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Tulsa Calibrations  OK so we are on podcast number 12 I think we’re going to talk about some of the equipment that we will likely see and we’ll go over some of the different things that it does you know which is a common customer of ours as they have a multitude of different equipment that we see all over the place. A lot of our Tulsa calibration companies use these different types of equipment. So like one for instance is well they have all kind of different force gauges.

Tulsa Calibrations  That’s an. Array of different uses. So of force gauge you know when we’re doing calibrations for the most part they are either going to either going to hang weights from it and let them hang or they’re going to be compressed in one way or another. We use precision gram weights we have precision pound weights so that anytime we’re doing Taso precision calibration that’s using a force gauge for instance. We know exactly how much weight should should show us how much force on the force meter. So I mean there’s more to it than that. But that’s kind of a overview. Talking about that specific calibration. So let’s see another piece of gear that they have there would be.

So I was thinking about the force gauges and and there’s some good information that you know I could share. Talking about. You know what is force. Right. You know According to Newton’s second law force is defined as a mass undergoing we just going to wait on this and come back to it. No no he was talking about it. All right. That’s good.

So we’ll get all that we needed to get on this one but anyway so we get headphones now so I appreciate you fixing us once again and once again.

And when it shakes but also when we’re doing calibrations you know people call us to fix their problems. So you’re kind of our calibrator. You know everybody needs good quality and good quality control. We appreciate it. We appreciate it a lot. All right so where were we then. So you know take care and precision calibrations when we’re doing any kind of calibrations in Tulsa. You know if we need to call in the big guns and the experts and we were the first people to do it. That’s right. That’s right. Right. Will come in. Well we’re not going to we’re not going to fake it till we make it. We’re going to call on the right people and get the right education and college we’re going to give you some education right now on force Tulsa Calibrations .

Yeah you know I was just thinking about that. You know thankfully gravity is relatively constant you know here on the earth it’s for the most part you know kilogramme masses of Newton loads you know used to be interchanged in order to calibrate load cells or force measuring devices. You know even though kilogram is technically a unit of mass you know I’m saying Newton is technically a force. How about that. You ever think about it so. So you know the calibration methodology and the quality control we load cells are calibrated you know using either the alternative load applications you know such as precisely calibrated standards. You know the value or magnitude you know is another component called the vector you know and it’s you can see the effects of the direction of gravity.

So these are all things that you got to take into consideration when you’re doing a precision calibration in Tulsa Oklahoma. Calibration right.

Because when you use load cell believe it or not you always you know you always can see the effects of the direction of gravity right. You know you put it on there and you see what happens so you know if you’re if you’re measuring a pig you know for example snouts utilizing a load cell you know changing the load cell and then remeasure your pig.

And you’ll see so Sagan.

It all over the place yeah I’m jumping all like that’s why what I’m saying I know I have a good time.

How do you how do you calibrate how long the curly cue is on that day.

You know that’s a good question but the objective of the calibration you know is to provide an ideal output based upon the ideal situation way.

So if I have an idea curlicue of six and a half inches Tulsa Calibrations .

Yeah. In other words low cells are calibrated with such that if they’re calibrated You know in Virginia you know or they can be calibrated to the same results.

But you know Georgia or Georgia that’s correct or order. New

York. So I mean the quality or maybe even Boston Airport International sitting at the terminal make it all the terminal before you just wait on your plane because they overbooked your plane and they got it. They need to get for workers to maybe I don’t know let’s say Johnsonville Johnson tomorrow morning. And so what they do what do they do. Well they weren’t looking for calibration as calibration because they went right out to the plane and they just yanked that poor fellow by his hair. It looked like in just drug right on that plane I’m exaggerating a little bit but by golly that’s what it seems like our blood. That’s my perception that’s my reality. I think they need to get their self calibrated.

That’s all blood. But he looked like he looked like he was given he looked kind of like like the plane was water and he was like doing the back motion. You know he’s like What the what is at the back. The backstroke the backstroke all the way down. Did you see that. He was like you. Pull me down.

Get this. Right. Yeah I saw that. Calibrations precision calibrations in Claremore calibrations. But you know talking a little bit more about quality and Tulsa Calibrations .

Well if you’re going to check if you’re going to take the six inches of the curlicue you’re going to need a calibrated length measuring device that is what you would need.

That is your name.

I don’t want to I don’t want to miss out on. Because of the proximity of the measurements to the actual value because you never know somebody might come in this room right now and just grab you by your hair and you might have the backstroke out of the. That’s right. That’s right.

Yeah. They’re critical for these cells which is the mounting and you know the interface geometry. Yeah. What’s critical. So you know the lower cells and the high the standpoint of precision repeatability and accuracy repeatability is that something that you’re looking at when you’re when you check in for force gauge you know also you know wide load cells are designed to reject certain types.

Tulsa Calibrations  So how many it can all load cells in your hand.

Are there big loads that the little cells can make low carb so calibrated load cells what are what are some of the the standards that you personally know that that can be used for calibrating force games as we talked about wait’s and other force gauges load cells load cells.

That’s why it takes. That’s what it takes to answer these questions. That’s true. That is true.

So do you find that compression or extension for cells are more or more applicable and more common out in the workforce.

I would say the tension no compression. Tell you what it’s a 50 50 man. That is they do both. And hands down the best means by which to calibrate the Tulsa Calibrations  low cells to use the universal testing machine.

Well yeah but if you don’t have universal testing machine and you got some really good super accurate EF 1 or EF 0 weights and it requires lots of money to bring the capabilities you know in-house like that.

So well money’s just money.

You can you’ve got to spend money to make money and and everybody needs good quality calibrations in Tulsa.

Call the standards are important to have quality measurements quality standards are associated with you know getting your standards calibrated right and also training Tulsa Calibrations .

So speaking of standards and getting them calibrated do you get any of your standards calibrated in Tulsa Oklahoma.

We do all the standards are calibrated certified and traceable. To meet the most accurate. Are they all calibrated in Tulsa Oklahoma. There are calibrations in Tulsa Oklahoma No you can all your gear be calibrated in Oklahoma. I mean all of it can be calibrated. Tulsa Oklahoma. No not in Tulsa Oklahoma but you do do a lot of calibration on colorations in Tulsa Oklahoma. Yes. And you also do quite a few calibrations in Claremore Oklahoma.

I understand your calibration that is Greg Hasbrouck. So ask me how to sneezer water sand.

So let’s see how do you satisfy the quality requirements. You

know well it depends. Depends on who we’re talking about and how big how how big is the company what’s the need. Actually you know what the way to answer that question is what is the need.

That is true. It is was injured and what standards are you trying to meet. You know ASTM 7 5 7 4 20 some 50 you know do you have one. You have twenty five thousand pound load tester or just a five pound load tester.

Tulsa Calibrations  I only carry around a 5 gram load tester. OK. OK. Because I got a bad back. All right. Doctor told me not to lift anything over five grams. And he said I mean it gives me any lip about it that I just give them this paper that I don’t have. That’s right.

Hey so this is good. This has been podcast at number 12 13. We got to go to 2011. OK. So we’re we’re approaching the minute mark here and jog to a conclusion once again.

So do you have any calibration scheduled and also this this weekend.

So this weekend I don’t have any calibration schedule. This would be a good time to not calibrate not calibrate well so.

So what are you and what are you in the familiar doing this weekend. Well Tulsa Oklahoma.

So we’re going to be in Tulsa Oklahoma this weekend we’re going to be in Claremore Oklahoma doing Claremore. By the Claremore calibration lab.

Are you going to be working on that on that on that bad ass red hot dog. Yes. No. I’ll be helping Neysa move. Oh that’s right. All right well till next time we’ll just Tulsa Calibrations.