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Tulsa Calibrations : Good Quality

All right everybody welcome back.

This is Trevose with precision collaborations.

And we were talking about a pump station at a new client and I got so excited and I’m get to finish the story. So like I said this is a high pressure station and we let the customer know about that transducer that had that loose connection. You know we take all the calibrations in and around Tulsa calibrations very serious. You know if we touch it and we give you gold and silver approval then you know we’re not gonna be keep on keepin in anything to ourselves. You know when I let you know so you can make the right decision for yourself and what’s right for you and your product and your customer and in your maintenance schedule you know. But if we know something is half worn out we’ll let you know if we think it’s going to fail soon we’ll let you know if we got something else that you want to know and we can teach you.

We’re more than glad to help you out. So again this is Travis with the precision calibrations. We’re broadcasting all over the area. We’re talking about Tulsa calibrations Claremore calibrations prior calibrations I know the calibrations Texas calibrations Kansas calibrations Arkansas calibrations.

You name it we do it.

And you know if you’ve got something and it needs to measure right or it needs to count something properly. It needs to understand the flow from one place to the next there needs to be sure that there’s not too much resistance from here to there.

So you know maybe it needs to be so hot and maybe it needs to be so cold. Maybe it needs to be so wet maybe it needs to be so dry maybe it needs to weigh so much. Maybe it needs to be so high maybe it needs to be so long maybe it needs to be.

Flat. Maybe it needs to be hard. Maybe it needs to be soft. I

mean. Tulsa calibrations you would not believe what we can calibrate. You know you can send me an e-mail at Travis precision calibrations dot com and you can reach me on my cell at 9 1 8 6 1 9 3 5 2 5. Always always willing to answer any questions or have anything to do with calibrations. You know sometimes you just walking down the road and you just say Man I wonder if that lights calibrated should assume to take an extra long time on a ram at this light versus that light. You know what I mean that’s that’s why I was out the other day I was like why in the world is it taking me so long to to.

Go through this stop light. But only 20 seconds shorter to go to the next one. You know I think we need to. Think we need to get a hold of our cities. They want to go the mayor. We need to get precision calibrations in there and calibrate them stoplights right guys. I mean because let’s let’s face it our stoplights suck. All right am I right or am I wrong. Stop lights suck. I mean. I just don’t get it. It seems like I can get off the highway at 169 you know because. Precision calibrations is serving Tulsa calibrations area.

But you know we’re not actually in Tulsa we’re in Claremore. So I think just given you directions earlier. And those directions were you know.

We go from Tulsa will head north. We can go a couple of days. So. So let’s say let’s go Tulsa North 169. We’ll stay on that for approximately I think it’s 11 miles probably outside of Tulsa.

You know it was probably 8 and then Highway 20.

Also known as a 100 16th Street is another three miles north of Wasow on Highway 169. We

would want to just keep on 169 north go through a Wasow. We would get to 116 street known by the locals as Highway 20. And we want to get off on Highway 20 there at 100 16th Street on 169 or we’d exit off 169 to 100 16th Street Tulsa calibrations and we would head back to the east. Yes we were we’d head east on Highway 20 and our destination would be Claremore Oklahoma. So we would just continue on East on Highway 20 you know soon as you get off the highway there’s a quick trip right there on the right. And you know a funny thing about culture. I used to work for a quick trip. Believe it or not yes sir. And now look Mellark Tulsa calibrations just calibrate in the world we’re talking about stoplights. Directions are an hour and I’m not quite sure of it. Quick trip a great great convenience store. I mean I was proud to work for that company for four years I got to meet the original owner Chester before he passed away. God rest his soul. He was a good man. You know he really took care of the employees.

And you know I said I remember that you know he treated he was a millionaire and I was just a young kid in high school and he treated you with respect and it was just it was just wonderful.

And you know we’re talking about Tulsa calibrations but you know it’s just amazing. You go by quick trip and it just makes you feel good stopping there. And one other good Pepsis. You know when I worked at quick trip I was an assistant manager and one of the things that we did every day was calibrates the fountain machine. Can you believe that.

Literally calibrated the fountain machine every night. That’s where the that’s why the pantless why the soda courtships great people can say what they want but that’s the reason you don’t know that. That night shift guy he’s in there popping those heads lose clean and then we’ll hotwater and whatever else is in the secret sauce and calibrate and adjust and that Sir flow with that. With that with that oh I just lost my thought. You know carbonated water.

And that’s why it’s always so good everywhere you go because the process and that’s what we do here for Tulsa calibrations precision calibrations we have good processes we follow the same process each time from a to b unless we do a study to look into our processes to make them better and more efficient and we do do that from time to time we schedule that once a year.

More when we can.

But you know just like quick Europe has processes.

That that’s why we have. That’s one of the reasons why we have such good quality. You know because you can’t be doing also calibrations and good quality because whenever you wear the precision calibrations logo and you’re in and around you’re performing calibrations in Tulsa calibrations then you’ve got to you’ve got to stand for integrity in the sand for a veteran stand for you got to stand for the high quality that we that our maintenance programs are known for from the military because the new customers that I get that I see. As soon as they know that I was a collateral duty inspector in the military for the avionics division and I was a deploying Petty Officer for the entire P-3 squadrons on multiple occasions you know when I tell them hey man we’ve got a solid quality program. It’s well-protected. We look after you. Something wrong we’ll let you know. You know they that’s it man. Bam. They know what to expect. I just set the expectations high. But that’s what we do in Tulsa calibrations. Expectations are high performance is high. Deliverances high we’re we are we’re human beings we make mistakes. But when you make a mistake you just jump right in there and you fix it. You call them up and you say whoa Betsy this this and this. I’ll be right there and right there you’ll be. And you know that’s why we’re that’s what Tulsa calibrations is doing so good you know precision calibrations of the veteran known veteran operated veteran ran veteran government. Company.

And and you know it’s more than it’s more than a gauge to us it’s it’s more than a thermometer it’s more than a thermocouple it’s it’s it’s more than a table that year that you’re cutting Swiss cheese on. You want flat for whatever reason. You know it’s for us it’s it’s your livelihood you know just like our tools and our equipment and our knowledge is our livelihood. You know so we know that although this simple little gauge or this simple little tool that we’re calibrating for you in some places maybe being used as a rudimentary.

Use and may seem irrelevant and are not really needed you know but for you it may be being used by a master’s hand in is all the difference in the world.

We don’t know that you know and we would never treat anybody any less. So when we’re doing it also calibrations. Your equipment is your livelihood. If we’re there to service your livelihood and we know it and we take it serious and you know we just we mean it. And you know it’s just like those stoplights if they would give us the job we’d make sure they recalibrated. Great. You wouldn’t have none of this nonsense go 200 yards get stopped by the stoplight you know 10 cars get through.

And now we wait 30 seconds 40 seconds a minute and a half to go another 20 yards another seven cars gets through. Now we’re all pissed off.

Horns are honking people running red lights dumb shit just got ran over to get Tulsa calibrations Tulsa calibrations Tulsa calibrations just called Precision calibrations up and we will take care of all of the calibrations that have to do with Tulsa calibrations. Guarantee that you can reach me at 9 1 8 6 1 9 3 5 2 5. You can email me for any questions comments concerns quotes. Travis that’s TR avi is at precision calibrations dot com. That’s TR avi I s at P R E C S O N C L. A B R E A T I O N S dot com. Travis precision calibrations. So what are you guys. Thank you Randi I think we should call the mayor and say Hey Mayor. Precision calibrations needs to take care of Tulsa calibrations stop lights. They’re bad. They suck. They’re out of sync with the waste and time waste in life waste an opportunity waste and fossil fuels waste an. Time with our families and love and happiness and peace on earth. We need to get these stoplights fixed.

I know you all agree. I can feel I can feel the I can feel the love and I can you know when I call the mayor I’m going to see if we can’t get those stoplights calibrator And if you guys agree just don’t say anything.

All right. I’m going to take that as a yes. And again this is Travis with precision calibrations we’re talking about the Tulsa calibrations and everything that we bring to the table