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Yeah. So anyway I continued on about the bus story.

Tulsa Calibrations So so we’re start so this is the start of podcast number 15. It is. So let’s continue with the bus. So you walk up the steps we turn left now we’re looking straight at the bus. That’s right. So we’re looking at the bus.

You were looking to the left and you got the bedroom the see the bed and the night stands on each side and so you know it is a bus there’s not a whole lot more. I don’t know what was going on on the walls and stuff I’m not decorating it. Personally my my wife will be decorating it so I don’t know for sure what all is going to be. What

else are you going to see there you know.

Tulsa Calibrations Sort of what that’s about. Yeah that’s about it man on the left side. You know that’s about it. All right so let’s get right back up so. So what do you got in mind for these nightstands. What are you what are you picturing. You know kind of detail is I mean is there one drawers or two doors is it going to pull out of that just going to be a door that is sure to be honest. Let’s think it through.

I can never forget how much space I have there now so I’m not sure what all we can do with it. With the space that’s allotted right there. Let’s assume there’s nine inches. Yeah. There’s not many. You know not much of a cabinet. I guess our hope would be to find maybe a cabinet or something I’m trying not to have to build every detail of everything in there if we can buy cabinets that are already put together and stuff that are fit and that work too well.

It sounds like you’re going to need some calibrated equipment. It sounds like you might want to get a hold of precision calibrations at a Claremore Oklahoma. They also work in Tulsa Oklahoma. So they also do calibrations. Did You Know That. Yeah. In Oklahoma colorations and Oklahoma elevations or Tulsa colorations I heard I read an article that they wanted to get into volcano calibrations they want to make sure that all the volcanoes are starting to erupt properly. They’re out of there. How did you hear that. I mean that’s pretty amazing.

Tulsa Calibrations Well I know that if they’re out of college and somebody has got to take care of that business and so present calibrations is in the calibration business. And so if volcanoes it calibrated that will calibrate volcanoes.

But I think it’s a.. I think it is empty. I think the volcano is empty. And I think that we probably will. I don’t know might be good reason to go down to Hawaii and you know have a little vacation while I celebrate. You know why have you got an overwise. I I’ve not been there yet. I need to get it out.

I’ve been to Honolulu and I can tell you Honolulu’s not worth doing anything but stopping and don’t waste your time don’t waste your breath. Don’t spend any money there. You fly in and you get on a plane and you go to one of the other islands. OK. It’s just too. It’s just not. It’s too if you want to go to Honolulu just jump on a $65 flight and fly out to Vegas and walk up and down the strip. OK. Just without all the casinos and the casino I think but it’s the exact same mentality it’s the exact same people hustling bustling. Is it is it is it it’s only one Boulevard that’s popular. The beach is crazy overcrowded beautiful but crazy overcrowded. Yeah you don’t want to go to Honolulu. Oh I mean you want to go to Honolulu just to walk through it. Check out the international airport in Honolulu. So what I did was I fly in to Honolulu and I’ll stay at night. And then I will get an early flight out the next day. So in one evening you can do whatever you want. Honolulu be glad that you listen to Travis and some Tulsa colourations. You know in Honolulu on the big island of a small plane can jump over the other islands and then really get to enjoy Hawaii. That’s right. The big island of Hawaii has all four major seasons on the island at all times not seasons. That’s not the right word. Geographic they have desert. Yeah they have a desert. They got rain forest. Wow. They have.

Tulsa Calibrations One or the other two. They got a lava flow that’s nothing. Oh so that’s one started it was all the love of what you see the road. That’s right. Yeah. Wet dry hot cold. I guess those are either four things. Yeah but they really have a rain forest on one side and a desert where all the lava took everything out. You know they have having ice caps or anything. No no no no no. That’s one of them. One of the highest astrological. Research facilities is and that is on the top of the mountain on the big island of Hawaii. Unfortunately the whole time I was there the weather was too bad and you couldn’t see Texas but it does have ice that’s a freak. It’s a splinter in the No.

Yes. Yes. I mean I cut my. I know I cut it but I didn’t realize it. Yeah

there’s a spinner in there. It sounds like you need to like Grover. Sounds like you need to calibrate. Probably

your life your your private coverage for that. And cut this thing open. It’s all sealed up. But you’re going to want to make sure and do that with Tulsa calibrations. See I thought I had another one right here. And then yesterday when it was all kind of healed over but it was white. And yet I know there’s something in there so yes I went to a lab and got to the razor and cut all that open right there to try to get it out.

Now I don’t think anything out but it doesn’t hurt as bad. Are you OK are you Captain.

Well I well I plead the Fifth.

Yeah. That’s that’s a trip to get that out of there that’s crazy. It’s weird how it grew over and it hurt like this one though I just did it and it was hurting like crazy. That’s why I broke it open like try to get it out. So it was like hurt and stuff. But anyway I guess it’s going to be OK probably now but it’s going to be calibrating.

All right. So I want to hear more about the closet. You didn’t get very detailed plan. I just you know there’s just not a whole lot say about the closet and I don’t know.

There’s a lot of stuff to say how the door is going to open. How are they going to close is it going to be a mirror on the door. I’m going to be the shells and there’s it just give me a bra that you have. What are you going to use what color is it going to be.

Tulsa Calibrations What color would you like it to be. These are all good questions. And it’s a lot of value added to you know our time spent here. You know absolutely just you know ask me the questions that I don’t really know the answer to. So just make up some answers. Well OK. So you want the closet to be orange. OK.

So I think the closet I think it should be re gay looking you know like yeah you know some piece of hippies and we can get a what’s it called not a humidifier horde of cigars.

Yeah what told us that I want to have a big I want to have a curly hair wig and wear the vest you know and the like Afro wig were the best.

The leather vest and see what we need to do better. Yeah yeah. Oh it’s a big big sunglasses and stuff. Yes so you know you know Hillary.

You know what else we should design some special pontoons that we can put right underneath the van right on the bus and then we can drive the bus right on the lake and then we lose the boat ride up to the bus and then we’ll just we’ll just go on Long Lake trips and we can just sleep on the water and go skiing. It can be like water works and when people come up to try to steal our dry land we just punch them in the face.

They’ll be a lot of fun. I get that they got their pontoons.

We had experience that would be you know it would take some calibrated tools to accomplish that. I think he might slip off one side or the other.

Well I know some Tulsa calibrations can be that can happen right here in Tulsa and over in Claremore colorations. And I know where that could happen.

What kind of tools do you think you would need to calibrate some pontoons and put them underneath a big bus.

I don’t know maybe some gauge calibrations or pressure calibration maybe maybe some laser level color or calibrations.

Yeah you’re probably going to have to secure it was in bolts to be very important that those bolts are calibrated to the proper calibration specification.

That is true. And if you use that name as Tauri 750 to do the heat treating on those items then yeah you get the bolts I don’t want tempered bolts on my pontoon. Not if there are no trees here locally.

OK. Gotcha.

Well I just don’t think I want tempered bolts and I got one great eight miles.

OK. So great it is better gult better than a great a well tempered means it’s softer.

Tulsa Calibrations Oh I don’t know I don’t want my bolts to break. OK I want I want my pontoons to snap off of my bolts as they stand and yeah that’s what I want yeah That’s what we need. That’s what we’re trying to achieve here and to also read calibrations.

We don’t want to bust in at the bottom of Lake Mawhinney the bus on the pontoons where we can stay dry.

Well that’s why we got a really good calibration techniques to make sure that the pontoons are strong enough to hold up to the Grade 8 bolts so the bolts don’t rip out of the pontoons because that would be terrible. Yeah.

And there’s a lot of calibrations you know there’s something else you were talking about earlier and it just made me start thinking about power consumption in that van and that bus was in a band but I mean a bus yeah. It’s definitely a bus you know. I mean I just I just picture you know you’re going to have like a like a smoke machine and then light laser lights all over the place. Some of those squares that light up on the floor and have that little dancing game that comes on. How have you have you some big ass speakers and then that fold outside inside. Now that sounds like a lot of power consumption what kind of power calibrating could you do in there. I

Tulsa Calibrations don’t know. I think you could do some waveform calibrations possibly some peak to peak calibration maybe AC DC you know calibrations of resistance calibrations. There were a couple calibrations. It’s probably a lot of calibration like it happened right there right there in Tulsa calibrations. But power consumption shouldn’t be too big of a problem where I always hear you’re up and just going to hook up to the local AC at the park there. But but we also have 16000 kilowatt generators so.

Her aside about 16000 sixteen thousand KW. But yeah.

So it’s we’ve got plenty of juice made for that little diesel up and we’ll be kicking the party down right there in the right there the hood you know and the good times good times good programs on the bus doing some calibrations.

That’s from Karen. It’s me. Oh yeah. So which part of it I was going to last through on gasoline.

I want to watch that. Yeah.

We’re becoming popular guys we already got groupies that are going to watch our podcasting. That’s good for her. Actually I can help her out.

Tulsa Calibrations I can help her get the video for. All right so here we are.

I know you could just FaceTime or and then really embarrass the shit out of me. OK. Yeah no you don’t you don’t. To do that. Yeah.

Now she might not be ready for that yet. Hey what time is this one over. Fifty two even for