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Tulsa Calibrations : Customer Service

Well how about it.

We’re back here again to another podcast. This is Nate and I’m here with troubles.

That’s right. We are weaker and we are with precision calibrations and we are doing calibrations in the calibration world in this area of Tulsa Oklahoma doing Tulsa calibrations and it’s important that we mention that we’re doing Tulsa calibrations in Tulsa Oklahoma because we are going to dominate the Tulsa calibrations area. And so it’s important that we continue to talk about Tulsa collaborations.

Well what my dear friend here means is that we are we we hope to be able to provide amazing service and quality to all in the Tulsa community and make the Tulsa calibrations area the best that there is in the country.

That is right.

And there will be no we are the one stop shop for calibrations. It’s a mess we don’t do it.

That’s true. Which is possible. Don’t worry we can get it taken care of for you.

That’s right.

That still makes us one stop shop. Don’t you worry about the rest.

We got you. That’s right. But you know what. Customer Service man is where we’re leading the way because our competitors don’t have don’t have a chance man against the customer service that we’re providing. You know they just don’t they don’t try hard enough to please the customer. You know it’s like we just bend over backwards and drop what we’re doing if possible to help people out. And I think that’s what people like that’s what’s going to keep us keep us roll and man keep keep us going really good doing calibrations because I’m happy that we’re doing calibrations in Tulsa Oklahoma because that’s what makes me happy. Tulsa calibrations. So what are we talking about. Well we’ve been talking a little bit about some Furnas S. talking about pressure calibrations toward calibrations fluke calibrations which is up and coming.

We’re on our way to doing electronic calibrations very soon.

Speaking of torque calibrations I know you just left the Tulsa calibrations area and went to the Bartlesville calibrations area but you did so with the Tulsa calibrations area equipment.

How did that go. I

think it went really well.

The point of contact up at that place was really a decent person which to me that some pretty important.

And he made things seem real simple and Xanga. Yep same guy.

And he said he’s really interested in having precision calibrations being their calibration service provider. And so we are looking at getting a list of equipment from them to do all types of hand tools like micrometer calibrations and caliper my calibrations more pressure gauge calibrations transducer calibrations. You know a whole bunch stuff.

It’s got a lot of stuff. So it’s supposed to give us a list so we’re going to bring some of Bartlesville calibrations to Tulsa calibrations. That’s right.

The precision calibration.

That is right one hand to a lot of time. 1 1 2 1 completely equipped machine a set of time producing one fantastic product for the world to bear with the maid in Oklahoma proud logo. It all starts in the Tulsa calibrations community and right in the center of it is precision colorations. And that’s why we’re here. Did you have to remove those transistors out of the system or were you able to tie into them know how to take it off. Take the one out. Out of line and you know that chart record that we did before he. He was like oh what does this record he’s like oh look it’s do. Dang I should have you guys do it.

Right. No and should have done it.

You know we had the equipment to do it. But we didn’t know he wanted to do it. So what can you do. So but he does have one other system because the system there two of them on the wall there with these pumps. So we just did the one on the left. But I guess they’re going to be working on the one on the right and getting some fixed. And so we’re have to go back and do it when they get it fixed and then probably do the chart recorders well when we’re there.

So so will you make another trip over there. Did you check it at zero at least for him.

Did you give him a little a little you know a little on the chart sure on the chart recorder. No I didn’t. No one can tell a lot. You

can tell a lot with your with your craftsman’s looking at 0 0 0.

They’ve got the hey you know what they’ve got this.

Oh you know what if they really knew better they could take the chart recorder and hook it into that pump system with the transducer and check it.

They might blow it up though they could. So I was thinking the other day you said check valve memory we’re talking about check valve right. They wouldn’t be referring to a regulator as a check valve would they. No don’t think so.

Are you sure. Well because if that’s the case yeah yeah I messed the heck with that. With what with what the regulator.

Oh the regular Yeah. No. Now they were saying a pop of the top off out there we’re going to pop off. So maybe somebody would call a that’s hard up off of. I mean it’s possible somebody kills. But did you. You walk out there and look at it. Mean it’s bothering me. He pointed at it. I didn’t see that it was right in front. Big big black handle. OK. All right. It’s up in the air he pointed to. Oh. No we didn’t look at it close enough and walk over to look at it. He probably would know anyway didn’t see.

But but I was just thinking about now that you mention that though you know we sent over a quote to him and now you know I’m sitting here thinking OK that’s not enough. We really need to get back in touch with him and make sure that that we can persuade him to go with us.

But it’s a lot of work man that’s a lot of micrometer calibration and you ever heard back from him.

Not that I’m aware of. I don’t think Neysa has sent that quote to him. But we definitely need to follow up with him on that. Yeah without a doubt because because that’s an art that’s a golden opportunity right there. But that’s I guess him and a lot of work would be couple to three days.

But that’s kind of stuff we want man. So we’re just going keep on keepin on get there doing all kinds calibrations in Tulsa calibrations so.

I’ve got.

Three or four notifications that we got info from the web site but it doesn’t mean I get a name and a phone number right. But I don’t have any idea what they call the bell.

Or what. No no no no no I get an idea like they put a subject or something but I don’t see that I don’t I don’t see what we already said. Yeah well Neysa said she missed you on one e-mail but I don’t but you haven’t been copied on any of the e-mails or anything that you can think of.

This doesn’t seem like that’s happening. I’m not sure what the heck’s going on but I don’t know if Neysa is. Well we’re just going to take another look at that and see what’s going on because we need to make sure that people are getting contacted and we follow up with them.

Show you. So I know I sent you those ones just now and again they were just they were just f y I think if anything I sent them over for you just to have a heads up that way you could inquire like go like OK and I said What does extra. Yeah. OK yeah because those are the ones that came straight through. And so like I’m getting that I get the Nambour and like Cantal calabash Gneisenau you know what we sent to them. Well no exactly and that’s what I’m thinking why why. So no dice. OK it does it just didn’t happen. So OK I don’t know. I don’t I don’t. So I’m trying to speculate less. So OK so I think the bottom line is that if you haven’t seen something on that from her I think I would just forward that to her and say Hey so did you send something to these people. I mean I can talk to her again no problem but it but oh. Oh you should. Yeah yeah you should feel OK that. I would turn and say Hey so did you get to hold these guys I haven’t seen anything on it. So getting back on track what was he talking about.

I know we were talking about Tulsa calibrations but I couldn’t remember exactly what we were talking about talking about blowing up stuff.

Oh yeah about 64 whatever. Yeah. Really. Yeah. We were all redneck I would blow up a storm. Yes that’s exactly what I’m going to do. You’re not into burning up. Burn them out. No it takes too long nitroglycerin makes a big hell of a boom and well my mom’s an environmental chemist and she has access to that shit. Oh I just had to pay for it. Wow that’s nice. A

little little Mixy here little Mixy there. That sounds dangerous. Make sure I don’t kill myself OK. Wow that sounds pretty so. So what do you have to do to mix that stuff. Make it 100 percent. I just got the ok for sure that they give me the chemicals.

Wow. That’s going to be crazy man. Yeah. Well you know more is better. That’s right.

That’s right. More is always better. Leslie we’re about to wrap this up. Are we getting close now. All right well we’ve got a one here so I’ve got I’ve got an extra tree stump to take out now but it won’t be used there. That’s too close to the house. So this tree literally just fell over from the ground from the root the root ball.

Oh man I’m told it was split in half. I watch it. So it’s a big tree. No not a big tree but you know I mean it’s 15 years old I’m sure. Oh wow man. It’s a tall slender. Tree and it’s split you know in my back yard behind my behind my garden where there’s like four trees grown up. Yep it’s one of the four trees. And it just split it like it just snapped in half the opposite direction it was growing. Oh interesting. It was not very well calibrated by the Tulsa calibrations community.

Wow. Well Portree had a negative angle. It got straightened right out and couldn’t handle it. Yeah. All right.

So OK well it’s been fun it’s been real you guys. Well I guess we’ll talk about some more Tulsa calibrations