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Tulsa Calibrations : Great Help

Or everybody that’s travels with precision calibrations you know our fearless founder bend over backwards and help a customer out.

You know they got an inspection on Monday and responsibilities and you know I mean that’s what we do. So

if you are in the Tulsa calibration community area and you are needing calibration services and your calibration companies a just not adequate or B just can’t cut it which I guess is the same as not adequate.

You know and you’re looking for an alternative you should you should really take out precision calibrations dot com and you can go to our Web site you can see a lot of good stuff on there.

You can get a real good idea of the wide variety of customers that we service and that we see. You can see our scope which will tell you all about the different kind of work that we do show your accreditation. You know if you have Tulsa calibration community needs precision calibrations 7325 Revie experts are fully equipped to give you completely compliant. Seven fifty to US reports.

We monitor and track and manage several clients complete 27 50 needs.

We keep all of their furnaces and ovens calibrated and we keep the cycles that they need cycled and we let them know what needs maintenance and what doesn’t. And some customers just call us and let us know what they want from us and when they need it from us. But we are we are 27 50 recovery experts we are fully compliant.

We meet all 27 50 Rabbie requirements and we can help you out. We are also accredited 4:43 calibration lab between Nate and I between the two of us have over 20 years military naval experience we’ve been working with high precision calibration tools and we do we both have been involved in calibration programs during that entire 20 years. I spent a great part of my senior military career in the quality program and helping manage the actual quality program for the entire command the entire squadron that would do.

Hundreds and hundreds of hours of fly by missions and I mean you know our quality program mattered if we made we made if we skimped how we might save some money and we might get away with it once or twice but the one time we don’t get away from it we lose we lose a pilot or we lose a hundred million dollar aircraft. I mean we got to spend a million to save 100 million and somebody’s life is priceless. So you know we take that we take that we take that better mentality with us. You know we’re serving the Tulsa calibrations community precision calibrations double precision calibrations dotcom and you know you won’t be disappointed if you try this out.

We’re not going to bullshit you ain’t gonna try to sell you pumpkin pie. We don’t carry anybody’s products we push nobody on you. You want information we’re going to give you information that’s what we’re selling you we’re selling you x. We’re selling your information and expertise and we’ll try to help you solve any problem you’ve got.

And you know word of mouth is important and we encourage you to check the website out and check some of that out.

We’ve got a form there on the Web site and you can send us any questions that you might have about any specific gear or any specific topic or any specific capabilities or whatever the question and maybe you can stop right there or you can send me an e-mail.

Travis persistent calibrations dot com next week.

We have another busy week of course. You know where we stay pretty busy. We are rapidly growing and expanding and and just calibrate and ourself to happiness.

You know this weekend when I to get down here and another 30 minutes or so I’m going to go home get my kids. I’ve been serve in the Tulsa calibrations community all day all week and I’m going to get the kids going to go going to go see the girl. You know she lives a couple hours away from here and going to go paint some houses and enjoy my mother enjoy all my children. And just to have a blessed week and just thank God for all the blessings in our lives. And thank God for getting me home safe and and watching now for our fellow veterans that are still over there on active duty that are keeping us all safe. You know a lot of people take freedom for granted. A lot of people don’t realize freedom isn’t free and you know the real forgotten D-ring there in the whole paying of the freedom is the families that are left behind.

You know being being a 10 plus military year veteran myself when I deployed it wasn’t. I mean it was not Kate. Don’t get me wrong. But but it wasn’t the struggles that your kids and your wife goes through. You know those are the real heroes. You know Veterans Day you should really find a spouse you should find a veteran child and you should really thank them and make them know that they’re special and that their sacrifice was was indeed in and contribute to a great cause because that’s who really pays the sacrifice for you and his freedom.

And I think people people that I don’t I don’t know that that story is told enough. I don’t because there’s not enough of us that are that are open about it. You know we don’t want to talk about those things but it’s important that really really is important the older I get the wiser I get the more I see how the years gone deployed defined in this country was affected my children you know that was a sacrifice we paid. And I just think it’s important that Americans realize you know freedom isn’t free. And if you’re in the Tulsa calibrations community and you’re looking for that kind of an integrity based integrity field quality company Well then you found it. You know you need to pick up the phone you can call me at 9 1 8 6 1 9 3 5 2 5 you can see me an e-mail at Travis at precision calibrations dot com. You can go to read up for certain calibrations dot com you can check out our Web site in earnest. You know we’ve got some promos on there. If you mentioned the promo will be more than glad to honor it. We’re not psychic. If you don’t tell us that you see a promo and that you would like the promo. We are great people but we don’t just automatically discount all of the bills. If that makes us bad evil people I hope we can talk about that. But we are more than glad to honor any discounts any of the advertisement that we have out there. Just just let us know. But. As I was sayin integrity is important.

You know if we charge you for something I mean we did it you needed it but ultimately.

We’re selling you information so that you can make a decision about what you’re doing with whatever instrument you’re having us look at and ultimately how is that going to impact your product. And if it’s not going to impact your product then then we can calibrate it to whatever standards we need to calibrate it to.

You know we just got to step back and think for a second sometimes you know at the end of the day.

We’re here to serve you we’re here to serve the Tulsa calibrations community. We’re here to make sure that the gear stays up and running and that the products that we all receive whether they be raw products or finished products all over our community and all over our country and all over the world that come out of the Tulsa calibrations community especially the ones that touch pre-seasoned calibrations hands and the Tulsa calibrations community that they come out of here and they leave here with the strong Oklahoma Tulsa pride that we all are proud of that we’ve worked so hard to achieve. You know so again if you’re in the Tulsa calibrations community and you’ve been looking for a change for whatever reason we offer superb service we offer a superb turnaround from the moment we finished the work to the moment you have your certificates in hand on average is 72 hours business hours of course we do not come in on Saturday and Sunday unless it is a true emergency.

You know just like you enjoy our families I hope you do. We do but we do bend over backwards to help our clients when they get in a pinch but we try to avoid those with helping to manage the schedule and time and everything. So if you’re in the Tulsa calibrations area if you’re needing a 27 50 recovery experts if you’re needing any kind of calibrations to credited 1795 Lamb Well and like I said reader pursues and calibrations dot com and you know I encourage you to shop around. I encourage you to check out all of your options at Tulsa calibrations and I think you’ll I think you’ll see that you’re going to come out on top with precision calibrations but at the end of the day you know if you need something to work for exactly 60 seconds you don’t want it to work for 59 and a half seconds you don’t want it to work for 60 and a half seconds you want it to work for 60 seconds and where it goes and who checks it in the processor that they use and they and the precision of their equipment and the care of their equipment and the limitation of human uncertainty gravely affects whether the test you’re paying for is even relevant to the results you’re getting.

So all I’m saying is collaboration is more than a piece of paper.

You think about what you need to think about your end product and think about how it affects you and what you need and what you need we’ll give you