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Tulsa Calibrations : Big Decisions

So we’re talking about precision calibrations Tulsa calibrations doing great calibrations giving great calibration services to a lot of great people in the Tulsa calibration area. And so we’re glad that somebody wants to listen or read this although we’re kind of hoping that maybe nobody will read this because we’re just kind of goofing off a little bit putting words out there trying to build the Web site get to get great content talk calibrations talk about Tulsa calibrations talk about all kinds of calibrations. We are the calibration services provider for the Tulsa Oklahoma calibrations community and we’re here with. With Bob Billy Bob Travis over here. Why is you must. I must just not talk as loud. I’ve got to be more active louder working.

We’re both recording on the same channel. No I guess. No I’m telling you it’s both being recorded.

See look I turned you down. Talk and do your thing. See look.

No thing. All right. Let’s get the calibrations. So we’re physically talking on two different channels on the hardware but the software that is physically recording is all on one channel and we are seeing the results of what’s being recorded not what’s being captured. So we are both on the same channel of what you visualize.

Yeah right. Yeah I believe it can also colourations goes out one and so and it goes there goes one channel and then puts it on two. Yeah. Same thing. It’s all good. What’s that say.

What I am. I’m the one that set it up I said well you know the one I know they’re both recording on the same channel.

Yeah they are. I wanted one right.

It was also calibrations on one man right here when they put you on mano to citizens.

Garlett mano one. And then two. So we’re on one. That is correct. That is correct. That’s correct. But it’s merging both the words on the one I know and you’re seeing you’re seeing the Tulsa calibrations visual calibrated view of both channels being mixed onto both.

Bravo and to input one. Yeah that sounds about right man and we’re doing it.

We’ve got one more podcast today and then we’re off to a great weekend. Great weather too.

I think I heard oh yes real nice tomorrow but right now we’re in here. So so.

So here in the Tulsa calibrations community you’ve gone from not really known if you want to hire one person to now want to hire two.

It is. It is because I see that that’s we’re right.

But I’ve been telling you that for how long. Well I don’t know I guess I’m a little slow. I I have to start sending you smoke signals. Maybe.

But we are where we are and these are big decisions and it makes me nervous. I think it is only ok when play reinforces what I say. Well I don’t know. I know you’ve been saying we need to do this and needed but no one’s What those collaborations. I don’t know if it’s any one person’s fault. I don’t think it’s I don’t. Think it’s a I it’s the group at fault. Are you kidding there is no fault look at where we’re at. Yeah exactly. Well that’s good that’s good recovery man. Don’t you know it is no fault.

It’s all about the perspective. My perspective is from a is from a prospering perspective so my perspective is good.

It’s all in the right timing man. It’s got to be right at the right time.

Now I got to know it’s kind of like being on the Dallas Cowboys I got Jerry Jones the owner poking me on one and one on one side telling me to do this do this do this one on the other side won’t want won’t decide if he wants to or not.

OK I get it. I understand. So we’re going to start beating up on it because I’m just teasing. OK. So let’s one of your calibrations is doing a lot of calibrations and we’re doing a lot more calibrations than we were doing last week. Yeah we are.

So a week before you know rowing you know we we do such fine work that we have we have fine companies out of Kansas City Missouri call us up to drive four hours to calibrate just one tear tester. That’s that’s incredible. Incredible reputation there’s calibration companies in Kansas City just right down the road.

You know there’s got to be oh you know it you know it.

But the integrity and and and professionalism and quality of work and costs that they receive from the Tulsa calibrations community service by precision calibrations is so astronomical that they prefer the extra cost that it costs to get out there you know because we’ve got to we got to eat and we’ve got to drive and vehicles aren’t free. So you know it’s a little bit more cost to drive all the way to Kansas City.

It’s a long ways but we need to make sure and send them off on e-mail to get our review. We think his name was Larry one that Sean Sean. OK that’s good idea. I’m so good with names here. I am a calibrations name pro named pro Hey so looks like we got some working to do some work this month to do down south of Oklahoma City.

That’s a pretty good haul. Hey it’s not too far from that huge mall. Did you guys stop by there when you went to. No you didn’t did that. Not the mall or the casino south of Oklahoma City.

Oh you were. Oh yeah. Did you see Laurel casino.

Did you go by there. No you didn’t. OK. So that’s that’s down that direction my boy went with me. OK.

Ardmore or words that I wonder I think he’s actually been there. Oh oh oh I’ve been by there several times. I’ve never gone in now. I think you went to the roofing place that we’re going to down there to have.

Oh yeah yeah yeah. They’ve got a bunch of scales that suck.

The day you know.

OK. Oh that one’s in Texas. That one’s in Texas. The one in Oklahoma has just got one though lab area and it’s got like a micrometer and a good old tents no.

I love this is this I think is the job that you borrowed my trailer for.

I don’t know when you went to pick up Nikki is that right. No toxic elevations. Well I don’t know maybe because you are just getting close to that point to Dallas right. Yeah I don’t remember now for sure which where it was.

I’m not positive.

I’ve been here a lot but I was just looking at that and seeing. And then we got an Oklahoma City visit next week I think at a customer there right. And they said you were thinking you might be able handle it. But now he’s asked for us to take a look at one of his furnaces to do a controller troubleshoot a controller or something.

I don’t know what is going on. And we get more information than that maybe any more we need to start getting more information. We need to start we need to be going more prepared. Yeah. Yeah well in this case where you got it. Yeah. Got a lot of times the customers just don’t know what kind of person we really need.

He just says he thinks he’s got a controller problem. Tulsa calibrations and that’s H.E. 900 Honeywill.

Oh stuff.

Oh are we going have to call him the heavy hitter the logic man.

Oh that’s not on that’s you know I heard yeah that’s the it’s you know 100 the first 900. The second one from the end.

Yeah. And I don’t know what’s going on. Who knows it could be the one to get the guy asked about going down by Larry’s office. Yeah could be a gas valve it could be all kinds of things you know I guess the calibration mission gave more information is would be helpful though wouldn’t it. It’s good to know that we service all this stuff in the Tulsa calibrations area. A lot of people don’t know the precision calibrations does maintenance type stuff and troubleshooting that you know you just don’t think of a calibration company doing that. But I really enjoy that especially in the Taso calibrations area.

Yeah body coat there are well great customer right. You know had a couple of opportunities like once and one twice in one day and I like those jobs. US calibrations I go when I’m fixing them up. We do. Yeah.

Yeah that is. That is a service that we offer that will be on our Web site eventually. That’s true it’s really not they’re not in a good fashion. Not there at all. We don’t have a we need to have a troubleshooting server that is that is a terrific idea. So that’s the tablet when we need the troubleshooting service. OK. And custom projects service troubleshooting. Good man.

Tulsa colorations Tulsa calibrations doing preventive maintenance. Now I don’t know see that’s the thing. It’s electronics but people need to know that people need to know that they won’t even think to ask us because all we’re advertising is calibration electronic troubleshooting mechanical electrical troubleshooting I think is probably would be a good big big word items to focus on you know because I mean maintenance install I can’t imagine it having so much content about maintenance that you could get up on the list. But no no no we need to add a tab to our Web site. OK.

The web so that people can click on it and see that we do troubleshooting on different things. We should. OK we should make a list of all kinds of different furnaces that we do and all kinds of different components that we that we are familiar with them and we should we should we should add that as a content as a page on the Web site.

Yeah that’s a good idea man. So we’ll do some searching to find a similar. Page. Yeah. So what else did I say though. Trouble shooting electrical and mechanical but there’s something else.

And then the components and stuff you said that. But that’s yeah ok afterwards. OK. So you still think like some tab.

Yeah yeah.

Saying that’s a bad name you know say the same tab it has because it’s tab name would be just something simple like. Right it would be like what would it trouble shooting trouble shooting. That’s one thing and then you click on it and then it and then bam it has electrical mechanical. OK. That’s what I’m thinking pneumatic. Yes we’ll see. Trouble shooting. You know 27 50 stuff. Ladder logic ladder logic stuff you know even though I don’t know. I think maybe even playing up the plane up the same as some 50 lot better on the Web site too. Like have a tab on there that basically shows this is a really awesome picture of calibration surveys and different things you know like because you know there’s people out there that need furnaces done and surveyed and all that kind of stuff so I’ll put an agenda item that troubleshoot the content to put together for a troubleshooting time. Sweet man. And then I think I to say I was going to come up with the content. I said I was going to write it on the board.

Oh right right the board OK go out. That’s a good start.

You’ve got to somehow write it on the board man if it ain’t on the board it’s not going to happen and I’m going to assign it to you and you can send it to me.

Yeah ok. I’m good at this. I’m good at that. And as long as I got to for as long as I’ve got a full board of stuff to do. I know that somebody else is going to take care of everything else.

So keep the keep the board full. That’s how productive it’ll be when we can do that kind of stuff.

Full time. Well I think that I think that’s the direction you’re pushing me to. I just got to get to get some more support in the film and to do some calibration. And yeah but.

Yeah. Also collaborations Tulsa calibrations doing collaborations loves you and your family