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So what happens whenever they oh I’m sorry everybody this is Travis oh this is Nate we’re here with precision calibrations talking about the calibration world again and we were talking on podcast number 17 about our calibrated Taso calibration BS. And Nate was just talking to us about what happens once the bees get penetrated and penetrated. They get because they are calibrated because of the toxicology. Because you describe to me a minute ago that you were wearing a suit that apparently is not a very good idea when you’re behind you. I’ve got a video Tulsa Calibrations.

OK so we got a video that we’re going to have to check out the video here at some point so we can all appreciate that.

But I know that you put a half suit on and that’s because the full suit makes you really hot.

So true.

So for that reason you decided you do. Do I have suit.

So with the suit.

Now you have the ability to be half covered with the suit so this suit covers half of you.

That’s right it’s called the house suit. That’s correct. OK so that makes a lot of sense I think for me and I think I think the other people listening and it’s a calibrated have sued out of Tulsa calibrations most people could understand that a suit is going to probably cover about half of you.

And so what that does it keeps the bees off of you right. So

the bees don’t come in and sting you so cause the became pissed off right when you get in the beehive and start Degenhardt pull things out once they’re comfortable with you that you’ll become part of their language you’ll feel.


Tulsa Calibrations So you know so with this suit now you’re wearing a got this ability to keep them off of your upper body and you’ve got a hat on or something they’ll think over your eyes and all that you’re tearing this beehive out. Yeah. A little later your way right. In this beehive up on these bees are getting a little excited and they’re thinking OK what’s going on here.

But you have got your half suit on and so when you got the have Sudani and we penetrated smo And so now you’ve penetrated with smoke and these penetrated these are now because they’re being penetrated by smoke now they’re going to come after you and they want to. That’s actually kind of true but not quite you know what. Tell me what even though it doesn’t matter.

I’m just telling what you think and then on the line a little bit. Well OK I’ll tell you what I think is I think Mary had a little.

I am so so you know. So if you think about a hive full mature hive has up to 60000 mature bees in it. My high right now is at least 75 80 percent mature. So I’m dealing with 40 plus thousand bees at a minimum. Right. So if you think about it it’s pretty miraculous that I tore the entire hive apart and only got stung by a bee and I’m a betting man that that be that stung me. Came home during the process and it penetrated by smoke. OK so what you’re saying is the ones that don’t get penetrated are the ones that were probably out in the field and they’re out getting their pollen coming back to seduce them honey making. So here you are standing there.

They have no idea what’s going on. They have not got penetrated by the smoke.

They didn’t realize that you were standing there with this suit on this half suit. Can. These guys are just thinking of what is going on here. This is my high.

This guy is all jacked up.

Look at the suit and so he’s pretty aggressive about it. He’s never been tried by smoke.

That’s right. That’s right. It’s because like Sasquatch walking up to your house and just ripping your roof off and having a peek.

Tulsa Calibrations OK. So and then not only that but but but they actually pick up your bed with you in it and just look around what would you do. OK.

So I don’t know. So I mean if Sasquatch was really the top of my roof off I would probably if I was in my car I don’t know I might throw some some beef jerky at him or something and see if he would.

So that’s why I threw smoke on him. OK so you throw the smoke at the bees OK you’re not the beef jerky.

But smoke just smoke releases a natural response from the bees and they immediately go and they don’t open up their brood because they would be killing their young of course but they go and they open up their well their honeypots OK and they start eating as much as their little honey bellies can eat and every bee and gorges itself until it’s drunk on honey and then it surrounds the queen one by one after they’ve ate all their honey and they create a ball from the inside out and they just wait for fire. Come hell or high water they’re all. Nobody’s leaving. And so flame is there. And then usually lose the whole hive because they’re too stupid to get out before the flame. But that the thing is they have to take as much supplies with them because they know it’s got to be a long time before they eat. If they have to abandon their hive babies also have a natural instinct that if they abandon their hive just like an uncalibrated tool of Tulsa calibrations the chances of their survival are the chances of that tool producing a good product because it’s uncalibrated is not going right. So

we wait until the last minute to abandon OK because the color management system has to be in place for the certification of these quality calibration equipment.

When you do it in Tulsa calibration that’s right you can think of the Queen as the quality manager which keeps them in place for quality management system is pheromones. So correct instrument measurements are based on a GUI that is happy it has good soldiers. Absolutely. OK. That’s important then that is very important. Her pheromone says it all. Know you can tell if you got a happy hire that has taken ownership of the hive. How do you how do you do it. And is comfortable. How do you do it. You walk up to it and you smack it. OK. I like that. And you should hear any immediate. News OK for three to five seconds. OK. Strong just. No more no less three five seconds.

That’s the bees saying hey this is our house. OK. Don’t bother us we’re not going nowhere. We’re hunkered down here. We love its ownership. We own it right now if you walk up to a beehive and you hit it and you only hear well that’s a beehive saying hey we don’t really care what you do out there yeah we’re in here but we’re leaving anyway.

So take your time. It so we should keep this right. And I guess people don’t know I said something that might get in this they’ll maybe just misspell it. It’s all good. Well that was a it was a yukking bad problem. Yeah that’s a good idea.

Tulsa Calibrations It had to be a story man. You know I’m glad that we can spend a little bit of time being educated on the honeybees because I was thinking when you said the honeybees got the smoke. They were they they were. What was the word you use now they were distracted. No they were they were moved or no there was a word but I know that that must be calibrated smoke. And so you know like we were talking calibrations calibrated smell like. Like volcano calibrations or torque wrench calibrations. These are all things that have been calibrated.

Absolutely. You know it just it feels good. Haven’t calibrated BS. Knowing that I’m part of that also calibration circuit because you know calibrated gets you calibrated honey calibrated me made for me.

So it’s made it’s made in Sumeet is what is what you get from Mitanni wind. OK. Oh that’s right. The winds the byproduct. Are you going to make some wind this summer. Well I don’t know. I’m going to ride like heck. You are going to try it though you have to do it as I should have done honey. OK. OK. It’s good because you need to do some kind of well kind of calibrations do you think.

I have to think about while making mead calibrations you know this topic. I love this topic calibration or just you know just really the greatest thing and calibrate our self to happiness. And so when you’re certified to do calibrations you know to ISO 4:43 accreditations you know you’re qualified to do proper calibrations and it’s going be important to do proper calibrations on these bees so we get some good honey that comes out of them right we want to enjoy some need.

Tulsa Calibrations Speaking of proper calibrations I’m I’m currently doing. Doing me some some proper calibrations on on my new flourishing relationship. OK. I’m using nothing but the but the most accurate precision instruments known to man that are that are a known that are. Don’t let anything get out of calibration. He never credited. And nothing nothing goes into that pot without without being fully thought through and calibrated to the utmost standards.

And you’ve got to find yourself in a lot of trouble if something gets out of Cal in that situation.

Well it’s a good thing that we have a strong quality control system. Yeah that is good because. Precision calibrations does some of the best calibrations that money can buy. Not only do you get a quality product because I do know there’s other calibrating companies out here that can give good quality products as well.

But we come with 20 years of military service. We come with 20 years of military integrity and I know a lot of America doesn’t never been in the service less than 1 percent of us have but we all know it’s a system you’re not just taught a job you’re taught a way of life and we’ve brought that way of life to our calibrating company into our calibrating world and if you are a customer and you become part of our Tulsa calibration calibrating family and it’s important to us that every member of our family has always calibrated and operating properly because you just never know when that flat tire might come down and you need to be ready to just jack it up throw a new one on and know you’re ready to go if you’re not you know stay calibrated.

You can’t do that especially in Tulsa calibrations unless you have some burns calibrations or other calibrations because these furnace colorations every calibrations you don’t use after to aiming towards a 50 or Boeing or other aerospace calibrations. And so you know with with those calibrations you’re you’re you know that you’re going to be calibrated so calibrations are going to be good to be calibrated. And I think we’ve just about got another one done here today.

Well we’ve got 30 seconds or so left to talk about a machinist mate.

Calibrated two sets. I like the ones who just push the button and let go. OK. But you’re right. I think they use us for roughing sometimes OK like some kind of pneumatic calibration item. Yeah. OK.

You know which we can do because sometimes just sometimes you’ve got to you’ve got to make material for a new roof. We can do pressure calibration You know sometimes you do sometimes you don’t. But if you are making rough products it’s probably important that you get your products calibrated at Tulsa calibrations. Don’t you think so. I think that if we do get some calibrations that it should be in Tulsa calibrations. I mean if it’s not and also colorations Where is it going to be more calibrations maybe or Oklahoma calibration Wasow colorations Yeah exactly broken arrow calibration also calibration miscall calibrations