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And we’re back. I’m so excited to finally hear 12:36 this podcast aside and I’m sorry for the day.

We’re talking about Tulsa calibrations. I’m Travis. And again we’re with precision calibrations looking to service all of our United States needs and you know we’ve already got some customers from overseas sending us stuff because they’ve already got the word in Belgium that precision calibrations is rocking Tulsa calibrations community. But we can talk about the we can talk about the deployment. Yeah

let’s hear some more about the deployment. Just talking more about this boat tell you more about this boat.

Well let’s say this is all in an old one. This is all the let’s kill this. This is all in.

Tulsa Calibrations When was she born doing it man. You have to look it up. Very good. I should know it’s part of my long list. How long. I don’t ever kid I don’t remember any of those the universe. You know I don’t think 300 some feet through over and over 70 feet or something like that in the Battle of Bunker Hill was one of the very few. I’m

sorry I also give you the story about the battle of the way city the Bunker Hill as we know was a very very bloody bloody battle. Do you recall your American history.

No I do I don’t at the time it just was not interested in history when I said it through history class. It was probably the worse. What was your message to the class was very difficult it’s hard to stay awake in that class. Well you had your attention immediately. I was taken it was sophomore. No it was my English class. I had to take my English class with sophomores when I was a senior. I got because I had I had left school for a semester. I had decided I was going to go wash dishes and wash dishes for a semester. But the good thing was I met my wife. You have to high school to go wash dishes. Yeah.

It wasn’t my idea.

I also colorations over that. Oh Dad pulled you right back to reality didn’t it.

That was a lot of people were really proud. You know going to be a good dishwasher when I should be in school like you know a really good kid.

But that was an experience that was a good time met my wife there the 16th birthday started a star dinner celebrations.

Tulsa Calibrations That’s right. I’m about to give you some good information here about the USS Bunker Hill. I’ll give it another go but I can’t ever say it’s time. Conder Rose who does taekwondo Rosa Taekwando something I can’t say and I can’t say it. Ty Conder and it’s just too hard to say what. Well you know what language is it why is it so well in English words it’s just I got to collaborate with some Tulsa calibration muddy mess sweet words. So the ghetto. The ghetto. Bunker Hill. Like I said CCJ 52. She was laid down by little girls if you guys don’t know where that is that’s in Pascagoula. And if you don’t know where Pascagoula is that’s in Mississippi. And I forgot but you know she she was born the same year I was born. She’s 33 years old. Oh well I always remember that when she was killed. But that’s when she was when she was launched in the water. OK. Nice run on mission. No no no that’s not commission. January 11 1984 is when we kicked her kicked her into the water for the first time. So let’s see. You asked me about how long the.

How long she was. Can you believe that she displaces almost 96 hundred long tons.

That sounds like a lot but that is a lot. That’s toxic elevations a lot. I mean that is that is ridiculous.

There are also calibrations USS Bunker Hill length is 567 feet.

My friend the beams are 55 feet part her drafters 34 feet. For those of us that are a part of Tulsa calibrations that’s ten point two metres to 2.2 metres.

She is equipped with four beautiful General Electric L-M 2500 gas turbine engines and Yemenite how much horsepower that is. That’s a lot of horsepower. I would say it’s about 13000 each or something. Well I’ll give you a Tulsa calibrations answer in the Tulsa calibration is thousand shaft horsepower. Eighty


That’s a lot of horses. Man she can go 30 plus not so I can’t tell you the real the real the real speed. But I do know the real speed but I have to kill you. You realize if you can find it on the internet it must be. No that’s not. No no the see that’s on the Internet is not right. Yeah I really know what. There are still some things that we keep kind of secret I guess. She can go a whole 6000 nautical miles without needing to be having a whole communities worth of diesel dumped back into it. That’s impressive. You know we have to fill her up once a week. Yes think she eats a lot of a lot of J-P five. It’s not JP five is pretty close to 55. That’s got to be a lot of money. Man oh man you have no idea. You should see what you know. You know I don’t know done you. You’ve never done a refueling at sea oh my god how have we could we could talk a whole podcast about how met I have. I have videos of that. Oh that’s cool. Tasik celebrations. And so a ship comes up next to a battleship that’s already ginormous and it’s four or five times bigger than the battleship. I mean they’re just trying Normas. Then when you get next to them they shoot over the lines and we pull over the gas lines and it’s like a river running between us. It starts in a controlled fashion.

It’s like white water rapids like it’s like if you could get out there on a surfboard it would be the time of your life to sit there and just ride between the two ships. But but if you fell off you be done. They got big old propellers that suck you down. Oh wow.

Toxic oblations Yeah they got some big propellers. I’m not sure that is found here on the on the web site but it was some video that is going to be a missile launch of the ship that were launched 32 Tomahawks off the USS Bunker Hill C.G. 52 on that first deployment. That was a surprise. OK. So check this out man. So this thing. So this thing this thing’s getting shut out. Also collaborations The thing that shot out with the jet engine. That’s a lot of money to throw a jet engine in the water. There’s a jet engine at the bottom of the tube. Oh that’s bad stuff. No I just didn’t it out the water. That’s not like a secret system or something right.

But you know anyway. So anyway it goes up and it’s encapsulated like when you see it take off at first it’s encapsulated with your gas. Right. Yes. So it never it never like it ever gets wet while it’s going up to the water. So here check it out when it shows you a good picture whenever it’s going up to the water and it’s got all the elevation it right here. Check this out. I’m checking it out there sir I see a lot of these. So it stays dry and it comes all the way out of the water and it never. And then if you watch closely it will start to drift back down like it’s get ready go back down in the water and then that’s when the jet kicks on and takes off.

Tulsa Calibrations So even in the second stage booster you are just the it’s own jet whatever it’s when it does when it fires and goes yeah. Otherwise it has a jet engine that pushes it out with its exhaust. Yeah it’s pretty cool but we’ve got to we’ve got to shoot several of those. That was pretty fun because it’s always great to shoot your missiles off of your boat. Yeah I have to check it out in the NEWSROOM. This is awesome.

Can you narrate what you’re looking out for our listeners. Well it looks like the closer calibration was to the sequence right now.

Spin spinning up the missiles and see how it came out like that and then it kicked on. I saw water penetrate the water when this thing pushes this big heavy thing all the way up through the water all the way it completely clears the water.

And then at that point is when the jet kicks on takes off. So it’s pretty impressive man it’s a lot of power.

Well it’s got a jet that kicks on or it’s got some kind of propulsion that kicks on right away to get it to get it up out of the water.

No that’s I’m saying there’s a jet engine at the bottom of the missile too. And the jet engine kicks on and it has so much force it literally force shoots it forces it out all the way out of the water. Yeah it’s amazing. It happens so fast. You know you’re standing right there next to it which I got to do once and it’s just like this is like Type No I don’t just freakin nails it man it’s gone. And this thing’s got some pretty cool pictures now you’re showing something different but showing some some explosions because that’s the thing about these things are pretty impressive and they’re going to do some damage. You know North Koreans are nothing.

I think they got many submarines over there they might need some guys from Tulsa calibrations community to go go calibrate them up because they keep blowing their loads before it penetrates them. We’re shooting them down.

No I think it’s probably though those cyber warfare that we penetrated into their system because I think it would be super cool if they’re over there trying to do this and the whole time we keep shooting it outside before it’s like out of sight.

It’s no coincidence that this all started all these failures started happening after we penetrated their systems and gave them a virus. Nice but for you three and a half years ago we haven’t really seen a successful launch since then. Wow. That’s pretty impressive. That’s good. You know Iranians and the North Koreans have shown their hand and now we know for a fact that they’re working together. So we’re about to go bust some heads.

Tulsa Calibrations I haven’t seen much news lately so I’m not sure what’s going on here lately. But yeah I wonder wondering if if you know if we’re watching them pretty closely over there and vote trumps ready to kick some butt and also calibrations. Kick some butt handed. And then I’ll just have a good time enjoying the fact that we put bad people away and protected us.

Tulsa Calibrations Well you can bet your ass that the USS Bunker Hill is going to be over there standing guard and with the with the 53 Alpha Bravo Charlie Delta actives pass a whole amount of sonar system. That sounds pretty important just waiting to get some pictures. They’re just waiting just waiting to go down. I do got some pictures of it. I’ve got 10 more seconds to share with everybody before the next one. Oh well then we should definitely prepare to do this in the next podcast. Next podcast is upon us. Yes. So when we come back also calibrations on Travis and Nate We’ll see you guys next time when we start chatting about the Tulsa communicate. Also calibrations community citizen