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All right. Hello everybody what’s going on.

This is the start of podcast number four. For the day.

It’s April it’s late April it’s cold it’s almost May it feels like it’s early April but it’s not you know so Taso calibration community precision calibrations.

You know when the weather changes like this a lot of electronics change they drift the resistance inside the resistors actually physically change their own values and those components change when it’s colder outside. There’s there’s more resistance going in the resistors and so they drop more voltage and so values change. And then whenever it’s hotter outside the resistors are hotter and the material that they’re made out of is hotter and they and they conduct electricity better and they resist it because they resist devalues lower and the values drift. So you know when we’re having swings from day to night you and you’re doing critical measurements you need to keep that in mind. Again this is travels with precision calibrations we’re talking about Tulsa calibrations community and you know I see a drift. You know one degrees not uncommon. It’s not unheard of.

Now the way you can combat that drift though of course is if you use a M.B.A. signal you know those 4.20 signals they don’t really they’re they’re not they’re not really temperature dependent. They don’t really drift because of temperature.

Not to say that they wouldn’t do that they couldn’t or anything like that so that doesn’t seem right here does it. Thirty one for the theory.

Interesting. That’s all right. We’ll figure it out I guess.

So. This Del.

All right. So I’m not sure what happened so or how long we’ve been. So we’re just going to just. I’ll just keep talking. And this just want to be long and they can fix it. So anyway I don’t remember what we were talking about but also calibrations although we’re talking about the weather changing. So you know it’s not uncommon. You know talking about also calibration community that we can all be calibrating some Honeywell controllers you know a lot of times the you know they might have one to ten different zones in on with 10 different controllers running logic controllers you know on the 900 or something and they might have electronic offsets in there. You got to go look at the program and check it out.

You know but it’s not uncommon to go calibrate in January and be spot on and then go back and calibrate it and say three months from then. So what is that march.

And the weather’s changed drastically from January to March and it be you know a degree a degree and a half off.

You know that’s that’s just not that uncommon. So.


It doesn’t surprise me that right now as we are. Going through this cold temperature change that you know a lot of a lot of critical critical critical instruments are changing right now. So you know we’re talking about also calibrations community and I just wanted to throw that out some food for thought for you to keep in mind just in case you know you maybe you’re having some problems with some equipment right now. Things aren’t aren’t panning out quite right.

If you got your stuff calibrated in the evening times and it’s a certain temperature and it’s critical then you should only use it in the evening times on that same temperature. You know you’ve got to think about that. People don’t. People under estimate how much thermal expansion changes critical measurements.

It’s it’s crazy.

But there’s a lot of it.

So it’s you’ve got to do it but you know you might not have anything critical you might be making brake pads you know brake pads aren’t aren’t so critical that the equipment is going to change from temperature temperature you know. So you’ve got to use your judgment you’ve got to use your sense you know. But if you got something that you want calibrated and you want us to look at it now we can tell you what the manufacturer thinks it should be and then you can tell us how good it needs to be for your processes and we make it happen.

I mean that’s just how it is. I mean that’s for and calibrations for you. You know we just we just rock it out.

And. And if it’s if it’s broke we’ll let you know if it’s not broke and we can fix it we’ll let you know that too.

You can ask. Any of our clients I wouldn’t.

I wouldn’t cherry pick a client if you wanted to go talk to somebody. I’d open my portfolio and let you pick a name and give me the number and let you go ask them about us.

You know we were highly referred were highly recommended which is the same thing I know but we take pride in that.

And you know whenever we put a sticker on something we know it’s good. And we know it’s going to last for you we know it’s right. And. You know we don’t cut corners. We’re more than willing to walk through any calibration process that we’re following or that we’re using. We are 4:43 a Gnab accredited. We have several items on our scope that we can check all those documents out on precision calibrations dot com. You can see several testimonials on our Web site.

You know if you if you were looking for Tulsa calibrations you can see there’s there’s Malda will companies on our testimonials that have not only left testimonials but also given reviews.

From the Tulsa calibrations community. Several of our customers we won’t name them by name but you can you can see several of them there at the VW dot also calibrations I’m sorry scratch that backs Laius. It’s a precision calibrations dot com. We’re serving the Tulsa calibrations community. We’re also serving the Claremore calibrations community in the prior calibrations community in the NOLA calibrations community. And the no water calibrations community all of the Kansas calibration community all of the Texas calibration community we support Arkansas calibration community we even go up in and help them boys down up in Missouri. Yes ma’am we do the Missouri calibration community too. But we try to stick to the Tulsa calibrations and there’s a lot there’s a lot of need for Tulsa calibrations and precision calibrations is becoming the top of people’s.

Mind whenever they think you know I need to get this checked out. I need to get I need to know what’s going on.


You know we take that serious you know not as serious as the mayor takes to stop lights in the town you know just today I saw the whole six people can fit in the stoplight.

And then the stop light will change and six people can fit in to change. But this time for some reason 10 people think they can fit in. And you inevitably ship somebody out in the intersection somebody gets T-boned.

Hopefully it wasn’t bad hopefully they didn’t get to her but you know I mean hell we’ve got to sell cars right.

I mean America sells a lot of cars. We all need cars to keep insurance companies in business.

You know we can’t let them have all the profit. You know we’ve got to make them pay for a car once in a while for one of us or two of us you know. So I mean come on guys have only six feet in yesterday only six going to fit in today. You can’t get 10 in a day unless you sent precision calibrations out to the Tulsa calibrations community to calibrate those stoplights and then we’ll make it make sense.

You’ll be able to get through all three stoplights for legitimate around the time that makes sense to let all traffic of all ways go without making any one way wait too long.

But. You

know. It just depends on your need. So also calibrations. We’re here we’re. We’re in calibrations serving Tulsa calibrations community.

Just today I calibrated and adjusted some torque wrenches a calibrated guard co flow cups. They’re kind of fun you get to trigonometry and do a little formula to figure out the exact time that the velocity of that oil should reach through that hole at that given temperature. I enjoy that kind of stuff. I like doing critical measurements my mom a analyst. I think I’ll probably get that from her.

But you know if you’ve got a need for Tulsa calibrations then you’re really going to be looking at precision calibration. You can call Travis 9 1 8 6 1 9 3 5 2 5. Or you can e-mail me at Travis precision calibrations dot com that’s TR avi s at. P R E C S O N CHL IB r t o n s dot com. C o m.

And you know I mean we’re just we’re out here we’re knocking on doors we’re late in the Tulsa we’re let that the Tulsa calibrations community know that we’re here and that we’re available and that we’re willing and that and that.

Well you know we’re kind of like we’re kind of like that candy bar you can’t put down you know you know nobody should get it and you shouldn’t get one and you shouldn’t do it but once you get it it’s like a bag of chips you know. Once you bite one you can’t just eat one and put the bag up mount on you.

Once you figure out how good our service is and how fast our turnaround is you’ll be calling us Tulsa calibrations precision calibrations This is Travis