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Tulsa Calibrations : Good Parts

I would just keep on trucking along here with this until we hit the time Mark that we need which I think is getting pretty close so we’ll just wrap this up with get some good information here. Well talking about the Moab and talking about calibration items Tulsa calibrations and precision operations so let’s do this again another time another place.

ONE MORE ONE MORE TO GO. How many how many people do you think there are doing Tulsa calibrations.

So there’s precision calibrations.

Do you think do you think that.

Yeah I think that anything that you calibrated help make Moab I think we probably made Moab. I’m sure there are calibration companies good part of that.

Tulsa Calibrations Well guys we appreciate you listening and we’re going to get one more podcast in here.

All right so we did it man we were down to the last one here talking about precision calibrations and calibrations of test tools and test instruments and equipment and there’s a lot of people out there that are interested in calibration of test equipment and so we’re going to talk a little bit about what we do and the fact that we’re going to go camping this summer. Yes we are. And so I’ll probably be I’ll take the bus with one of them.

Oh I hope so.

But if not we’ll definitely get the tents out and stuff so we don’t have that on our schedule yet we need to make sure that happens.

I know I know because we can’t get too busy doing Tulsa calibrations you know with precision calibrations that we don’t get any bus tours calibrations and.

Right. And some good calibrations because at some point I don’t know how far down the road it will be but it’s interesting today. Oh oh yeah Ishy big time. Oh the ice. OK. And I think there are some nice areas to do camping all down. Kind of get in that direction. There are some nice places in Oklahoma to go.

There’s actually a couple of places that made magazines that I have not that I’ve seen pictures of and I can’t remember where they are going to turn or the show because I really think that’s a really cool place. I’ve never been but I’ve seen videos.

Tulsa Calibrations So listen I had went out there and rented a rented a house for a couple of nights right there they’re really close to Turner Falls. It’s actually right there by it. I think the road that you take to get to this place. I mean it’s like right off the road that takes you to there. And Bruce really I just heard I can’t get out of the time I’m going to take all of our kids to be us and the six of those falls are need to man enough to get over there in the right time with the rain and you know with water coming through and stuff it’s not they’re not always falls over time.

That’s a good thing. That’s good to know.

We’re ready to go with the opportune or I think they’re actually going but I think there’s a lot more like it could get pretty impressive make sense. I can get pretty impressive but but it has but it has a neat fall I think it’s always I think it always falls to some level and then I think there’s like a swimming area.

Yeah they put in all these curly slides and stuff that shoot you right off the rock like inches from them. Yeah it looks like they must have been doing some calibrations and it was probably Tulsa calibrations and it definitely looks like it was a good close call.

Yeah. And I think yeah you know what I want to talk about OK. I’d like to know what you want to talk about.

I want to talk about driving calibrations because I got a lot of driving going on I’m about to go bring back a a new piece of me and you know I’m thinking about what do I need to calibrate while I’m driving I need to calibrate the steering wheel and all I need to calibrate the foot pedal to the brake pedal. I need to calibrate the tongue going into the trailer. I mean there’s just so much stuff that falls into Tulsa calibrations that I think I need to think about while driving.

Well just do it while you’re driving. Just think about it because I know if you try to do any calibrations if you’re doing your driving time it could be dangerous.

Tulsa Calibrations Well no I mean I mean calibrating need to tow vehicle. OK. So you do need elevating the vehicle to me.

So you need to continually be thinking about how or what it’s going to take to sit properly. Motion move this vehicle down the highway correctly right.

So there’s no you know uncalibrated items are going to be pretty big going down the road. Can’t I just push them out of the way. I mean so I mean the calibrated option you’re taking the truck.

There’s room in the back for this stuff so if you find it on the road just don’t go back and continue down the road to keep calibrating in your mind and your body. So what am I going to put in the bag what am I gonna find. Well when you come across it on the road you know the uncalibrated items the uncalibrated items.

Well I’m going to send those and they’re going to become some calibration items and precision calibrations are going to make them calibrated item right.

And so even with limited calibrations. So if some of those you can you can grab those if you are if not just you can leave those aside leave any red stickers cause no to all those you to pick up those in the back of the truck you know hang on to to get back get to where you’re going and once you get back to the lab we can in our control babble calibrate a precision calibrations.

Tulsa Calibrations You know I think the first time we did a podcast I didn’t like the music thing and I missed the music I want to get in here and just jam out and just and just just seen to the podcast and seen to the listeners. OK. Well no they can’t hear it through the typing of the keys. That is true. But but I can feel it and all know I’m calibrate and OK.

Right. So calibrations. So how.

So what I want to know is when you go when you’re getting your hair calibrated How long does it take.

So what’s the take like me about 35 minutes. Yeah I think it’s like three hours or four hours you know because you know you’ve got to calibrate everything while you’re in there and stuff. So it takes a little while to get the calibration done. You know the combs and brushes and the calibrations. How do you choose which hair you want to call there’s quality calibrations there’s quality systems there that that need to be adhered to. So in certain specifications like the ISO 1735 of the AM as 20 some 50. So those are things that you know we have to keep in consideration and so we get it done. It can be pretty time consuming because you got all these calibrations that you need to do.

Well you know if your hair is not calibrated you open up one of the doors on one of those furnaces see them temperature increases it might calibrate it for you.

You probably would reveal that we didn’t know would that would be a good smell good wouldn’t know that I would doubt that it would probably smell uncalibrated remind me of the day when I open up this furnace I think it is run at about 1800 or something.

It was kind of small and I opened it up you I was trying to get the wires out you know as best I could without burning myself and then I could I could feel the heat in my arms and everything of course but I was being a little too aggressive and so after I had gotten done after I had gotten done with that.

First of all I got a whiff of the smell and I realized that I had burnt burnt all the hair off my arms and stuff. I don’t have a lot of words anyway but it was kind of funny.

My arms are kind of red because I got a little too close to it. Better than burning your skin off right. It got my skin red. At least the hair grow back. For the most part the hair couldn’t stand up to it. Is that your trick is that how you stay so smooth. No it’s a baby fresh Yeah. I rip my clothes off with your clothes furnaces and stand stand close to the furnace and you’ve got a furnace built in somewhere in your house don’t you. Don’t let anybody know. It’s like a morning ritual isn’t it. Right. So I can get up and calibrate it. You come out of the shower but now you really can’t get into my personal business now. The furnace open and just rotisserie yours. I’m not sure that I’m not sure that it’s fair that we’d have to talk about my personal stuff. Do you have one of those like Conehead hats to protect like the hair in your head so you know you really go far now.

Well you know my privacy my privacy.

Tulsa Calibrations All right all right we don’t really talk about your calibrated calibration hair removal process.

The oven the furnace and what I do on my own time. That’s just that’s kind of sacred. And I just kind of keep that behind closed doors as well.

I don’t see I don’t see the hair on the body so you must be keeping a good secret. Yeah.

So you know these verses got to stay certified though. I don’t I wouldn’t do it with uncertified out of calibration furnace.

It’s just contaminants make it uncalibrated. You know I don’t know. You know most things are calibrated certified to traceable to distance so it can be acceptable.

Makes you wonder where the big master hairball next standard is don’t it.

It does. The uncertainties are what drives me crazy that the uncertainties of what all here. And that hairball is due to rule. Yeah. Yeah there’s got to be a really high uncertainty on that on that measure. So how would you go about lowering your uncertainties. So the calibrations.

Right so to lower the the uncertainties would be you know to have a lot more accurate hair.

So we should get one person and take all their hair and then we would be more accurate to match it up to the boulders and so we could at least have a stockpile of something that we could use. And then whenever you get up in the morning and you get out the shower and you open your furnace or you can put a little bit of that hair close to the door and you would know if it’s hot enough to take care of you so you don’t have to waste any time.

Oh quality control precision calibrations Tulsa calibrations solving problems all day every day.

And do you know perform these repairs and maintenance even so if you get too much hair and it gets to me I can’t repair your burnt hair I’m sorry.

No. Just between you and God.

Yeah yeah. God help us all.

Well man I can’t believe it’s already been done.

We just we’ve been really almost done it’s been a hundred minutes of enjoying our Friday and I’m sad.

Oh my god. I’m sad we got to go to the airport now. Go get your truck.

I wish it was that simple. Move it to there so I can get a calibrated truck that will get me to my calibrated truck so I can calibrate its ass back in Tulsa calibration and get a home. That’s right.

Yeah hopefully not fall off the uncalibrated trailer and hopefully I’ll have enough room for all the uncalibrated uncalibrated items along the way. Fine. I’m going to pick up lots of uncalibrated. I’m out of time. Yep bring him back.

Tulsa calibrations. That’s the place to be. You know we’re certified so we’re going to certify that stuff and keep it all.

Good for you. We have good strong change we can pay a minimum wage OK and not let him go no where. Right right legal now right. Limited limited limited freedom and that really mean that.

I’m just kidding. I’m just teasing. I’m teasing.

So anyway it’s been good times bad so it is Friday and we have just about knocked this out.

I am 35 seconds as fast as like really slow and you watch the timer. I know but I’m not ever watching the time I know I don’t work and I’ve seen the word shit.

And then I see Tulsa calibrations and there’s like a globe and there’s like strobes and it’s just. We love calibrations. Do you get to go to WDW that precision calibrations dot com and and you just get to see the amazing miss.

I mean the proof is in the pudding.

We calibrate people to happiness and we’re going to we’re going to miss you guys until next Friday. And well we’ll give you another 100 minutes we did.

Good man. So enjoy your weekend and peace out. By