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Tulsa Calibrations : Cost Effective

All right welcome everybody.

It’s April 28 2017 again. This is going to be the third podcast for today. We’ve been just kind of chit chat and you know we take care of all calibrations have anything to do a Tulsa calibrations. We are getting recommended more and more by my clients getting a lot of calls.

You know people are saying hey man Tommy told me about you guys and you service all their stuff and their stuff works good and they don’t have any issues and you know they say you guys are really easy to work with and you know I’m yours and so and so and you know what can you do for me with with price and you know I mean if if I if I give you a chance are you going to follow through. You just going to give me the saying you can throw out the baby.

I mean what’s going on here. You know so that’s. That’s that’s that’s positive you know and that’s that’s because of these podcasts and you know we’re getting information out to you guys you know we’re letting you know about Tulsa calibrations you know and people are starting to understand that there’s there’s another outfit in town that has great results you know driven by integrity. I was just reviewing my notes here and on our last podcast we were talking about calling the mayor and trying to get you know trunked trying to calibrate those stop lights and you know sadly as we sit here right now recording this podcast we haven’t got it. Now it’s a no go on. They haven’t said no. Well they’ve said yes either.

Also we’re going to keep get stuck like seven cars at a time get through them the next light turns red and seven cars get through and then the next light turns red and then 10 cars get through and then the light turns yellow red yellow I don’t know what it was.

Pam tall so calibrations my car is broken you fix it. No I’m sorry we don’t repair cars but you know if you had a gauge in there that any calibrated we could take care of that for you you know maybe you got some demimonde isn’t there any calibrated we can do that but we’re not going to calibrate your car I’m afraid no car calibrations no car calibration.

Tulsa Calibrations Yeah but anyway. So again we’re talking about also calibrations. We had a pretty good week this week. Been busy doing a lot of customers solved a lot of problems. You know it’s just been a blessing God God’s been good to us. You know we we’ve got such a wonderful wonderful place to live and to and to raise our families and to and to grow our loved ones. And you know we’re just we’re just proud to be part of the Tulsa calibration community you know and we’re proud to be part of the Claremore calibration community. We’re proud to be part of the NOLA calibration community. We’re proud to be part of the prior calibration community. We’re proud to be part of the Texas collaboration community. We’re proud to be part of the Kansas collaboration community.

You know we’re getting we’re getting more known in the Tulsa calibration community. You know we do all kinds of tools hand tools hand mikes calipers. We do all kind of thermocouple reading equipment thermal couples themselves. Am 27 50 red e experts all the all certified ready to go calibrated. Certified equipment. We can do surveys. We currently do surveys all the way from one single thermal cup although I don’t think I’ve ever survey would want thermocouple and I think three is probably the least I’ve ever done.

That’s not common. Usually try to throw five in there.

And for shits and giggles let’s say. So we do we do thorough surveys from five thermocouples all the way up to 40 currently I mean well I mean that’s not true.

We do have now 40 40. Yeah. What we could do up to.

Well help everybody 120 if I want to expand all the cards. But anyway you know that encompasses the whole calibration area from what we’ve what we’ve seen you know but as we get get new needs you know Tulsa calibration community lets us know that we need new equipment. We’ve got to get something else. You know when we when we need that stuff we do it. So that is no big deal. So if you need 41 thermocouples right now and we can only record 40 Don’t worry about the time you need us to get over there. And if it’s tomorrow we’ll be recording 41 that’s just that’s just that’s the military for you. And you know we find a reason to do not a reason to stop. We find a way to fix. Not a reason to give you a shit sandwich if we charge you for something we did it.

If we tell you somethin we feel strongly about it you should probably listen. But ultimately it’s your company it’s your gear it’s your product it’s your livelihood and we’re there to serve you and to help you take care of your livelihood you know.

So you call the shots. We’re just going to we just ain’t going to sugarcoat it for you and we ain’t gonna lie to you and we’re going to give you the information straight. No one else wants to. And if it’s two in one 30 seconds we’re going to let you know it is what 30 seconds even if one 16th is out of tolerance. I mean I mean you’re you know you’re 50 percent there. That’s OK. You’re still there. You keep on choking or maybe not maybe you want that for 30 seconds comfort. Counsel. It’s up to you. We’re going to give you the information let you take care of it.

So in the Tulsa calibrations area you know the reputation it’s growing you know and like I said it feels good. We got people calling us up and saying Man I wish you guys could do this. Man you know there’s a lot of need for this. You know you really should get into it. And you know just as soon as you do I’ll give you all this work.

You know I mean wow right. I mean that’s pretty phenomenal and you know you should check out the Web site everyday read up precision calibrations dot com. You know we’re focusing a lot on Tulsa calibrations. But we’ve got testimonials up there from a couple of our customers we’ve been doing work with for a long time that are very happy.

You know we’re not 100 percent you know nobody is but you know there’s a problem we take care of it plain and simple. You know let’s let’s hit it hard and hit it right and get it going and move on. You know. I still think the city needs to calibrate and damn stop lights is just getting on my nerves or keep it stopped by them. You know he’s been an accident after accident because people know you can only get six cars in there before it turns red. But come hell or high water tans Gehlen this time. And what happens when you know you eat food food goes in it’s got to come out. I mean that’s just the way it is either gets eaten or you go vegan start shouldn’t you only hold it for so long. You keep eating it and you keep running those yellow lights. You get to minium between you know shoot one out. Bam intersection boom smash done. Tulsa calibrations. You gave this to us Kavis come out on site check your stuff out. We’ll let you know. No problem. No big deal. You know it’s. Whatever you need is what we got.

Whatever uni. Maybe we got. Yea. So.

Have you guys ever.

Do you guys watch Fox News. I bet I bet if you’re listening and you’re getting shit calibrated stuff calibrate and then I bet you watch Fox News. And I’ve got to say we’re sad to see that Bill O’Reilly is off the air.

Not judging for the reason that he is not saying he’s innocent or he’s guilty because God knows I have no freaking clue but I’m just saying he you know he was like a well calibrated micrometer. You know you could always use it to get down to a tenth of a thousandth of an inch and you and if you needed to know what it was you would know what it was. You know the information he put on the air we could rely on we could trust man you could buy stocks off of that you could sell stocks off of you could you could know when to stock up to to fill care packages to send to the troops to support and do our part. You know you couldn’t you could know when there was going to be a surplus of troops coming home. You know I mean you kept an eye on the things that needed to be on and kept the bullshit out.

Tulsa Calibrations And to me it’s just what what a sad day for the Tulsa calibration community that Bill O’Reilly is no longer on Fox News you know but know on our Senate I’m told the calibrations and I’m talking about Bill O’Reilly but.

He want precision calibrations you know we’re better known veteran operated and you know we gave 20 plus years of our lives to the country and you know we like to keep an eye on it and see what’s going on and see of course the calibration community’s going to need. Precision calibrations more or less coming out.

You know we’re all one one country one economy. You know we feast or famine together for the most part you know love thy neighbor help thy neighbor out. You know don’t shit on one stay don’t. I mean it’s it’s teamwork. From start to finish. And if you’ve got tools that matter you know if you’re doing lapping machines and you whittle and stuff down because you think your gear is perfect Well you better make sure you’re using a good calibration company because if your stuff’s not perfect because of the tool you use and the calibrate it then your lab and everybody else is wrong and guess who they’re going to look at where we go and in to you. Unfortunately I just went through that with a customer and you know they weren’t being treated right by somebody else.

We’ve got. We’ve got to put an end to that. And the Tulsa calibrations community world