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All right so that’s exciting so I think what we’re saying is for Tulsa Calibrations and precision calibrations we are calibrating our way to happiness and talking about calibration things and so people that are listening to this get to listen to calibration talk. Because we are the calibration people talking about Oklahoma colorations and we were talking a little bit about micrometer calibrations and Calver and micrometer caliper comp colorations. But yeah so. So I think what I think here’s are here’s what’s going to happen is that we’re going to have some it’s all going to have to just kind of come together at the right time. So we’ve got to fill our pipeline with possible candidates people that can do micrometers and calipers and pressure gauges and indicators surface paint gauges surface plates that they are going to be ordering gauges been gauges or most. Of you want to get ourselves off of those gauges as Won’t be too happy with those.

Yeah they have to go. You’ve got to learn electronics without a lot of electronic calibrations coming around the corner. And our chart recorders are multi-strand Honeywell cart chart recorders have to be calibrated to the highest level of integrity.

So what do you think about doing group interviews matter are you know you want to do some group and group interview it up OK. All right. All right. None of that stuff bothers me. It’s just it’s just about the time. OK so listen start making these things. Put this plan together make it happen and I’ll support you know if I need to give you a day somewhere.

Tulsa Calibrations Somewhere there’s like a day that I can help you take care of this stuff that you good. Well I mean all you’ve got to do is look at the schedule. Yeah yeah yeah. Well you have to.

And you have to have a plan you know to make it happen which it sounds like something we’re talking about though it’s good because we didn’t get people in the pipeline for sure. So we’ll have to figure out a day that. I mean how what will we mystically what would be how often would you want to do interviews. I mean maybe twice a month every two weeks maybe. Or would it. Would you want to do it every week.

You’d think that would be a Friday thing. Fridays need to stop being used for anything to do with customers work.

Tulsa Calibrations I think that’s a great idea man if we can make that happen I think we have found that that it really crunches it. And we know if you start getting the mindset OK that’s an administrated thing if it can wait it’s going to wait till Friday. Yes as long as we can fit it in four days a week and then work well. I mean we can’t really utilize Friday as it is. That is true not only for small things right. Yeah. And we’ll continue to do that. But I mean it will. If at all possible. Or you could get to a point to where I guess I could come and take care of all the podcasting and everything. You think you could talk that much by. Oh sure I could I could take care of all the business aspect of everything if that’s all I was doing I could do I could do 100 percent right. Yeah that’s good. It’s different whenever you’re out drained and you go on a show and smile and then walk eight miles a day and it might be a stretch. But yeah you know it’s a long way out is if you’re out in the field work and then you come back and you’re mentally exhausted. I mean how I mean how active are you really going to be. It’s hard to change hats when you’ve done well no it’s not like you can be sitting out there in these noisy environments maybe setting a record or knowing that you’re just wasting your life. But it’s really hard to have any kind of critical thinking. I mean. Yes.

Money right. That’s right around the corner. So I.

But the truth is what we’re doing right now is the most important thing which is why not letting it slip. And I’m telling you right now I’m going to fall that place with more work and handle and I’m going to I’m going to make you be the one work until midnight. If you don’t help you hire somebody.

Tulsa Calibrations Well that sounds to me like I’ve turned right back around on you because now I’m saying you get somebody hired what I already had a couple of ideas I guess yeah. All of that brings me back to the point when I was at the market all because I think there were people that we have to look at are people that are going to build the customer though at some level. So it’s got to be somebody that’s going to be really we just we just changed that though. That’s not what we talked about initially. We about just having somebody else always. Yeah I was always we kind of talked about a lab person but I think we both know that that’s that could mean like I said amateur like you know those places where we have to go on site and take care of know what you’ve got to realize that was before long we’re going to be so much work that we’re going to need two or three people in just the lab.

Or or support in the field. You know both. Yeah. No I’m guaranteeing you that they’re going to need two or three people in the lab just to do hand tools and hand tools because I’m going really hard for as soon as my time is freed up I’m going to I’m going to focus hard on handles. Yeah so I mean it might be that we have a delivery service and the whole thing that way we can get stuff into the lab and we will have a cause I mean we will have a minimum wage delivery service can’t ever imagine having so much work like being sent to the lab. As Maybe it’s true maybe it’s true. So how long. So that’s right we give stuff to Tektronix and they have a back to us the next day because they are just so available.

Oh yeah they are. They’re bad really bad aren’t they. They don’t come across here right 10 days. So what you’re saying is there’s there’s plenty of work.

What I’m saying is I mean you’ve already spent one full day in the Tulsa calibrations community each. Calibrating a full day of items in the lab. And there’s still stuff in the lab. So that’s two full days of actually calibrating which of course if we were doing at all time that’s all we were doing we would we would cut those processes to be a no brainer. But it still wouldn’t be you know half that amount of time seems at times but a lot. But you see but what I’m saying though is it’s just about film fill in the pipeline with a couple of big. There’s all kinds of places around here that are like our customers that have complete quality programs. Dying for another option. They just don’t know how to find us. That’s true. So and they’re going to know how to find us here in the Tulsa colorations community and then they’ll know how to find us and the Oklahoma City Community and the Bixby community. And you have faith.

And I’ll get us there right on I believe you then I have to have faith. I think that’s why we’ve gotten this far because I believe in you and.

Also calibrations it’s going to happen spelled backwards is not Zieba Zeba.

Tulsa Calibrations So what I was thinking though when I was thinking a minute ago about you know committing to you know getting some people in the pipeline and then maybe bring in somebody on really soon was was the fact that you know that’s with that’s. There’s a little bit of a you know there’s a valid real balance there isn’t there. You know we’re like you don’t nestlé have all that work ready but you know it’s coming. So it’s like it’s a wise thing to do especially if you’re only got talking about it you know like say $15 an hour person or something you know because what is that. What is that for years. I like it. Thirty thousand. How much is that. Twenty eight thousand. I don’t know.

It’s got to be a business decision. Yes not a wise decision not an emotional decision as to be a business. Right and then right now and right now the business decision is without more hours available to work.

We’re going to have to turn down work and then and then not be able to keep up with current promises and then that’s the problem. Are going to be like Trace one and take you up. But we’ll never let that happen because we are precision precision collaborations here and also colorations and we still have a good 25 hours a week that we could that we could work right now. You and I could yeah but we’re not going to be able to invest. In the company that would just be in the company. So you know our customers are fine. We have our still available for our customers but we don’t know unless unless we’re going to grind and grind. That’s the difference. Tulsa Calibrations  The difference even if we grind it right now and put in much more hours and start and start beating on more doors. I mean what then are you what you want to be flooded first before you decide.

No I don’t. That’s why that’s why I’ve kind of decided just even today talking about getting the pipeline. If we find somebody it make it I think it makes sense I’d have to look closer at the numbers but it seems like we can take on another person even you know where and take on a field guy.

So because that’s a done that’s potentially a done deal.

So they we do a $15 an hour guys three three thousand six hundred a month or a year then. That makes. I think that’s very doable. Because we need to get these guys trained to. Bring people in man that can. How did you come up with that 15 times 2040.

Tulsa Calibrations So as 2040 hours an hour two thousand forty two thousand for a full time is 40 hours a year. Yeah but we’re going to we’re going to begin with 25 25 to 40 We’re going to guarantee 25 and we’re going to work on 40 if they’re willing to do the field and different stuff. Some 25 to 40 it’s temporary part time that will lead to full time. Yes. Yes we should go and I like this idea about having people shadow and so on. So on average I put 30. So you got 30 hours a week $15 an hour that’s $450 a week for weeks in a month with 12 months in a year that’s 20 $1600.

Yeah but you missed four. You missed four weeks on this four weeks. You said four times 12.

There’s 52 in a year 52 weeks in a year.

We’re just we’re talking about for making a decision. This number needs to be within 10000 to make the same decision.

Tulsa Calibrations OK. So that number is exactly right. What we’re saying is you’ve got to be more exact. Oh my goodness.

There’s no there’s no room for Bush was in the Senate 60. Is what 25 times to me.

So 15 so you send 450 a week times 52. 450 times 50. There’s only 26 pay periods.

True but you’re going to be all that we need to be. So it’s like 23 Mt. 23:4. Yeah. Twenty four. So that would be like a part time person that you’d guarantee him that much that’s pretty cheap.

Well 23000 Yeah. Yeah. So we just have to put the numbers together to make sure it makes sense.

But we’re going to get a lot more work and that’s why there’s a little bit of a gamble. But. You’ve got to allow for that allow for no gamble. There was a business decision based off numbers but there’s always a little bit of risk that you have to take right because the guys that the guys that take the chance sometimes are the ones that are that pay the most the most right pays off the most sometimes don’t you.

That’s typically that’s typically how it goes you got to he risks it is he who reaps it. Yeah. So I think that’s what that’s how I feel about right. But we look at numbers numbers matter. It’s a very you have a risk mitigation is optimal you know. And Tulsa Calibrations.