show. Well hello second caller to the podcast show you’re on line. How can we help you today. Well hold on let’s put you on speakers all over again in here. Who do we have on the phone here.


Are you going to do some calibrations calibrating.

I told you we’re podcasting we’re on the air you’re broadcasting to all of your followers.

Yeah welcome to the show Little T. Welcome to the show.

Yeah. Come on now.

What do you know about calibrations. You know what also calibrations.

Tell me one calibration you know about not all of them not everything just one thing. OK. All right. But what we don’t know everything and we need help to learn. We want to learn.

Please teach it teach us teach us. I.

Mean what kind of business offer would you like for that to calibrate it.

We will give you three jolly ranchers for one example.

Very tiny creatures.

That sounds like a heck of a business proposition. Yes I have said Jolly Ranchers. They are available in the Tulsa calibrations area right now I am at the radio station broadcasting my podcast and you’re starring in it right now.

So don’t be so don’t be cussing the FAA or get us.

About five 40 at about five sometime between 5:30 and 6:00 I can. Go now.

All right turn OK well that was I won’t be done with my meaning until five and then I have to drive it at 5 o’clock traffic. So it takes 30 minutes.

But your brother’s home if your mom will drop you off I can bring you back. Well that’s a bummer. Well that’s a bummer. Yeah. No I can’t not for and not for a little while sorry.


OK so how about we’ve had our second caller was this our second caller. You missed the first. Oh I did. You did you missed the first. Oh so you. I wasn’t here apparently.

No she was a beautiful beautiful first color.

Oh well you must know her personal long blonde hair. OK I think your dreaming quite spectacular. Yeah I was just talking about warheads and wellheads and double flanges and stuff I had no idea about. You must have been sleeping.

She builds boilers in a series and manholes. Hey by the way are manhole accessories.

OK. All right want to tell us more about that. So you should tell us more about manhole covers.

Well I know that there’s a lot of manhole covers in the Tulsa calibrations area.

And I know that they get heated up in the Tulsa calibrations area.

And I know that they have a lot of fancy welds for each one of the flanges and the way that the metals are joined together and they can have so much spacing between them and stuff we could.

I want to you want to get some information on it. We could get we could get the color back on the line of.

So is this color someone that would kind of keep the keep the content rolling. I think so yeah. I don’t know man. I don’t know you know this you know this color better than I do. I don’t know if that’s true. I can keep up with it. You just have to run the show. Hey listen I was on my way over here and I saw this big sign on the side of the highway that said something about I think it said Valin. With hiring. And one of the things one of the job positions that it said was a furnace operator.

So I thought hey we need you to hold them so we can do some Tulsa calibrations on their furnace calibrations. So we need to check that out.

Well we can’t have too many Tulsa calibrations or Also calibration surveys.

Yeah. So now I’m trying to look it up I think it is valid. I think Vallence said Valin be a and I think. So I have to. I’m going to have to look it up there is something like that in the Tulsa calibrations area it is it to be a Tulsa calibrations that precision calibrations can do. And I don’t see it’s not coming up on here. So here’s an Avalon. Maybe I did say that wrong. I don’t know. But it’s all natural gas producers.

Interesting interesting. Into silence does doesn’t create content though it does. You know that ball. I’m also here and I’ll talk about I need to calibrate the the vacuum on my truck. You

have a vacuum on your truck. Yeah. From my brakes. Oh I have a vacuum creator booster even.

And sometimes I have really great brakes and I’ve got no brakes. It’s not good. That’s all in the vacuum I can feel it.

Yeah that must be a little bit scary not to have brakes sometimes. Yeah it’s not good. It’s not good. It’s not good so I’ve learned that before I drive the truck.

You’ve got to let it warm up for five minutes really five minutes a big block means so it doesn’t develop enough vacuum right away that I have no that’s no that’s for more than just that.

But within five minutes it’s always warmed up runs good and a good brakes eventually take off and it soon sooner than that. I’ve had brake issues.

Interesting because I didn’t realize is that old school is that old school breaks. Oh yes. They got like a master cylinder and just oil go. Oh interesting old school man. OK.

Well I was going to vacuum straight off the engine and that’s kind of dangerous.

As I always have it.

Yeah take what you can get right now because this is what 1968 1968 back when it was good to be alive. That’s old school man I’d love to have been hip in the 60s the late 60s 68 could. Could you imagine being can you imagine being like a 25 year old in 1968.

And that’s that’s my love of my life. I love 68 through 72 vehicles. That’s my era that’s my that’s my that’s my jam.

I think we’re done. I think we’re going to move on. All right.