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Tulsa Calibrations : Different Options

Precision celebration’s doing calibrations in Tulsa calibrations area and we’re here talking about doing calibrations and all types of customer calibrations all types of hand tools all types of hands and furnaces doing work to emir’s 27 50 being ISO 4:43 accredited have calibrations being performed in-house in the lab the in the field on the field in the car out of the car. In the office of the office.

In the pool out of the pool.

Where else do we do calibrations.

What are we talking about. What do you do calibrations. You didn’t all just introduce myself and even a and I haven’t even started yet.

OK. So here we are. I’m Nate and I’m here with Travis the undertaker and we are talking about calibration number six.

Podcast number six working on doing 10 of those babies the day Tulsa calibrations community is starting to just glean with with the with the excellence of the calibrations amongst amongst them and only precision calibrations can bring calibrations to the Tulsa community in such a fashion especially with such a smile and such a zeal. It may have all of our teeth. We do We don’t stink. Well most of the time if leave in a heat treat shop it is anybody’s guess. Yeah it can get a little messy there. No and this summer is honest man it’s going to get hot. It’s going to be hot. O M G. Baby Yep.

So anyway so were we talking about before your truck and talking about old school breaks.

Yeah pulls a vacuum off the truck.

And then there’s a canister that fills up and just gets stronger and stronger and stronger and stronger and then once it’s full.

So then what you get when you hit the brakes. What what are you doing. You’re using the vacuum somehow.

Well it’s got to it’s got it’s got to you just have to see it. It’s crazy. It’s got a booster. It does have a booster. But the way it works as it is it’s pushed by vacuum.

Wow interesting. Yeah I don’t understand that at all. But that’s old school stuff man. You know these guys back in the day. They had to figure this stuff out.

Well there’s a push in on a diaphragm that’s then irreversibly push in on the master cylinder.

Interesting. Because she breaks I’ll be darn well paid and whatever.

I had everything on it and I’ll vacuum the headlights would come up and down on vacuum the actuators inside to change all the heating and environmental were all vacuum breaks were vacuum and some crazy stuff man.

Well maybe a lot of vacuum available you just yes. Oh yeah. Yeah.

A lot of lot of vacuum and a lot of cylinders going going in the in the down and the downward dog position sucking that air and sucking air in there.

Yes sir.

All right. Let’s see well something else that we calibrated this week. Oh you know there’s something that’s in the office that we haven’t calibrated that we can talk about. So it’s I’m sure you’ve seen it in a little silver case. We pick this up from the Tulsa calibrations community. It’s got like a little it’s like a little stair stepper it’s basically a little hype. Oh yeah this one’s different specific heights. It’s got aluminum flakes all over it. They’re like they just kind of made it themselves. So I was just kind of wondering are they looking for flatness overall parallelism or are they looking just for it to be the exact And that’s going to be meaningless.

Yeah. I would imagine it’s going to thickness.

I did see that NASA sent me a picture that and it looks like it must be like maybe an ultrasonic you know thickness tester or something and. Checks the thickness of it or something maybe. Possibly yeah. So it’s a piece of aluminum but was it on a PC or not. There is no equipment that came with it or anything. No it’s just in a case by itself. Is a there’s another hit another hit there. Another hit for us some services. I don’t know where that’s at but. But again these are things that. Hopefully Nice’s following up with them. And then. Well she’s contacting them sent him a one sheet. Right. That’s what I think that’s what’s happening. Send one sheet. Find out what we can do for them. Copy Travis and let Travis give them a call later and for some reason it just hasn’t happened.

Travis didn’t have it later.

I don’t know what’s going on with that man. I’ve got to figure that out.

I can identify later that came that I didn’t take advantage of now.

So I don’t know what the heck’s going on with that. I to figure that out. But in the meantime we’re just going to keep calibrating. I could be wrong.

I don’t know. I mean I am wrong from time to time but is it going in to your spam or something. I can’t imagine. Oh no no no it’s addressed right to you. I get e-mails from both of you. Yeah. Hello. That should work fine I got your info e-mails.

Yeah. So just shouldn’t shouldn’t matter.

Good work. I think you have to click on it for it to see it. So you got to actually address the person you want to send it to. Yeah. OK well to use.

I’m just teasing I don’t know what’s going on. Maybe they are there maybe i blocked her and don’t even know it. I don’t think so but we’ll find out. Anything’s possible.

We’ll figure it out man and make it happen because we’ve got to make sure that everyone gets a piece of the calibration pie.

We are trying to reach out to the Tulsa callup relations community so we can gather all of their micrometers and calipers and take ownership of all the Tulsa calibrations micrometers and calipers.

There are still thousands and thousands of calibrations for us to do out there. We’re just waiting. To find everyone that has calibrations. We don’t have any time to find anybody.

I know right. It’s been busy man.

Good grief come on now Tulsa calibrations community is keeping us very busy.

Yes we’re very busy so we need to get some more help in here. So what’s happening right now. More help more help. Bring it on man so we can get some more calibrations done.

And that place was glowing with happiness and I think also calibrations should install a small little D-don’t machine that always has a little little little snacks in it. Maybe a red bull once in awhile maybe some chocolate milk here and there. You know maybe some healthy granola bars.

Wow man that’s a really good idea. Yeah. I mean what am I thinking maybe chicken wings once in a while. Yeah. Maybe. No it’s still beach picnic outside once in a while. Right right.

That’s a great idea. Man we need your own little guy don’t carry a break room and stuff that needs to be the size of my toolbox.

All right. OK well you know anything’s possible.

I wonder if all the Mogi don’t machines are putting in everywhere that’s wireless Pena’s be calibrated.

Well I don’t know.

I don’t know maybe we need to find out. We should we should reach out to some of our Taso calibration community friends and find out. Cause. Because collaborations can be done anywhere anytime on anything.

You know I did a micrometer the other day and I had to adjust the.

Barrel on it. Did you know I did it well. And so how did you just that barrel. With justing span ranch.

Oh it is a call the Spann ranch owner is. That’s because. Yeah.

Yeah. I did it with it. OK. And my fingers because it was not reading correctly.

And so you were able to make an adjustment on the micrometer. Right. I just scratched off all the numbers and then I read through the lines and that is brilliant.

That’s a brilliant idea. That’s that’s what I would’ve done. I think the customers and I loved the special.

I even signed the certificate myself that it was a one off special. Right. That’s good. I think it’s going to hit the Tulsa calibrations community by storm everybody is going to want scratched off line drawn grid by Travis.

I mean I think it’s a good idea man. It might have been a little bit more time consuming to do it that way but oh I use the spanner wrench and I just did a.

Oh you did. I did. Nice. I really really wanted to scratch it off though.

OK well that’s good. Hey so I find it hard to believe that we may already be where we are approaching. That’s true that Mark adds. That’s very true. One that went on by pretty fast. Maybe thinking about it so much and just so we had we had a color. Now that wasn’t this time was it. I thought it was. I don’t remember now but it’s hard. You know it’s hard to keep from answering the phone with all those fanmail all those fan fans calling us all suns fans.

Yeah Tulsa calibrations community has been very good to us. They’ve been giving us a lot of fans. Yeah. So Intel’s calibrations is is where it’s at.

So we’re here. We’re there. What kind of calibrations do you want to do. I want to some fresh calibrations. I’m really digging the pressure calibrations. So how many people in Tulsa calibrations area have you contacted about pressure gauges. So I’ve not contacted anybody yet haven’t contacted anybody. No and Perche calibrations. Interesting. Yeah. So we need to we need to step that up a little bit don’t we. I guess but so what else is going on in the Tulsa calibrations area. I don’t know. But whatever it is what about we’ll take it up on the next one about standards of any any any length standards. No. All right. Well TV’s